How to choose a dishwasher for home?

  • Machine size and maximum load
  • Leakproof protection and drying
  • Electricity consumption, washing class, noise level
  • Dishwashing machine modes
  • Water supply connection
  • Control type
  • D Efficiency and safety of the
  • equipment how much is stored with a dishwasher in a dishwasherthe assistant, who will wash the dishes for her, but only a few know how to choose the dishwasher correctly. Washing dishes takes much time, and the condition of the skin on the hands deteriorates from exposure to chemicals. Before you choose a dishwasher, you need to consider indicators such as the class of the apparatus, dimensions, capacity, noise level, drying efficiency, and even design.

    The size of the machine and the maximum load

    To choose the right dishwasher, first of all you need to pay attention to such a parameter as dimensions, because not all the kitchen has a large space. From the size of the dishwasher directly depends on its capacity. The standard size of the device is 60x60x85 cm, in which you can wash about 14 sets of dishes. One set of dishes according to European standards includes three different plates, a cup, a glass and all kitchen appliances for one person.

    Technique with such dimensions is perfectly combined with a standard kitchen set and is designed for families consisting of 4-6 people. If you need to choose a smaller dishwasher, then you should take into account that it can hold no more than 9 sets of dishes and it is 15 cm less in depth. This is an ideal option for a family of 3 people. Miniature models have declared themselves on the good side, since the productivity is high and the cost is much lower. For 1-2 people it is necessary to consider miniature appliances for 4 sets. Their size is 45x55x45 cm and can be easily placed on a table, on any other surface or hidden in a closet. Choosing a dishwasher 45 cm worth considering that it is suitable for a maximum of 2 users who are not too demanding on the quality of washing dishes. This may be a bachelor or too busy person. The standard machine works better with quality, because water is supplied not in one direction, but in several. These types of dishwashers can be either built-in or stand-alone. The first option is selected for the interior and design of the kitchen.

    Leakproof protection and drying

    Almost all new dishwashers have a system that immediately stops the flow of water during a leakage. It should be noted that the more modern the protection system, the more expensive it will be. The higher the cost of the product, the less risk of leakage and flooding in the apartment.

    Not all models have the same type of drying. But the most economical and efficient is built-in drying, where the fan blows a clean set of dishes.

    Electricity, washing class, noise level

    Before choosing a dishwasher for your home, it is also very important to pay attention to the washing class, energy consumption and noise level. Almost all dishwashers are class A, as this is the highest indicator of quality. Many are interested in how much water it consumes when working. Washing dishes in the device reduces the amount of water doubled when used for manual washing. Basically, about 20 liters are used per set, consisting of 14 sets.
    With a small water consumption, more electricity will be needed and the dishwasher should work without failures, it is necessary to take into account the mains voltage. The device spends about 1–2 kW per cycle, but these figures depend on the load and the selected mode.

    It is recommended to purchase the most silent model, this quality is endowed with modern machines. Older kitchen appliances are quite noisy, the noise level of which reaches 55 decibels. But even an expensive option may have an increased level of noise, if you do not follow the rules for loading sets of dishes.

    Dishwasher Modes

    Each model is equipped with its own set of modes that help save time and clean up any dirt. Here are some of the most popular ones.

    1. Loading half saves water, energy and special detergent.
    2. Fast mode is recommended for use with a minimum degree of contamination of glasses, cups and plates.
    3. Intensive washing is ideal for severely soiled dishes.
    4. Pre-Soak helps improve cleaning of kitchen utensils such as pans, pots and pans.
    5. Delicate mode is used for fragile objects made of crystal or glass.

    Connecting to

    plumbing In total, there are two types of connections for dishwashers to plumbing. The first option consumes more electricity, as the equipment is connected only to cold water and the device heats it independently. Other models are immediately connected to a hot water pipe, which reduces energy waste, but brings the user some inconvenience. If the temperature does not correspond to the required level, the unit will simply turn off. Those who are not able to regulate the temperature of the hot water, do not buy a machine with this type of connection. If you choose a really high-quality model, then you need to choose a technique that connects to both hot and cold water supply. Regulators will control the temperature of the water, lowering too hot and warming up not warm enough. But such a dishwasher will cost many times more than standard models.

    Control type

    All dishwashers are divided into two types: with electronic and mechanical control. With the first type of program are selected by pressing buttons. Most often, such a device has a display that allows you to monitor the process. It presents information for the user, such as the name of the program, how much time is left until the end of the wash and the error number when it occurs. In another type of control there is a switch on the mechanics, thanks to which a program is selected. In the process, the regulator turns, helping to monitor the sink.

    Profitability and safety of equipment

    Manufacturers of dishwashers pay special attention to the safety of their goods. The main thing is that there are no leaks and this can be checked by two methods. The first is a high-quality hermetic chamber for washing dishes, and the second is a reliable internal plumbing. Many models are equipped with additional leak protection. This will stop the flow of water into the device when the machine is overfilled or leaking. In the more expensive kitchen appliances, a beep is set to alert the user of the problem.

    Equally important is providing protection against electric shock. When the machine opens in the process of washing, the unit is completely de-energized. Before buying, you should pay attention to the protection from children, which does not allow the smallest family members to open the door.


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    How much is a dishwasher

    All models of kitchen appliances designed for automatic dishwashing are made by foreign manufacturers. Not big models of unpopular companies will cost about $ 300.For a machine with a fullness of the camera for 8 sets of dishes will have to pay from $ 400.If the price does not matter to the user, then it is better to purchase a quality device of the highest class, which cost from 500 to 850 dollars. The main advantage of the machine is the economy in water consumption, high-quality washing and drying.

    The cost of kitchen appliances also depends on the functionality, the number of programs and dimensions. The cost of embedded dishwashers is higher than the standard ones, which can be placed separately. Manufacturers equip goods with various additions and different capacities, but if inside all the parts are made of stainless steel, then the price will be higher.

    Choosing a dishwasher is not an easy task, because with a variety of models and functions, the buyer begins to get lost. But thanks to new technologies, you can find reviews of people on the Internet who already use the machine they like. The popularity rating and sales of the kitchen dishwashing machine will allow you to quickly determine which quality equipment. Sometimes relatives and friends come to help, who can advise one or another dishwasher, pointing out all the advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it is better to wait with the purchase and purchase a truly worthwhile product than to buy a cheaper option, but less quality one. Only in this way household appliances in the kitchen will last really long, and the buyer will forget about the mountain of unwashed dishes, and will enjoy the new purchase for a long time.

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