The most powerful vacuum cleaner for home

The amount of power adorns the body of most vacuum cleaners. You take a model where the parameter is higher, you're done! Home marketing joke manufacturers. The most powerful vacuum cleaner for home - what is meant by a loud word. Buyer is required to clean the floor, not the money to pay the electricity supplier. Because this approach can not be considered correct.

powerful vacuum cleaner

The first channel has issued an important phrase: vacuum cleaner demonstrates two significant buyer power. Exists:

  1. Power consumption.
  2. Suction power.

The first option is clear. Consumed power grid requires to pay a service company. Power more costly to use a vacuum cleaner at a time. The median ranged near 1.5 kW.

The device is purchased not for spending money from the budget, and to suck - dust, dirt, excess objects from the floor. This property, utility, is characterized by the second parameter.

What is the most powerful vacuum cleaner for the home? Satisfied delusion: housing points to useful power. Labeling Regarding the first option - the network consumption. The efficiency of the energy shows, leaving useful purposes.

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Powerful vacuum cleaner for home

useful power

One TV program offered for parquet, linoleum select models, guided by the word body is not less than 1500W, is alarming. Exploiting similar technology, powerful vacuums will show - each individually - dissimilar characteristics. Dear performance model.

Therefore correct to say: linoleum flooring should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, which the net power of 300 watts. The figure contrasts with the written on the package! One-fifth of. Twenty percent of the amount. 300W enough to remove the bare floor - parquet, linoleum. Carpets require more serious machine.

Important! We are discussing the rapid processes. Sluggish cleaning cost smaller value. For comparison, the average vacuum cleaner equipped with a cyclone chamber, outputs 350 Watts.

Where to get a usable power. It contains the data sheet, the leadership, looking, among other characteristics. Manufacturers avoid advertise figure, with one hand, correctly. The first place is occupied by the power consumption. A powerful vacuum cleaner is marked by a beautiful figure. The bigger, the better. It is meant a high efficiency is guaranteed. Reality makes adjustments.

Choose a vacuum cleaner, guided by the suction power: the figure we find by browsing the passport specifications. Parameter key, touch the cleaning business.

additional comments

In test purchases a group of people trying to clean off aluminum confetti, freeing cozy fluffy rug. Participants of the event terribly cursed: to control the vacuum cleaner is simply impossible. Powerful vacuum cleaner provides owner - ergonomics. The indicator on ease of use.

Why are the words of a housewife, describing:

  1. convenient nozzle rotatable about an axis;
  2. extending tube - because of the details do not need to bend over;
  3. villi, lifts dirt, facilitating the functioning of the motor.

Components of the vacuum cleaner

In contrast marked Remark: "The carpet can not be cleaned, a powerful vacuum cleaner sucked pile, refuses to move," "vain silyus cope with the howling thing, simply unmanageable."

No two people are alike - experts like the split keyboard for hand, individuals are horrified simpler kind of duality. Programmers prefer a wireless mouse, a US scientist says: "Our children are dangerous to keep your knees a powerful source of radiation." Wi-Fi protocols, Bluetooth adversely affect the viability of sperm, decreasing activity. If there is over 15 minutes - do not worry; Host a radiator on the lap, after working day - a fun little.

A powerful vacuum cleaner is considered a complete analogy. The first seem, the unit longer howls than beneficial. The second, on the contrary, carefully working, stripping every penny, brush sticks without causing discomfort.

In addition to the suction power is necessary to study a set of nozzles, handles, and other accessories. It is advisable to test the cleaner in a shop.

Incredibly powerful!

Sorry for plagiarism by Samsung, will return a hundredfold by borrowing free advertising. The inscription adorns the prospectus, presenter vacuums SC21F50, SC21F60. Judging by the bright advertising picture, the fish must adhere to the aquarium wall, raised one side of the brush on the instrument.

One model is equipped with a bag, and the other - it is devoid guaranteed "maximum suction power." Parameter discussed above. Technical characteristics of the vacuum cleaner bag without SC21F50 point value 450 W, above the average. Power consumption 2100W, remember the number. Efficiency factor remained the same level.

Look SC21F60 model equipped with a dust bag... 530 W! Power consumption of 2100 watts. Practice confirms the content of the previous sections on the example of Samsung powerful vacuum cleaners. Company accounts are the same, the performance of different.

Models without the bag are not inferior to others. Said SC21F50 vacuum cleaner cyclone type. Dust, air inside the cylindrical container moving spirally. As a result, dirt deposited on the walls, the air passes a central hole, breaking the material filters reaches the room. Way to reduce the power! Filtering - arranged mechanically (chunks of dense porous material) scientifically valid way to create a vortex. Of course, making a spiral motion flow, powerful vacuum cleaner consumes energy. room air will be cleaner.

Powerful vacuum cleaner home

Model with a bag more sucks, cyclone vacuum cleaner dust left inside. Decide what is more powerful! Iron sucks or protects lung health.

Water and dust

Now is the time to review water filters. Choosing a powerful vacuum cleaner, known beneficial effects, guess: the parameter gives the model with a bag.

As is the case with the cyclone effect, so that the air passed through the labyrinth 15-stage water filter, need considerable energy. But the model will achieve perfect cleaning effluent.

Or not to use a powerful vacuum cleaner with water filter more overriding considerations cleaning. Is not so nice to wash the dirty tank is simply drained cyclone cylinder or a standard vacuum cleaner bag. Dirt will float in a plastic container, each use is terminated by thorough washing of working parts:

  • filter;
  • capacity dust collection.

Despite the complexity, powerful vacuum cleaner with water filter exhibit favorable advantage is not afraid of fluid that enters inside. Some models allow blockages to clean shells.

Water against dust

Now, when considered models with water filter, during paint selection Vacuum cleaners for the home. If the device is capable of eliminating a small blockage, why not be used as a mop. Really, why?

Washing vacuum cleaner

Powerful washing vacuum cleaner emit a jet of water, then sucks the liquid back. To produce such a complex activity that requires your energy. That is why the net power washing vacuum cleaner is always lower than the model with an ordinary cloth bag.

Vacuum Cleaner Housing replace a bucket, a rag and a broom. At the end of the cleaning should wash thoroughly capacity.


As a result, we face it: you can not clearly answer the question of what is the most powerful vacuum cleaner for home. What is required - brute force or elegant solution. Samsung model copes with the task. The efficiency of a superior. But can it be considered a means of cleaning the most powerful, if you need to clean linoleum on greasy stains. Obviously, the answer is - no! Good washing vacuum cleaner for home needs, in this case, or a doormat and a bucket of water.

The situation has several solutions, methods are randomly. When choosing based on many factors:

  • that clean;
  • how important it is to stop the dust-laden air;
  • how much time to devote to cleaning.

It is better to choose a robot. Intelligent automation itself will bring order in the house, even if you need half of the week. The robot will crawl on the floor to collect dust. This powerful vacuum cleaner? Yes, if we are talking about how to save time.

Dust Allergy terrible. Vacuum Cleaner for 20 minutes will clear the air, if you just put the device in the center of the room, turn on the pre-removing the hose. powerful healing effect?

Choose a model depending on what is considered a priority. Then, electric power is to work as hard.

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