How to clean up plastic windows after the repair of different kinds of pollution: 3 effective ways


  • 1 Traces of the film and the adhesive tape
  • 2 Cement
    • 2.1 Method 1 - special tools
    • 2.2 Method 2 - Komet
    • 2.3 Method 3 - Acetic acid
  • 3 Polyurethane foam
  • 4 Paint
  • 5 conclusion
Washing windows - finale repairWashing windows - finale repair

During repairs in new or in the process of installation of windows to save the frame and glass it is very difficult to clean. And wash them from building mud also more difficult than from a conventional household. But for each type of contaminant has its own cleaning products. You want to know what? On this and tell.

Traces of the film and the adhesive tape

All manufacturers recommend to remove the protective film pasted on the plastic box after installation. But it is not always possible to do it in time. A frame for repair often okleivayut mounting tape or tape to protect them from dirt.

Over time, this film firmly "take a strong liking" to the surface, and clear plastic from the adhesive becomes problematic.

If you do not remove the film on time, then it becomes a problem

The first means that you can try to do it - hot water and harsh side china sponge. Before you wash the plastic on the windows of any other drug, try this option.

If that fails, you can get help:

Picture The name means
Undiluted rubbing alcoholAs well as vodka or eau de cologne.
Nail polish remover. Better than one that does not contain acetone.
Tea tree oil.

Spots of adhesive tape, as well as from the labels on glass impregnated with any of these fluids, and then scraped using a plastic spatula.


When the plaster and the lining of the walls to protect the plastic frames and double glazing on the solution rather difficult to spray. As clear them from the frozen cement. Try one of the following methods.

Method 1 - special tools

If you need to get results fast, and means the price does not matter, buy special products designed for cleaning different surfaces of the cement. For example:

  • Cement N Concrete Remover;
  • Bauger√§tereiniger 81.
Cement N Concrete Remover - means for cleaning cementCement N Concrete Remover - means for cleaning cement

They are all available in the form of a spray which is sprayed onto the soiled surface. After this time, the solution or softened solution washed cloth.

The main thing that means is not contained in the structure of corrosive acidsWhich can damage the plastic. Therefore, the instructions for use is required to read before buying.

Method 2 - Komet

Another effective means for cleaning the windows of the considered dense mortars Comet gel plumbing.

Comet Gel softens bathrooms well cementComet Gel softens bathrooms well cement

Wash plastic windows it can be used as follows:

  • Apply the gel on pollution. If this vertical surface, you have to apply several times.
  • Wait until the cement becomes loose and soft.
  • Remove it with a damp cloth.
  • Repeat if necessary.

But before you wash the windows after the repair of a dirt and a solution, vacuum clean them or obmetite brush to remove poorly adhered pieces and avoid unnecessary work.

Method 3 - Acetic acid

If the above means you do not and you have nothing to clean up plastic windows, use vinegar essence, only slightly diluting it with water.

The acid reacts with the alkaline composition groutThe acid reacts with the alkaline composition grout

The procedure for cleaning the windows with vinegar:

  • Think of protective equipment - Wear rubber gloves and a gauze bandage.
  • Dilute acid small amount of water.
  • Soak a cloth in the solution and soak them all the richly spots.
  • After a few minutes they try to scrub with his own hands.
  • If the result is unimportant, Pour on a cloth with a solution of baking soda to make it wet, and rub the soiled place.

The same way you can wash and liquid glass. But from his frame and glass need to try to clear at once, using just hot water. Otherwise, it will react with the surface, and get rid of the spots will be very difficult.

Polyurethane foam

To seal the window, into the space between the frame and the opening assembly foam is blown. Increasing in volume, it is often spoil plastic.

In the photo - installation box with foamIn the photo - installation box with foam

Wash it with water do not try, even fresh - it is useless. And various solvents or means by which gun assembly is washed, may corrode plastic. How to be?

  • hot scent from foam easiest to remove Kosmofenom. It is this cleaner use of plastic windows installers. It comes in three types (see. Photo). The higher the number, the less means.
Professional cleaner KosmofenProfessional cleaner Kosmofen
  • dried foam It will not take no detergent, and Kosmofen can not help. In this case, the problem will solve Dimexidum. This medication is a good solvent, so working with them need to wear gloves. Undiluted liquid is applied on the stains sponge or cotton swab, and after a few minutes with the residues washed foam with a damp cloth.
Dimexidum dissolve the dried foamDimexidum dissolve the dried foam


About what to wash the glass, you can not break my head - you can use any solvent intended for the type of paint you want to delete. With harder plastic, the solvent may damage:

  • If water-based paint, It is possible to try to clean with hot water, soak spray and scrub them with a scraper.
  • From other types of paint and get rid of the primer with turpentine.
Turpentine help clean frame from paintTurpentine help clean frame from paint

But try not to use knives, blades and metal spatulas - they leave scratches on the surface. scraper material should be harder than the pollution, but softer than most plastics.

If nevertheless there were scratches and abrasions, they are treated with a special polish after repairs and cleaning on frames.If nevertheless there were scratches and abrasions, they are treated with a special polish after repairs and cleaning on frames.

Polish there is always a set of tools for plastic windows Care


Now that you know how to wash windows after the repair of the different building substances without damaging them. After such cleaning glazing washed in a conventional manner. You can see the video in this article on how to properly care for plastic windows.
On some methods could I have forgotten or do not know. If you know them, please tell us in the comments!

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