Installing the dishwasher yourself

In the article we will tell you how to choose the right place for installing the dishwasher, in which order to connect it. After the delivery of the dishwasher to the house, you can immediately make the connection and launch yourself, without overpaying for the services of the master.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to install a dishwasher in the kitchen
    • 1.1Useful advice when choosing and installing the PMM
  • 2Self-connection of the dishwasher
    • 2.1What you need to connect
    • 2.2Organization of electrical wiring
    • 2.3Plumbing works
    • 2.4Draining work

How to install a dishwasher in the kitchen

There are two options for installing PMM: in the finished kitchen or in a pre-designated place in the kitchen. Dishwashers differ in type and size:

  • Compact. Holds 3 to 5 sets of dishes. The dimensions are 50x60x50 cm. Installed on the countertop or under the sink.

  • Narrow. Width 45 cm, capacity from 6 to 10 sets. Can be full and part-structured.

  • Full-size. Dimensions 65h65h90 cm, holds from 10 to 15 sets of dishes. Can be built-in and stand-alone.

Usually manufacturers in any kitchen set provide a place for placing equipment. To do this, take the size of a narrow dishwasher, they are added 5-10 cm from all sides. If your kit does not have a special cabinet, then it is better to choose a stand-alone machine. You can install it in any convenient place, even between the thumbs.

When choosing a stand-alone PMM, you need to consider that the exterior of the case is combined with the design of the kitchen.

If you have prepared in advance the drawings for placing the dishwasher Samsung, Miele or another brand, there will be no problems with the installation. Otherwise, to build in, pick up the curb near the sink. Please note that the distance from the PMM housing to the rear wall must be at least 5 cm for normal ventilation.

If you have a small family, and the kitchen area does not allow you to install a full-size model, choose a desktop option. You can put it under the sink, and the connection rules do not differ from other models.

Useful advice when choosing and installing the PMM

  • Before buying built-in appliances, measure the size of the kitchen cabinet.
  • The feet of the dishwasher can be adjusted in height. Use the level to level the machine. Some models Hotpoint Ariston, Whirlpool are very sensitive to tilt, even in 2 degrees. This may affect their future work.
  • Mount the machine near the sink. So it will be easier to connect the drain and water without having to build up the hoses. Experts say that the extension of the hoses can lead to leakage, and also create a large load on the drain pump.

  • When embedding in furniture, place a metal plate under the countertop, which protects the tree from steam. In embedded models, the plate is included.

Look at the instruction manual. There is indicated the order of installation and installation of dishwasher. Comes with templates for hanging the door.

  • To connect the equipment to the network, use a separate moisture resistant socket. Do not connect through extensions or tees.

Self-connection of the dishwasher

It is recommended to immediately install the machine in place, and then engage in the connection. But in the case of the integrated model, it is more convenient to first connect the hoses, and then mount the machine in a recess or cabinet. How to install an embedded MMP, read in our separate article.

What you need to connect


  • a socket with a moisture-proof casing and ground;
  • copper three-core cable (for organizing wiring);
  • stabilizer;
  • brass tee with a stopcock;
  • coupling;
  • corner crane;
  • extension and additional hose;
  • a siphon with two leads (for connection of a dishwasher and a washing machine at the same time);
  • hose "Aquastop" (if not available);
  • Fum-tape for sealing joints;
  • filter;
  • clamps, gaskets.


  • pliers;
  • screwdriver;
  • wrench;
  • level.

Organization of electrical wiring

The cord of the dishwasher is specially made short. A European type plug can be connected to a special outlet, which is located not more than 45 cm from the floor.

Self-replacement of the plug in the dishwasher leads to a loss of warranty.

How to organize an electrical connection:

  1. Stroke the channel in the wall, lay a copper wire.
  2. Arrange a waterproof outlet with ground.
  3. Connect the outlet via a 16-amp machine. For safety, it is recommended to install a voltage regulator.How to choose a stabilizer for dishwasher, read in a separate article.

Plumbing works

You know how to install and connect the electrical part of the machine. To the water supply any model PMM Korting, Hansa, Gorenje, Beko, "Ikea "Ariston" is connected the same way. The easiest solution is to connect via a mixer. But if you install the equipment far from the shell, then the method of tapping into the cold water pipe will do.

For connection to a water pipe:

  1. With the help of the Bulgarian cut off a piece of pipe.
  2. Install the clutch.
  3. On the coupling, screw the tap with a stop valve.
  4. Connect the hose of the dishwasher to the outlet of the faucet.

Through the mixer:

  1. Disconnect the mixer hose from the outlet of the pipe.
  2. Install the brass tee.
  3. Connect a mixer to one terminal.
  4. To the other is the coarse filter and the end of the filler hose.

Now get out of the water.

Draining work

Where to connect the sink? There are also two options to choose from here:

  • Directly to the sewer.
  • Through a siphon.

Why do not experts recommend connecting directly to the sewer? Because it is difficult to eliminate blockage. Another thing - a siphon, where you can unscrew the lid and clean it.

For connection to the sewer, it is sufficient to install an adapter on the outlet, to which you can connect the drain hose of the dishwasher and the washer. The joints are carefully sealed.

When installing via a siphon:

  • Remove the old one and install a new siphon.
  • Connect the drain hose of the dishwasher to the outlet.
  • Be sure to secure the connection with a yoke. With a strong head, the hose can be torn from its place, which will lead to leakage.

Observe the correct distance and bend of the hose when organizing the drain. This will help avoid the siphon effect (see the diagram below).

As you can see, it is possible to organize the installation of the PMP "Hansa "Burning" and other brands. When the work is finished, run the test program without utensils to check the strength of the connections and the operation of the nodes.How do I start the dishwasher for the first time?, read the article.

The video will help you to install a dishwasher yourself:

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