How to choose an LCD TV

On the move it is difficult to figure out how to choose an LCD TV.Consider what to look for when buying. They say that the liquid crystals of these TVs have too much response time, but no one remembers the lack of the case with monitors for personal computers. Opponents say endlessly that a moving object leaves traces on the screen, but hundreds of gamers will argue that the phenomenon is harmless. A lot of people today prefer to choose an LCD TV.

Built-in Digital TV Receiver

Today, it is pointless to take an LCD TV without a built-in DVB-T2 card( receiver).Russia is actively switching to digital television, it is required to keep up with the times, the analog channels are alternately disappearing. We remind you: modern technologies allow transmitting a number of channels at the same frequency, space is saved on the air, it is possible to construct powerful antennas designed for a single frequency.

Channels condensed in this way are called multiplexes, today almost every region has a presence. Learn more on the official website of the company dealing with the coverage of the territory of Russia, or in the Russian-language domain of Wikipedia, read an article on this topic. The data is basically accurate. To receive roughly need to know:

High definition

  1. Broadcast frequency.
  2. Broadcast plan, i.e. list of transmitted channels.

The first is used to select the correct antenna. In fairness, let's say that digital multiplexes appear where analog or digital channels were previously present. This is the UHF range( more precisely, above 500 MHz).Replacement is transparent to the user. To receive a digital signal, an LCD TV needs a DVB-T2 card. Russia immediately goes to the second generation, the figure in the marking is extremely important. LCD TV with DVB-T is not suitable.

Heard about consoles that are distributed to pensioners. These are DVB-T2 cards in a separate package. Connect via 3RCA or HDMI connectors to an LCD TV.The advantage of the built-in card in the absence of the intended connections. Just plug the antenna stuck into the right connector. In addition to DVB-T cards, there are two types:

  • It is recommended to consider the DBV-S2 standard only for watching satellite television. In the presence of the mentioned card, an external receiver is not needed. If the provider does not impose its prefix, it will be possible to do as you like.
  • DVB-C cards are built in for cable television. Otherwise, they will have to look for in the form of consoles. If in the neighborhood cable TV, it is better to take a TV with a DVB-C2 card.

Often content( paid channels) is protected by encoding. It is possible to decrypt such information from the digital view only if there is a key that is sold by the provider. Appearance resembles a plastic card. The key is often called SMART.From the English word for high technology. Under the smart card on the side of the TV slot is provided. We strongly doubt that it will be possible to find a device with a built-in receiver without this option, but you should be sure. Most providers provide paid content, so as not to be left with nothing, you will need an available slot for a smart card.

It remains to add that individual companies today are engaged in card sharing. It becomes possible to watch a movie, and get the key via the Internet from the provider's server. Why put special software. The service is designed for users of personal computers, but there is no reason to believe that a modern TV cannot be used for viewing. We mean not the case of expansion to this area of ​​the desktop, but directly receive channels from a dish directly. To get the key, you need access to the Internet. To do this, use the Ethernet connector on the back of the TV.

How to choose a screen size

A small LCD TV is suitable for installation in the kitchen. The field of view of a person is limited, it is possible to roughly calculate the maximum size of the diagonal by dividing the distance to the screen by 1.3.All that is above, will remain out of sight. Elected people get pleasure from looking at different areas, but most want to see the whole picture.

Modern Design

Plus the installation of the LCD TV in the kitchen is considered to be small grain. Closely related to the term maximum screen resolution. As for LCD TVs, today it is easy to find models with a diagonal of 20 inches and support for FullHD.These are extremely small pixels. To see even from a distance of 20 cm is difficult. For tight spaces, an LCD TV is a great choice. By the way, at close range, the trace of image blur is almost imperceptible.

Before it was considered that the screen size is selected as one fifth of the distance. In fact, the opinion is wrong. Do not be surprised at such great differences. The specified criterion regarding five diagonals to the screen is recognized as protecting the user from harmful radiation. With the disappearance of cathode-ray tubes, the dependences have changed. Millions of people buried in the LCD monitors of computers, while maintaining good vision.

It is proposed to look at the brightness and contrast. These characteristics in TVs are presented as positive, meanwhile, sharp color transitions and excessive saturation tire the eyes. Try to reduce the brightness simply if your eyes hurt. This often helps. The same applies to cases where tears have developed, the image blurs. It is appropriate to remind you that watching TV is in the dark. Considering the above, it is not bad to have a TV with adjustable brightness:

Big screen TV

  • In case of close distances to the screen it is good if there are special buttons on the TV for these actions. He stretched out his hand and was done.
  • In the case of long distances will have to use the remote control. It's great if the dimming buttons are easy to touch.

Image characteristics will have to be adjusted depending on the time of day. Moreover, the required ease of regulation. As for the TV remote control, today, in addition to brand-name, a bunch of alternatives are available. Considered this question with the indication of information transfer protocols. Must match the characteristics of the signal coding system. Remember the moment: the infrared remote control works exclusively in the line of sight. Therefore, sometimes they install special adapters and use signal transmission stations in the radio band.

Old image size selection scenarios no longer work. Just sit in the viewer's seat and try to understand which field is covered by your vision before choosing a TV.Doctors say that peripheral vision does not distinguish colors, in addition, details are leveled. This is true for most people. An unnecessarily large diagonal is not considered an optimality criterion, and only people sitting in the middle rows see the full picture in the cinema hall.

LCD dimensions of an

TV Important notes when choosing an

LCD TV An LCD TV is often used to view images from other devices. For example, disc players. If you are holding a Blu-ray player, it is assumed that you have an HDMI interface to transfer the picture without loss. This applies to a set of connectors. It is difficult to find an LCD TV without HDMI, but the presence of the connector on the back or side panel before buying is better to check. In most cases, there is a connector 3RCA.This legacy of the past, since the postwar period, has been used successfully in the Western world to this day. Together with foreign-made products, the specified interface migrated to Russia.

Both of the above connectors are generally accepted, the absence of one of the above will be a reason to think about purchasing an LCD TV from this line. As a result, it may be difficult to pair the equipment. As an eye to determine the presence of connectors:

  1. HDMI resembles a gap. The shape is different from the rectangular - two corners are pressed inward. This provides protection against improper activation. In appearance, most of all resembles miniUSB, through which the iPad joins the computer.
  2. 3RCA is a set of 3 holes of circular shape. They have a characteristic plastic edging color: yellow, red and white.

You will need to read signatures when choosing a TV.Digital HDMI connector has a corresponding mark, and analog 3RCA is supplied with explanatory icons like left, right. To confuse the two main interfaces of the LCD TV with other difficult. Many will ask about the functions of SmartTV.Unambiguous recommendations are difficult to give. One thing is clear: movie lovers like LCD TVs are not needed. Eager to communicate option is useful. It is possible to install almost any program on the LCD TV operating system with the SmartTV function. Especially for devices based on Android with access to PlayMarket.

We hope the information provided will help you decide how to choose an LCD TV.

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