How to clean the dishwasher from dirt, grease, scale and mold

How do I clean the dishwasher if more than a year has passed since I bought it? Disregarding the care of PMM, you contribute to a deterioration in the quality of washing, and then - the breakdown of technology. We will tell you how to properly clean the dishwashers at home.

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  • 1Manual or automatic cleaning
    • 1.1How to clean PMM from food remnants
    • 1.2How to deal with mold
    • 1.3How to get rid of scum
  • 2What means to clean the dishwasher
    • 2.1Calgonit Fusion Power
    • 2.2Finish Rinse
    • 2.3Frau Schmidt
    • 2.4Topperr
    • 2.5Filtero
    • 2.6UniPlus
    • 2.7Domax
  • 3Home cleaning

Manual or automatic cleaning

Nothing complicated: buy a cleanser, run a cycle of washing and a dishwasher sparkles clean. But do not forget about physical cleaning. In this article, you will learn how to clean the dishwasher manually and automatically.

How to clean PMM from food remnants

The manufacturer indicates in the instructions the rules of operation of the equipment. An important point is the removal of food residues from the instruments before loading into the chamber. No powder can remove the debris that has crept into the drain filter. Therefore, you must represent the sequence of work.

Proceed according to the following scheme:

  • Close the shut-off valve and disconnect the dishwasher from the mains.
  • Open the door of the camera, remove all the baskets.
  • To remove grease and dirt from baskets, soak them in a bathroom with detergent.
  • Remove the upper and lower sprinkler, rinse the nozzles under running water. You can use a toothpick to remove dirt in the holes.
  • Unscrew the drain filter and the metal mesh behind it. Wash the parts under the faucet using a soft brush.

  • Remove the cover from the filter seat to get to the pump.
  • Inspect the impeller at the time of clogging.
  • Disconnect the water inlet hose.
  • Remove the filter mesh. If it is strongly clogged with rust and scum, put it in a solution of citric acid for 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash inside the bunker wall with a sponge and detergent. Just do not use the hand washing gel, otherwise it will foam too much during the machine start-up.

It is forbidden to use abrasive powders, hard metal sponges to clean the stainless steel chamber.

How to deal with mold

Most often it is formed from excess moisture. To avoid the appearance of mold, it is enough to adhere to simple rules:

  1. Leave the door open at the end of the cycle.
  2. Wipe the hopper with a dry cloth, especially the rubber cuff of the door.

To wash the PMM tank from mold, additional funds will be needed, for example, domestic ones. How to rinse the camera:

  • Dampen the cloth with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Wipe all moldy places.
  • Leave on for -2 hours.
  • Now put on gloves and re-wipe the places of mold formation "Belize".
  • Rinse the machine with warm water or run a short washing cycle.

How to get rid of scum

The degree of water hardness directly affects the rate of scale formation in dishwashers. Lime scale settles on the internal parts of the machine, leading to breakage. For water softening, it is recommended to usespecial salt. Its components attract heavy impurities.

To control the scum in the PMM Bosch (Bosch), "Hansa "Ariston "Electrolux" you can use citric acid. Pour 200 g into the detergent drawer, start the washing cycle. Repeat every six months. Read more about combating scum in a separate article.

If you have finished manual cleaning, then it's time to start an automatic washing and get acquainted with the store cleaning products.

What means to clean the dishwasher

Once the machine is free of debris and food debris, you can use an automatic detergent. Which cleaner to choose? We reviewed the most effective powders and gels.

Calgonit Fusion Power

Gel-cleaner from manufacturers Finish has two layers - blue and white. This is the first gel in the world, which simultaneously works in two directions. The blue layer is responsible for getting rid of PMM details from fat, white layer removes scale and prevents its further appearance.

The cost of a bottle of 250 ml is from 270 rubles.

Users note that Calgonit from "Finish" perfectly copes with the tasks. But in hard-to-reach places it is necessary to wash the hands.

Finish Rinse

Detergent of Japanese production has a concentrated composition. Effectively removes scale from the heater and other elements of the dishwasher, prolongs the service life. Also neutralizes smells and cope with small clogs. It is recommended to fill only in the detergent dispenser / gel dispenser.

The price of the bottle is 60 ml - from 400 rubles.

Frau Schmidt

Combined powder for washing machine and dishwasher. Also available in the form of tablets. Removes limescale deposits, grease, dirt, food residues.

How often can I use Frau Schmidt? The manufacturer recommends cleaning the water once every 3 months with high water hardness. If the water is soft, then 1 time in 6 months. How much money to pour is indicated on the package. 1 dish is used for dishwashers. The contents can be poured directly into the chamber and run the sink.

The price is from 200 rubles.

Users in the reviews agreed on the opinion that the "Frau Schmidt" is affordable, it is convenient to use for washing machines. But for dishwashers the powder does not have the proper effect: it does not cope well with fat, it leaves a smell of chemistry.


A universal liquid eliminates the grease and clogs of the drainage filter. Copes with old contaminants.

Topperr is convenient to use and does not need to be dosed. It is enough to turn the bottle in the cleaning chamber and start the program. The liquid will gradually pour out and clean the machine.

The cost of the bottle is 250 ml from 230 rubles.

Consumers consider Topper to be an effective tool. However, many are confused by the strong odor from the camera after washing.


Concentrate for the safe control of limescale and contaminants on PMM parts. It will clean the drain filter and drain hose from fat deposits, eliminate unpleasant smells. Produced in the form of a powder, then it is enough to sprinkle a cell tray and a gel.

Packaging of 250 g of powder costs from 400 rubles. A bottle of liquid 250 ml - from 300 rubles.

Users claim the effectiveness of Filtero detergent. At the same time, the powder is too aggressive because of the high concentration of phosphates.


Liquid for cleaning the interior of the machine from scale and contamination. After treatment leaves an invisible protective film on the surface. This prevents the formation of mold and reproduction of microorganisms. UniPlus can be used both for automatic and manual washing.

A bottle of 250 ml costs from 400 rubles.

Customers note that UniPlus liquid copes with impurities no worse than other detergents. At the same time, it contains 5% less surfactants and phosphates. Affordable cost, but enough for one application.


A liquid of German manufacture. Intensively protects and prevents further deposition of contaminants. Copes with unpleasant odors in the bunker, and also cleans the parts, heater, pipes from scale and dirt.

The price for 250 ml of 180 rubles. This is the most affordable tool.

According to users, "Domaks" copes well with grease pollution, but scum and chronic spots do not remove.

Now you know what you can clean the inside of the dishwasher. There is an alternative to shop powder - home-made laundry.

Home cleaning

In the network, you can find many tips for creating cleaning powders at home. It is important to choose such that it effectively removes dirt and does not damage the technique. Here are a few checked recipes from our users:

  • Soda and vinegar. First, pull out the bottom basket from the hopper, remove the drain filter and remove the rocker. Rinse the filter and spray under running water with a brush. Install the parts in place. Sprinkle the bottom and walls of the dishwasher with soda. Put a container of vinegar in the tray. Start the wash program by 60 degrees.

  • The same sequence of actions, but instead of soda and vinegar, a drill is used. Sprinkle powder with borax surface, rubber bands, seals. Start a long program at high temperature.

You can prepare your own tablets with your own hands. To do this, mix part of the soda and hydrogen peroxide before the formation of gruel. Add some essential oil. Put the mixture briefly in the freezer. As it thickens, form a ball and put it in the basket. Start a long mode.

Having studied the feedback from users, choose the appropriate tool at your discretion. Do not forget to carry out general cleaning of the PMM at least once every six months. After watching the video, you will learn how to avoid breaking equipment:

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