DIY air dryer

Tefal thinks about us all the time, but tries to make life more beautiful than NPPTSTO.The first time you hear! Read the review, learn how to save the house from the onslaught of mold, until you buy a dehumidifier. Strange words are more interesting! A respectable builder in wet climates covers the filler with a special antiseptic. The lower crown of the log house, the place where dampness is expected ideal fungus breeding environment. We will think about how to make an air dryer with your own hands.

Constantly hiccupping: someone thinks about me.
  • Probably Tefal!
  • Forced to disappoint fans of the Beatles, sing, remember the fun times beware. The subtitle means: spores of fungi, molds just hover the air. Live around without the participation of Homo Sapiens. The concentration of the dispute varies depending on the conditions, climate, and its composition varies. Faster uninvited guests are raised with a temperature of 20 ºС, relative humidity of 70%.It is necessary to overwhelm the moisture in the air, under the wallpaper will begin to develop mold.

    Due to the unique properties of enzymes, representatives of the kingdom of mushrooms can use the nutrient medium:

    • plaster, cement, brick, concrete;
    • wallpaper, glue;
    • paint;
    • wood, fabric.

    Not surprisingly, a chance is provided( temperature 20 ºС, relative humidity 70%), unexpected guests appear at home. They release spores, toxic gases into the room, cause bacterial diseases, and allergic reactions. Disputes can not be completely destroyed, will be present in the air, abandoned by the street.

    It was believed that you can stop mold in one way - by reducing the relative humidity. It is simultaneously beneficial to health. Recall that in a residential area it is recommended to maintain a temperature of +18 - +20 ºС, relative humidity 40 - 60%.Indicators favor life, improving immunity.

    To correct the situation, it is recommended to use air humidifiers that correct the work of heating systems, accompanied by a decrease in the content of water vapor in the air.

    Having noticed the conditions of the middle band, in the summer( household appliances, boiler room rest), it makes sense to trace the value of the hygrometer needle. Constant rain, cloudy weather are replaced by sunshine, marshy ridges, slender pine forests are afraid of dryness. There is no lack of moisture among forests. Warm weather looks great, in wet weather it threatens residential buildings with mold growth.

    The opposite of humidifiers is done by air dryers. Devices take away excess moisture, condense steam, return dryness to the room. Hold on to the appliance store. Not one Tefal thinks about us. The country of the Russian Federation has opened the National Research and Production Center for Technology of Rejuvenation relatively recently( February) marked the nine-year anniversary. The anniversary came in 2015, be afraid to miss the century. The company often organizes contests, distributes incentive prizes.

    Surprised by an unknown concern. NNPTSTO deprived of the divine word of Wikipedia, the VKontakte group leaves a depressing impression. But experts of the company regularly invent new health elixirs, attend thematic exhibitions. The center came up with an original, simple method to defeat mold - scented candles. Do not use the products of the same name of the East. .. There was a case, a candle in the night was left to lie on top of the CD box. Twelve hours was enough; when you looked at the plastic, a sensation was created: the surfaces were touched by a hot soldering iron tip.

    Anticipating the production of air dryer calculations, please note the following simple numbers. One candle, burning a quarter of an hour, is able to overcome the spores of the fungus on an area of ​​18 square meters. High-speed tool. A purchased dehumidifier will probably have to work longer. Remains the main reason that prompts the fungus to grow - humidity. Write a candle number one, if you want to make a dehumidifier household with their own hands to combat mold.

    The Design of a Typical

    Air Dryer Knowing the structure of a refrigerator, the principle of operation of an air purifier does not seem very confusing. Freon circulates inside, four phase states are in operation, allowing first to cool the incoming room air, to pick up moisture. Then reheat again, throwing it into the room. Components that make up the basics of the work of air dryers:

    1. Evaporation.
    2. Compression.
    3. Condensation.
    4. Expansion.

    Four structural elements will serve the purpose of providing states. The device air dryer includes:

    1. Evaporator.
    2. Compressor.
    3. Condenser.
    4. Capillary Tube.

    Read reviews about refrigerators familiar. Recall the evaporator freon turns into gas, strongly cooling the coil. The air sucked from the room loses moisture collected by a special vessel. It is worth noting that the air dryers are divided by the displacement( volume of moisture collected), a typical value is 25 liters.

    The output stream is heated by a condenser, freon becomes a liquid, gives up the heat that was previously collected. It remains to add: in the factory air dryer regulate two parameters of the room microclimate.

    1. Humidity.
    2. Temperature.

    It is possible to change the fan speed by varying the performance. Wet room, higher speed. The air dryer for the bathroom should work faster. Some models are equipped with an ultraviolet disinfectant.

    The dimensions of the purchased appliance exceed the dimensions of a vacuum cleaner twice. Large device, relatively noisy. If you take a dehumidifier - demonstrating the acoustic level of 46 dB.For comparison, most refrigerators provide a range of 42–52 dB.

    How to make an air dryer with your own hands

    The room air is dried by the flow of three processes:

    1. Heating.
    2. Adsorption.
    3. Condensation.

    If your hands are emitted from the right place, you can assemble an air dryer from the old refrigerator. There is a radical option devoid of pity. Refrigerators with NoFrost technology provide the master with a ready-made air dryer. Inside the fan, chasing the flow around, passing through the evaporator. Equip the room, open the door, the humidity will begin to decline.

    A less radical method is to use an old freezer with a drip defrost system. The excess liquid is drained through the drain hole, filling the special container. Put the freezer in a damp place, put inside the exhaust fan, another suitable one. We are preparing a capacious tank for collecting water - the air dryer is ready with your own hands. The old camera is not a pity, some of the water will become ice.

    On the basis of the methodology we come up with many designs. We use the refrigeration chamber as an air dryer, simply turn on the split system to cool. It is important to remember one thing: homegrown methods are powerless to replace a full-fledged factory device. The room air will begin to cool, causing condensation to form. Factory air dryers after cooling jet heat up.

    Wanting to improve the speed of work, take a sheet of plywood, Plexiglas dimensions equal to the portal freezer, make a hole under the fan. The air entering inside exits through the drainage system. It is allowed to use other ways, the method will determine the brand of refrigerator used.

    We repeat, the barbaric method, for performance, the edition does not bear the consequences of the application. Take the trouble to stock up on a capacious bowl of water collection. Fluid will be more than usual.

    Humidity Control

    The factory air dryer is equipped with sensors for measuring temperature and air humidity. It is not difficult to get a thermometer, and it will not be necessary, because we do not think about heating the air. There is a hygrometer. In addition to the hand or digital device, which we buy in a specialized gift shop, the meter acts as an integral part of some watches. Today it is available to construct a hygrometer( not to be confused with a psychrometer), evaluating the content of water vapor. The HS1101 humidity sensor is priced at 150 rubles( after the Crimean events).

    Perhaps there are other ways to solve the problem. They told how to make a dehumidifier, in truth, solutions are more appropriate for cellars of garages. Use in everyday life is accompanied by the purchase of a factory air dryer with an option to adjust the parameters. The reason must be valid - mold. If there are no mushrooms in the house, it is not recommended to spend a large amount of money, buying a dehumidifier. Take the best ionizer. There will be no side effects.

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