What iron sole is better: choose together!

  • What are our irons made of?
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramics
  • Teflon
  • Titanium
  • Results

The right iron can be an effective assistant for you. With such a device, ironing and ironing clothes, bedding and home textiles will be just a joy. If your iron heats up quickly, does not tire your hands and easily slides over the fabric - it means that you made the right choice. If you only dream of buying, you should know which iron sole is better, because the quality and duration of your household appliance depends on it.

We will tell you in detail about the materials from which the soles are made, consider all the pros and cons and determine which iron sole is the best?

What are our irons made of?

More precisely, what material is used for the manufacture of soles? The most common are only 5. These are:

  • aluminum;
  • stainless steel;
  • ceramics;
  • Teflon;
  • titanium.

These coatings should ensure uniform heating, easy gliding over the fabric and a careful impact on the product itself. In addition, it is optimal when it heats up quickly and keeps the set temperature for a long time, and ideally, if the material of the soleplate is resistant to damage and light. Let's find out how the listed materials meet our needs, and try to figure out with which sole it is better to buy an iron.

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This is a light and cheap material. Manufacturers of small home appliances often use it for the manufacture of soles. Such a device will heat up very quickly and cool down just as quickly. A quick warm-up will save energy, and the fact that the iron cools down quickly after work will save you time.

Smooth, intact aluminum glides smoothly over the canvas and heats evenly. It is easy to clean at home - with special pencils or improvised means - peroxide, salt, sal ammoniac, soda, etc. But this material is quite soft and sensitive to scratches and damage. If such a sole for an iron is scratched on buttons, zippers or other decorative elements, then it will be almost impossible to correct the situation, and at the site of damage the slip on the fabric will deteriorate several times.

In order to avoid this annoying drawback, the best manufacturers cover the aluminum soles of the devices with various coatings. The simplest and most effective is the use of anodized aluminum, more precisely, the aluminum coating with an oxide film. At Philips, this coating is called Anodilium, and Braun - Careeza or Eloxal. Gorenje engineers produce sol-gel-coated work surfaces - Nano Tech technology. These measures allow you to improve and complement the advantages of aluminum platforms. Such irons also heat up quickly and easily slide over the product, but they do not overheat the fabric, do not scratch, and in general, they last longer and are more productive. Which brand to prefer - choose you.

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Stainless steel

In comparison with the previous material, stainless steel at the iron heats up a little longer, but the heat temperature holds longer, which is convenient during ironing. The undeniable advantage of this material is its strength. A stainless platform does not scratch a button or a zipper. Not afraid of stainless steel and corrosion. Smooth, polished surface will slide on any canvas, like clockwork. From such an iron, your clothes will not shine, and cleaning the stainless steel is easy. Such a platform is considered to be almost the best sole for iron. However, such devices are more weighty, especially feminine hands feel this burden.

Reputable manufacturers come up with new coatings based on stainless steel. This is done to better improve the benefits of such a work surface. Especially popular and famous are the coatings Saphir( Braun), Platinium( ROWENTA), Inox( Bosh), SteamGlide( Philips) or chrome-plated surfaces from Moulinex, enameled from Siemens, nickel-plated from Panasonic. This is not just marketing moves to increase sales, but an effective way to increase the thermal conductivity of stainless steel, slightly reduce its severity and ultimately increase the strength and ease of sliding.

It is worth noting that the leaders of the category "price - quality" over the past couple of years of sales, are equipped with stainless steel platforms, and this says a lot.


One of the low-cost options is an iron with a ceramic sole. Ceramics combines both pros and cons. On the one hand - low cost, attractive appearance, perfect gliding and ease of care for the surface. To clean the ceramic work surface, you can use an ordinary kitchen sponge. Such an iron will not burn the fabric, will not make puffs or unnecessary folds on it. But on the other hand, it is a very fragile material that is subject to mechanical damage and cracks. A small chip will instantly affect the operation of the device.

However, manufacturers are in no hurry to abandon this material. Ceramic soleplate is used by such recognized industry leaders as Tefal, BOSCH and PHILIPS.But most often used a combination of ceramics and metal. This is Supergliss Actif and Ultragliss Actif( Tefal), as well as a new material in this line - Durilium, this is Palladium glissee( Bosch), a titanium coating from Panasonic. High-quality and affordable iron with a metal-ceramic platform can be purchased from the brand Vitek.


This is the most budget version of the material for the working area of ​​the iron. Even the classics of the genre. The absolute majority of non-stick coatings from brands such as Philips, Kenwood, Tefal and Maxwell are made of Teflon.

The advantages of this material include ease of gliding on the fabric, uniform heating, a delicate effect on the canvas, low cost. We will not be silent about the shortcomings. Teflon is extremely easy to scratch. This coating will begin to iron your things many times worse and longer, but without any problems you can buy a new iron with a more durable surface.


This is a record for strength and durability. First, these soles were presented by developers from Rowenta. Irons with titanium soles glide well on the fabric, heat up a little longer, but keep the temperature well, they don’t tire the hand. This material is considered to be the most durable and resistant to damage. But the disadvantage of a titanium work surface becomes high cost, since this material is expensive.

Titanium sole irons are found in the product lines of Bork, Philips, Panasonic.

Results of

So, we briefly talked about the most popular materials that are used for the soles of irons today. How to choose - decide you, based on what characteristics you prefer and what tasks your device will perform. If you need a compact and lightweight iron - choose aluminum or metal-ceramic. Often iron flax, cotton, thick fabrics - buy a weighty iron with a stainless steel sole. We need a cheap device - it means Teflon, we need durable - it means titanium. As you can see, there is no definitive answer to the question - which iron sole is better?

If you follow the rules of operation of the iron, as well as recommendations for the care of clothing, then any device will serve you for a long time and will always help you look perfect, and working with a serviceable and comfortable iron is always a pleasure. Easy ironing you!

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