DIY air humidifier

Treatment of acute respiratory diseases is closely related to the question of how to breathe. The growth of bacteria is determined by the environment, human physiology requires certain conditions for a speedy recovery. Asthmatics are contraindicated for excessively humid and dried air. To monitor this indicator, hygrometers are used, giving the researcher a quantitative estimate of the proportion of water vapor. To change the indicator in the right direction, use another device. Today we will think about how to make a humidifier with your own hands.

Air Humidity

When a mother receives a maternity allowance, according to statistics, the first question is which heater to buy. It is a fact. Let us try to convince moms that a humidifier is equally important, which creates climatic conditions in the house that are close to normal.

Air conditioning, heater of arbitrary type - household appliances greatly dries the air, reduces humidity. By raising the temperature of the water vapor hovering around, we supply the jets with additional energy so that the molecules can leave the room through the walls. Concrete seems to be reliable; meanwhile, water vapor easily passes through a solid barrier. Vapor barrier does not block the passage of moisture by 100%, only slows down the process significantly. As a result, according to the architects' idea, there will be no greenhouse effect or signs of aridity in the house.

However, most of the buildings were built without modern rules. Therefore, the moisture goes out through the walls. The task is intended to resolve the humidifier. The device evaporates moisture by various methods. As a result, the humidity of the room increases. It is required to control the parameter. It is strictly not recommended to wait until the mold grows on the walls, just buy a special device:

  1. Clock with a built-in meter.
  2. Hygrometer from a specialty store.
  3. Selected humidifiers are able to independently measure the value of humidity.

When determining the humidity value, consider the fact: near open water, the indicator is too high and does not correspond to the average for the room. Place the device either away from the source of moisture, or where most of the time the occupant of the room spends. For example, at the head of the bed or near the chair. The described approach ensures that the hygrometer shows the correct value.

Why an

Air Humidifier Is Needed The principle of operation of an air humidifier is based on the accelerated evaporation of a liquid. This is achieved by additional heating or the creation of an artificial draft that contributes to the process.

Room humidity is 50-70% at an air temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Conditions are considered optimal for human life. Experts tend to attribute the winter incidence of schoolchildren and children to the lack of moisture in the institutions of preschool, school, secondary and higher education. As mentioned above, a working electric device saturates the air with harmful positive ions, dries the air.

In winter, central heating is used, in summer ventilation supplies dry air from the street. As a result, the humidity value rarely exceeds 30%, which is below normal. As a result, children begin to get sick. Working people the same applies to the full. But the adult organism is more resistant to infection, the lack of moisture is not so bad.

In order to increase an important indicator, it is possible to place a basin of water aside, normalizing the situation. Experts say that such a step is not enough. Called figure within three liters per day. The humidifier will turn so much water into steam in order to make the situation more conducive to human activity.

Other fish lovers say that a room aquarium will help. However, the authors tend to be skeptical to consider the statement that the fish will replace a specialized humidifier. After all, the fish swim in water with a temperature slightly different from room temperature. It would seem that it is possible to bring the humidity to the norm by putting a container with water on the gas, but the approach will be too drastic. This, in addition to the uneven distribution of moisture will create an excess in some places, leading to flaking of wallpaper, ceiling tiles, property damage.

Without a humidifier just can not do if there is a desire to maintain a healthy climate in the apartment. Release devices with air ionizer, making an additional positive effect.

DIY Air Humidifier

What if you hoist capacity on the battery? The quick-witted reader gets to the point.

It is easier to make an air humidifier from a small saucepan placed on a radiator. The amount of evaporated water in the average room is 3-4 liters. The parameter is easy to control, knowing the volume of the saucepan. An improvised humidifier is ready.

Construction flaw: The concept is used exclusively in winter. In the summer we will try to apply a different technology. It is noticed - in windy weather puddles dry faster. Let's try to create a humidifier acting on a similar principle. At least two effective ways:

  • stock up with a PC system unit cooler;
  • to use working devices for the evaporation of water.

Let's start with the second way to create a humidifier with your own hands, as more obvious and simple to implement. A container of water is placed under the stream of air flow generated by a household appliance. Suitable air conditioning, personal computer, blower. The main thing is to go on top of a continuous stream that captures water molecules and carries them away. As a result, some compensation will come - the air, dried with a household appliance, will be moistened with our improvised brainchild. In this case, of course, you should make sure that there are no babies or pets nearby. If moisture is spilled, the consequences are seen as negative, from knocked out traffic jams to fire or death.

The second way is long, but it’s easy to hide a home-made humidifier on the cabinet, where you can’t get it. The device of a humidifier includes the usual capacity, better passing light, from plastic, a cooler of the system unit, an improvised cover and some wires. An important part is the power supply. An old adapter with matching voltage will do. Fill the container with water up to half, top-attach the lid with the cooler, which will serve as an exhaust and powered by electric current. It is possible to make the fan work in the opposite direction. In the upper part of the walls of the vessel, a series of holes are cut to allow humid air to escape.

An appliance placed on the cabinet will supply the room with steam. The main thing is to ensure that the water does not run out and fill the home-made humidifier in time.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Readers, of course, heard about the "cold" steam generators. The basis of the work is piezoelectric effect. It has been established that, under the action of compression, an electrical potential arises in selected crystals( the pickups of electric guitars work on a similar principle).Air humidifiers use the inverse piezoelectric effect - when an alternating voltage is applied to the crystal, the plate vibrates. The frequency of the current slightly exceeds the threshold of hearing of the human ear( 20 kHz).The oscillations of the crystal in the air humidifier cause the molecules to leave the liquid. Steam is formed, although the water temperature does not differ from room temperature.

After getting a piezocrystal, you can try making an ultrasonic humidifier with your own hands. The basis is the simplest generator of electrical oscillations. It is logical to use a personal computer. Any computer program for editing tracks has the function of introducing a tone of any frequency into a composition. Just create a melody that gives out ultrasound and put on a performance in a cyclic mode. It is possible to apply voltage to the crystal from the audio output. Voltage agree, or solder a small amplifier.

At the same time as moistening, filter the air masses to clean the room from dust and even bacteria spores. Today this is possible with the help of synthetic fabrics.

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DIY air humidifier

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Treatment of acute respiratory diseases is closely related to the question of how to breathe. The growth of bacteria is determined by the environment, human physiology requires certain conditions...

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