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  • Description and operation of the steam mop
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Cleaning the house is a necessary and regular measure, sometimes taking up a lot of time and effort. But with the help of effective and practical modern household devices, you can significantly simplify and accelerate all the work to restore order in the house. And we are ready to tell you which steam mop is the best rated year 2017-2018, for which customer reviews and expert opinion were the basis. Let us tell you what kind of mop will be of high quality and more than one year to help you with cleaning your home.

Description and principle of operation of the steam mop

Such a mop does not require the use of household chemicals, but is handled with all the pollution and harmful microorganisms using steam. Such cleaning is much better than traditional, especially in homes where young children or allergies. At the same time, hot steam kills most bacteria and microbes, helps to localize and eliminate mold and fungal spores.

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Externally, it resembles a regular mop, only slightly more massive. In the handle of the device is placed a steam generator, it is on the volume of this tank depends on the time of the device without refilling water. As you already understood, the main consumables are ordinary clean water and nozzles that are attached to the bottom, triangular part of the device, where the floor cloth is supposed to be a simple mop.

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How to choose a good steam mop

There are several criteria that helped us to select the best steam mops from the whole variety of models. In addition to price, brand and appearance, we draw attention to:

  • power - from 1200 W and above;
  • running time without topping up water;
  • steam temperature and flow control;
  • weight;
  • functionality and packaging.

Well, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the experience of using one or another mop on the Internet. What kind of steam mop is better, can tell customer reviews in detail. This information is more objective than the description of the model from the manufacturer, so we also took into account the ratings of customers when they made their rating for 2017-2018.

Top-5 best models of steam mops

We tried to place all the nominees in ascending order of price. So, comparing descriptions of models, you will be able to understand whether it is worth overpaying for a brand or an extra “upgrade” of a steam mop.

Steam mop H2o Mop X6

Inexpensive, but quite effective model from the Chinese manufacturer. Despite the "origin", this mop is made with dignity and quality. It can be safely called the device "6 in 1" - it cleans the floor, carpeting, tiles, furniture, windows, clothes. It has a huge selection of accessories for various jobs. Heats steam up to 120 °, the volume of the reservoir is 450 ml, the time of evaporation of water is from 5 to 15 minutes, judging by user feedback. Power - 1300 watts. The weight of the device - 2.2 kg, if you have to keep the device on weight, you will need to use both hands. The model has a 4-step steam power regulator, which is very practical when processing different surfaces. In general, with the removal of fresh dirt - stains, grease and even mold, the device copes quite easily, although the power cord in the model is rather short. But sometimes, after steaming the tile, linoleum, and window treatment, water remains that needs to be collected with rags.

Kitfort KT-1001

In 2017, a whole rush developed around this model - it was actively bought and discussed on the Internet. And it is not surprising, because Kitfort 1001 is quite affordable and combines excellent performance and multitasking. Comfortable handle, a variety of nozzles for the floor, furniture, glass, etc. Weight - 2.7 kg, power - 1300 W, steam heating time - 30 seconds, water in the tank lasts for 15-20 minutes of continuous operation. Does not leave water and stains, does not leak, produces a powerful jet of steam and easily copes with various contaminants, dust, microbes and fungal microorganisms. Nozzles and brushes sit tight, washing towels are easy to wash and quickly dry. The mop will serve long and will reduce time for cleaning several times.

Hotpoint-Ariston SM S15 CAW

And continues our rating of the best models SM S15 CAW.Easy and practical steam mop for quick daily cleaning, copes well with carpeting, furniture, laminate flooring, parquet, linoleum. One of the latest innovations on the sites. Gives dry steam, ready to work in 15-20 seconds after switching on. The range is 5 m, the time of continuous work is 10 minutes. The model is very light - only 1 kg, compact and practical - the height of the handle can be adjusted from 90 to 125 cm. The volume of the tank is 250 ml, the power is 1550 W.Among the shortcomings - there is no adjustment of the steam supply, and the number of nozzles in the kit differs from different suppliers. The device will delight long life and effective cleaning of your home from stains, dust and harmful bacteria. Nice appearance, compactness and high build quality - attached.

Philips FC7020 / 01

A rather discussed steam mop from a well-known brand. Like all Philips equipment, this device stands out for its high quality, reliable materials and well thought-out devices. It cleans and treats steam, also combines the capabilities of electromechanical. The temperature of the steam jets is 100 °, the heating time of the device is 30 seconds, the power is 1500 W, the water tank is 450 ml, the operating time is 20 minutes. The kit includes durable nozzles for flooring - cleaning becomes even more efficient with them, there are no stains, puddles and dirt left after the mop. The weight of the model is 3 kg, but thanks to a reasonably designed handle and a telescopic tube, cleaning will not be burdensome. The dust collector and the water tank are enlightened, which means you can visually monitor their level of fullness. The result of cleaning, according to users, at times is better than , than after washing “in the old manner”.The absolute majority of users recommend this model for purchase and use, especially if you have pets or small children in your home.


This model completes our 2018 rating. This is a “2 in 1” model - a steam mop and a handheld steam generator. Produces a huge amount of steam heated to 100 ° in just 15 seconds. Consumption - 1600 watts. Reservoir - 0.35 l, operation time - 12-16 min. Mop weight - 3.2 kg, unfortunately not implemented height adjustment. A variety of nozzles in the kit: washing towels, brushes, hinged tips for better cleaning in hard to reach places. Owners of a mop praise the device for stable and effective work, the powerful help in cleaning of various coverings and for high-quality execution of the case, the steam generator and removable nozzles. The mop is equipped with anti-scale protection, which means that you can safely pour tap water into the device. There is also a water level indicator, a cable winding mechanism and a tank light. Mop parked vertically or hung on the wall, while taking up a minimum of space. To freshen the floor in the house, remove dirt and sanitize surfaces - now it’s easy and simple with a steam mop from Black &Decker.

These 5 models deserved mass recognition of users and, we are confident, and for you they can become reliable and productive assistants in establishing order and cleanliness in an apartment or house. Now you know, what is the best steam mop rated by 2017-2018 year. We tried to illuminate this question as completely as possible. Now your house or apartment will shine clean and fresh, and at the same time, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort.

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