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The regular use of natural juices is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. These tasty and extremely healthy drinks are a storehouse of macro and microelements that our body is able to absorb almost completely. There is no point in talking about vitamins. However, all this is possible only in the case when the juice enters the human body 10–15 minutes after preparation. Tetrapack shop drink is certainly tasty, but no more. Therefore, in order to get the maximum benefit from apples, oranges and carrots, the juice from them must be extracted immediately before use. Doing it manually is extremely tiring and inconvenient. So today we will talk about which juicer is better to choose for the house. We will also try to figure out what exactly it is worth paying attention to when buying and make a small rating of juicers 2017-2018 year. TOP best units most conveniently divided into several parts. Why? Read below.

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Selection Criteria for

Before we begin to form our ranking of the best juicers, let's decide what we need to choose from. Today, home appliances stores offer such a wide choice that an unprepared buyer is fit and confused. So that the purchase pleased you for more than one year, you should think over everything and answer some questions before going to the store.


Shelves of outlets simply overflowing with a variety of models. What is the point of your opinion? Which is better to prefer? The answer to this question to a large extent depends on how much you are willing to allocate for the purchase of a juicer. The entire range can be divided into the following groups:

  • Economy class. Such models are very inexpensive, but they will work as lucky. Sometimes budget models faithfully serve their masters for many years, but there are cases when such equipment fails after a few months of work. You will have to choose from such brands: Rotex, Orion, Ergo, West, Clatronic, Supra, Shivaki, Saturn, DEX, Delfa, Mystery, Elenberg, Vitek, Digital, Mirta, Aurora, Scarlett and some others.
  • Medium. Models of this price category have proven very well. Most often they have warranty service, are quite compact and work quite quietly. The middle price category includes the following trademarks: Gorenje, Ariete, Binatone, Fagor, Moulinex, Tefal.
  • High –class. Here we put the model, though expensive, but the highest quality and reliable. Virtually each of these brands can be found in the TOP of the best juicers in 2018.And this year, they will surely hold their positions. If you have decided to spare no money and purchase high-quality and reliable equipment, you should pay attention to the following manufacturers: Kenwood, Bosch, Zelmer, Philips, Panasonic, Braun, Delonghi and some others.
  • Premium –class. This technique is very expensive. However, it can be safely attributed to the professional units. These are the trademarks Kuvings, ProfiCook and Bork. Having such household appliances in your home is a real pleasure. True, it is not everyone can afford.

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In addition to the manufacturer, you need to pay attention to what the parts of the unit are made of. The durability of the device depends on it. In general, the case is plastic, metallic or combined. As you know, the plastic version is inexpensive, but also serves as much less metallic. Although if you handle such equipment carefully and do not process the fruit in boxes, the plastic case can last for quite a long time.

In pursuit of savings, it is worth remembering that the augers, centrifuges, filters, and other elements operating under load should, however, be made of metal.

Speed ​​

Since an individual regime for obtaining juice is needed for fruits of different hardness, you should pay attention to models that have several speeds. They must be at least two.

Focus on


This is one of the most important indicators that you should focus on when choosing a juicer. There is an unspoken rule: the harder the product from which juice is planned to be produced, the more power the juicer should have. For example, to get a fresh citrus fruit, an instrument of 40–50 watts is enough. But the carrot will require from you no less than five hundred watts.

Remember the convenience of

To choose a juicer correctly, you should not forget about the smaller details:

  • is a convenient chute for feeding products;
  • ; foam separator and foam separator;
  • container for cake, its size;
  • availability of plastic pushers.

All these little things only seem insignificant at first glance. And in fact, their presence or absence is a good argument when choosing a particular model.

Type of the unit

The price category was determined. Now pay attention to the type of juicer. It all depends on what exactly you are planning to mine fresh. All household appliances for extracting juice can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Citrus monoaggregates. As the name implies, such devices are designed to squeeze juice exclusively from grapefruit and oranges.
  • Centrifugal. Most suitable for working with hard fruits. If using this device to squeeze the juice from the berries or soft fruits, the cake will be too wet, and the juice is very small.
  • Shnekovye. The most productive juicers. With proper use, they allow to get about 95% of the juice, even from berries and soft fruits. Work at low speeds.
  • Combined. Combine several functions. Can work with any types of vegetables and fruits, depending on the selected mode.

Now let's talk a little more about each of them. It is precisely depending on the type of unit that we divide our rating.

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Citrus press

Such devices will be useful to those who prefer fresh lemon, grapefruit and oranges, and to vegetable and fruit juices indifferent. Our ranking includes the three most popular models of 2017–2018.

Gorenje CJ90E

Excellent citrus press, assembled exclusively from metal parts, which gives it tangible strength and durability.


  • high performance;
  • reasonable price( about $ 40);
  • power about 85 watts;
  • resistant rubber feet;
  • interesting design;
  • ease of operation and maintenance.


  • for the money - not found.


This unit also occupies one of the leading places among citrus presses. Quite a powerful device that has a stylish and original design.


  • silent operation;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • presence of the system “stop – drop”;
  • high power, about 120 W;
  • sustainability;
  • rubber feet;
  • overload protection;
  • set of additional nozzles;
  • presser mechanism.


  • is not very high speed;
  • slightly heated during operation;
  • quite high cost, about $ 400.

Braun MPZ9

Cheap and productive model. Its container is able to hold about 1 liter of juice. The rotation speed is about one revolution per second, the power is only 20 watts.


  • is very easy to operate;
  • virtually silent operation;
  • removable jug;
  • protective cover prevents dust and debris from entering the knives;
  • has the ability to adjust the amount of pulp;
  • price is about 30 US dollars.


  • the presence of exclusively plastic parts;
  • The small diameter of the shaft does not allow high-quality processing of large fruits;
  • service life of not more than a year( with daily use).

Centrifugal Juicers

If you prefer juicy fruits and vegetables, you will love the centrifugal type juicer. The main advantage here is high performance. So if you plan to consume about 2 glasses of juice a day, you will have enough aggregate with a capacity of about half a kilowatt. For a large family and the device will need more powerful. Our ranking of the best centrifugal juicers looks like this:


One of the most reliable devices. It has a power of 1 kW, 2 modes of operation, which is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people.


  • interesting design;
  • housing and centrifuge mesh made of steel;
  • high quality spin;
  • possibility to wash in the dishwasher;
  • protective device against accidental activation;
  • has a brush for cleaning parts;
  • resistant rubber feet;
  • wide loading door allows you to use the whole fruit, without wasting time cutting them.


  • impressive dimensions of the device create some inconvenience during storage;
  • price is about 250 US dollars.


Another very powerful, however, not too cheap juicer, which received a large number of positive feedback from users. The body material is impact-resistant plastic, a steel sieve, and the knives are coated with a special nitride-titanium alloy, ensuring their exceptional strength.


  • power 950 W;
  • 2 speeds for fruits of different hardness;
  • wide loading neck;
  • step protection against accidental activation;
  • overload protection;
  • is not heated, the engine is equipped with a cooling system;
  • there is an additional fine-mesh filter;
  • in the presence of a jug, equipped with a separator to cut off the foam;
  • cleaning brush included.


  • is very noisy, especially at high speed;
  • rather big price, about $ 270.

Bosch MES20A0

Despite the excellent German quality, the cost of this juicer is only about $ 100, which is good news. This device is almost “omnivorous” and is suitable for fruits and vegetables of almost any hardness. The exception, like other centrifugal models, are only plums, apricots and other similar fruits. It is necessary to remove the bone from them, otherwise it will simply be erased with a knife with a powder, and the juicer may not withstand the load and break.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • high speed;
  • wide loading door, you can throw the whole fruit;
  • lock from unplanned power on;
  • stop-drop system;
  • rubber foot suckers are available;
  • low noise level;
  • is easy to clean with a special brush( included).


  • at high speeds, the cake can remain quite wet.

The best screw juicers

Even given the high cost, devices of this type are becoming increasingly popular. The work of screw juicers slightly resembles the action of the meat grinder. The auger pushes crushed fruit pulp to a special grid. There, the mass is strongly compacted and wrung out almost dry. The advantages of screw juicers are indisputable. First of all, they squeeze the juice at much lower speeds than centrifugal, and therefore, almost silently. In addition, these units are able to extract maximum fluid, not only from soft fruits and stone fruit. They can even eat greens and nuts.

Oursson JM8002

This wonderful juicer is the undisputed leader among cold-pressing presses. With it you can cook not only fresh, but also a variety of mashed potatoes, jams and even ice cream. For this there is a special nozzle and an extra bowl.

Main advantages:

  • absolutely silent operation;
  • excellent spin;
  • special tray for easy berry pickup;
  • five-level protection system;
  • additional set of "nozzle-bowl" for jam and ice cream;
  • functions of reverse and self-cleaning;
  • cleaning brush;
  • original recipe book.


  • price of about 300 US dollars;
  • small diameter of the loading hatch, large fruits will have to be cut;
  • only one speed.

VES 3005

This inexpensive juicer is ideal for working with soft fruits. For example, to get juice from tomatoes or apricots( seedless).


  • inexpensive, about $ 65;
  • high performance;
  • small size;
  • ease of assembly and use;
  • easy to clean.


  • noisy;
  • narrow loading door, large fruits will have to be cut;
  • all loaded parts - plastic;
  • is suitable for working exclusively with soft fruits and berries without stones.


This Chinese juicer fully justifies its low cost( about $ 110).Takes a minimum of space, made of impact-resistant plastic. Auger and mesh with metal.


  • quiet operation;
  • high spin percent;
  • wide loading neck;
  • reasonable price;
  • has a reverse mode of operation, which eliminates the jamming of products.


  • is a rather complicated process of cleaning and washing.

Combined version of

For the greatest objectivity, let's also make a small rating for combined models. As a rule, all of them are centrifugal juicers that have an additional nozzle or an integrated citrus press.

Philips HR 1836

One of the leaders among the combined models. Ideal for those who do not like to mess around a lot in the kitchen.


  • wide loading neck( 8 cm) allows you to serve whole fruits;
  • powerful, has high quality of an extraction;
  • is fast and not too loud;
  • clogged infrequently;
  • is easily cleaned with a special brush;
  • has a citrus press.

Tefal ZN355C Elea Duo

An excellent device for everyday use. It has a minimum of removable parts, so it is easy to clean. Powerful and very productive, able to squeeze the juice from three kilograms of apples or carrots for a few minutes. In addition to the impact-resistant plastic housing, there are knives made of high-grade steel. This greatly reduces the cost of the device without compromising reliability.


  • average price of about $ 50;
  • drain spout is equipped with a drop-stop system, it can be lifted up and stop the flow of juice;
  • has two working speeds;
  • convenient long cord, if necessary, retractable into the device;
  • All removable parts can be washed in a “dishwasher”;
  • small size;The
  • has rubber suction cups and an anti-accident protection system;
  • conical filter provides the highest quality spin;
  • has a citrus tip.


  • there is no container for the discharge of cake, everything remains in the compartment under the strainer, so that after each kilogram of products the juicer will have to be cleaned;
  • there is no jug for juice, it goes directly into the glass;
  • not too wide loading door;
  • suction cups do not hold too well;
  • is not suitable for processing large quantities of products.


The model JU 385 H-30 from the Moulinex company receives the “bronze” of our rating. According to its technical characteristics, it is not much different from the previous version. Is that worth a little more expensive - about 70 US dollars. Another disadvantage of it is very noisy work. But to wash and clean it is surprisingly easy, so you can effortlessly delight yourself with daily fresh juice.

We hope that our recommendations will help you make the right choice and understand which juicer is best for your home or office. A new technology will provide you with not only a useful product for breakfast, but also a good mood.

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