How to select and connect the three-key switch correctly

In an effort to improve the usability control appliances manufacturers create new types of functional units. One of those is the triple switch.

What structure is three-key switch and what nuances to consider when connecting the device, take a closer look.

The content of the article:

  • The design of the three-key switch
  • The main types of locking devices
  • Criteria for selection of competent
  • Device Connectivity Technology
    • Preparatory work
    • The assembly of wires in the junction box
    • Mounting Escutcheon in niche
    •  Wiring 3-pushbutton
  • Features installation of combined models
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The design of the three-key switch

Switches of this type with standard dimensions of devices are equipped with three spaced abutting each other keys. Their main purpose - to provide the ability to simultaneously control three groups of connected lighting of a common access point.

Most often install such devices in rooms with a complex configuration: combined bathroom, long corridors, combined with the living room kitchen.

Combined embodiment backlighting

Three-key switch which is to use for controlling both the main and auxiliary lighting, for example, to implement the scheme diode backlight "ceiling / wall / floor"

Three-key device is useful for management mnogorozhkovymi chandeliers. For three light saturated variants can turn out in three stages, in which first one lamp lights up 1, then the next two.

Among the indisputable advantages of three-loop device should include:

  1. Presentable appearance.
  2. Saving footprint.
  3. mounting relief.

Simplification of the three-key switch mounting procedure is attained by reducing labor costs during creating a common technology niches for placing the device core and spacers to it electric cable.

Reliability and durability - key parameters

When properly selected electrical parameters and correct observance of the mode of operation three-key device, even a budget model is able to switch smoothly to work out many decade

The design of the three-key switch is fairly simple and includes two components:

  • The inner part, which is a movable mechanism which is carried closing / opening the network process by the action of compression / tension spring.
  • The outer part, which is a box with a button switch to which the stationary contacts are attached.

As the load on such devices as compared with simple models of several types of the above, the inner and outer housing elements are carried out only with quality materials.

The main types of locking devices

Switches, including triple, are a key depending on the control method and touch performance. The first set in motion by pressing a key, the latter - due to the touch panel in a certain place.

Dimmer on the sensor model

Most models are equipped with a touch dimmer switch - a device for smooth six- or seven-speed adjustment up to blackout

When you select the dimmer it is important to focus on the total load switch. Experts recommend purchase devices with power reserves. For example: for trehrozhkovoy chandelier with incandescent power between 100 watt dimmer choose having markings 300 W.

Learn more about what and how to choose the dimmer read it in this material.

Depending on the type of installation triple switches are of three types:

  • for the external lining;
  • internal, involving penetration into the cavity wall;
  • combined models with a common housing with the socket.

Combination models equipped socket, have a narrower scope. This is due to the fact that they can not be installed without altering the wiring.

Feature installation combined model

When installing the device performance combined in one and the same point it is necessary to feed two separate wires to the socket and thus divert them from phase for lighting

Installing triple switch, combined with the socket in a common housing, it is justified in those situations, when it is intended to equip the exposed wiring. Electrical safety is strictly regulated by the height of the placement of switches and outlets - 150 cm from the floor.

For this reason, such a model is installed in locations where power outlets operated quite frequently, provided that the switches at this height is convenient to use.

The most widely used models were combined in the regeneration of bathrooms with accommodation near the mirrors and bedrooms in the area of ​​bedside tables.

A separate subspecies isolated Triple switches the wireless version, which can be installed in any place and be placed on any surface.

Wireless model - a high-tech device

The wireless model is a switch of another type, which is a constructive device is more akin to a remote control

Wireless devices are equipped with two modules:

  • Receiver - relay type device incorporated in the light source. When you receive it closes the electric circuit of the signal light.
  • signal transmitter - the switch itself, equipped with a power generator. When you press the button, he converts a pulse of energy to a radio signal.

These high-tech devices are among expensive. They are utilized instead of the usual wiring, infrared or radio waves.

There are commercially available and switches equipped backlit. They are convenient in the sense that in the dark creating a light signal, which serves as a good guide to quickly find devices.

backlight function on the body

The backlight switches on additionally serves as a pointer that indicates the idle state lighting, as included in the time when no voltage is applied to the device

In the selection of models is necessary to pay attention to the type of light source. Illuminated power switch does not cause trouble only when connected in a circuit with incandescent lamps or else their halogen counterparts.

If the circuit with such a device will be used fluorescent lamps or LED ribbon, even if they are off position will continue to emit light pulsing glow.

Criteria for selection of competent

By purchasing a triple switch, inspect it, examine the physical quantities, check the wiring diagram.

The main points that you should pay when choosing a product:

  1. housing products - it should be deprived of any kind of defects: burrs, nicks and chips.
  2. actuation of keys - should take place easily and without jamming.
  3. Sound effects - when you turn each of the keys, you should hear a click.
  4. Core - should also be devoid of burrs, and its terminals operate properly.

When planning to install the switch in a room with high humidity, you must choose a device with protection.

Feature damp proof devices

Working elements have an additional switch waterproof rubber or plastic sheath that protects the mechanism from direct contact with water

To simplify the installation process and thus ensure the longevity of the device, preference is given to the models, the core of which are equipped with screw terminals or clamping type.

Device Connectivity Technology

Connecting the three-key switches is virtually no different from a single installation technology dvuhklavishnyh analogues.

The implication is that the switch input is connected one of the power cables, and to the input terminals of the switching pad - cable lighting. The only difference in the total number of contacts involved switching groups placed in the unit.

Preparatory work

The first thing you must do before you connect or disassemble the three-key switch - turn off at the time of the switch and make sure the network is de-energized. Before starting work, you must understand the wiring, which is supposed to mount the device box.

How to perform a connection

According to this wiring diagram when mounting unit for installation combined model of the junction box be separately lead the zero conductor, which will ensure that the outlet

Connecting the switch will not be achieved without a set of the following tools:

  • voltage indicator;
  • stripping tool;
  • Phillips and flat screwdriver;
  • punch, equipped with a crown;
  • building level;
  • insulating tape.

When you install an internal switch for placing the device core need podrozetnik and a small portion of gypsum or plaster. To assemble the wires and connect the contacts inside the junction box - Self-clamping terminals.

The assembly of wires in the junction box

From the panel to the junction box supplied two wires.

Classify them easiest color braid and labeling:

  • "zero" - colored blue;
  • "phase" - has brown braid.

For reliability of the findings when determining the wiring accessories is better to use the tester.

From the lamps in the switch box receives six wires. master task - to interconnect three of them, and then connect to the working zero, coming from the flap. The remaining three wires will only send the switch and dock with its outputs.

Scheme wiring harness

Evaluation is carried out to the junction box connected to each other, Cycling Self-clamping terminals or else using conventional twisting method

The main points to consider when assembling the wires in the junction box cavity:

  1. Zero supply wires attached to all "zeros" of powered lighting devices.
  2. Phase supply wires spliced ​​with common contact switch.
  3. The remaining three wires from the switch is connected to their corresponding three phase conductors, who came from each light fixture.

Connecting a trip unit to a common phase for all light sources, creates chain, wherein when one of the circuit breaker contacts illuminate one or another lamp.

Mounting Escutcheon in niche

Podrozetnik involve only when the internal installation of switches, the core of which half goes to the wall. The main requirement for installation Escutcheon - that its edges are flush with the wall and do not protrude beyond it. Otherwise, after the installation of the core switch chassis will stick out from the wall.

Installing the Escutcheon in niche

For core penetration device in the recess in the working surface of the cavity using the punch fitted with the crown, doing a deep hole, sufficient to accommodate the "cup"

Presented commercially Enclosures can vary in color, shape and the presence of the lateral projections. If we take as a basis for the method of installation, the "glasses" are divided into two types:

  • concrete - one-piece construction, which is fixed to the wall by sealing or alabaster gypsum.
  • drywall - equipped with special design legs with the help of which are burst in the wall.

Regardless of the execution of any Escutcheon equipped pressed into holes through which electrically is put into the cavity structure.

We also recommend you to read our other stuff, where we spoke in detail about the installation technology podrozetnik in concrete and drywall. Read more - go on link.

"Glass" with wire restaurant to bury it in a pre-gap done are aligned with the level of the horizontal and vertical plane and fixed in the wall.

 Wiring 3-pushbutton

To gain access to the mechanism of triple switch, the device is removed keys and remove the decorative frame. This work will not be difficult to perform using a flat screwdriver.

To remove the key, just need to click on it, leading to the "off" and a speaker on the opposite side edge gently, without applying excessive force to pry the screwdriver tip.

The rear side of the device

In fact, the rear of the triple switch can be clearly seen, which is supplied phase, and which connect the wires extending from the lamps - they are divided into separate blocks

To switch the installation site will be fed four wires.

They can be combined in a four-core cable or be a combination in which:

  • solid phase coming from the junction box;
  • three-conductor, junction box through which delivers the plug-in phase lighting.

Neutral conductor will pass directly from the junction box to fixtures, bypassing the switch.

Incoming phase coupled to the input terminal marked by arrow, while the three outgoing terminal - to the output wires lamps. What is the solution to which the terminal is not critical. If you want a specific terminal is responsible for this particular lamp, switched over cables will not cause too much difficulty.

The wires are fixed in the mechanism by clamping screws. Before inserting the stripped ends, it is important to make sure that the screw terminals are not fully tightened into the slots. Having got the bare ends of the wires of the braid in the mechanism, firmly tighten the screws. When checking the wires to extract should not be generated no backlash.

The sequence of engagement terminal

The first mechanism is separated common terminal to the phase conductor and only afterwards - terminals for supplying a voltage from the individual lighting sections

The basic rule of the three-key connection circuit breaker - for the device will not start a zero input, and the network phase conductor. Zero power wires are connected only to the "zeros" of lighting fixtures. This rule is strictly regulated by the current regulations - PUE.

Some craftsmen neglect this rule, directing live wire on the lamp, and the "zero" feeding via a switch on the break. In such an assembly the network will still work. But this solution is fraught with danger in the operation of the electrical system, since even if the open position switch wiring will still remain energized.

This is dangerous because even under normal replacement bulbs person each time will be at risk of electrical shock. And if all insulation breakdown occurs, and there is no grounding the connected lighting unit, a voltage will arise on the body of the device.

As a result, an electric shock will occur at the slightest contact with the surface of the device.

Features installation of combined models

Wiring breaker combined in a common housing with the outlet differs somewhat from that described above. And the main difference - the presence of an additional neutral conductor, laid out the junction box directly to a wall outlet. In this case, the output from the switch will have two double wires.

Tips to protect lived

When connecting stranded wires to prevent them from breaking of a pressurized screw clamp the exposed portions of ferrules lived equip NSHVI

To perform a secure connection to the switch socket, it is better to use a wire cross section of 2.5 square millimeters And already directly to the lighting equipment from the switch to put the cable in the 1.5 square.

At the final stage of installation is only to verify the correctness of the switching wires and install a decorative frame. To verify the connection, you need to turn on the switch and energize.

When the first device key should light up a lamp when the second - the next horn chandeliers or connected appliance.

The frame is fixed via clamping insert. We need a little push on it and with a little effort to latch on each side.

For more details about the installation of combined outlets is written in this article.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The sequence of connecting the triple switch:

assembly version of the three-key switch with socket:

EXAMPLE mounting device:

Assemble the device in accordance with the wiring diagram and adhering to safety during installation, you can be sure that the switch will operate smoothly for many years.

Perhaps you have already set their own three-key switch and the known details, which we have not considered in this material? Or any questions about the topic of the article? Please write comments, share tips, ask questions in the box located below.

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