Sokovarka or juicer - which is better?

We decided on a seaming juice for the winter, at a loss, the better to prepare a liquid for preservation? Portal "VashTehnik" offers understand sokovarka or juicer - which is better suited for today's Affairs in the kitchen.

The difficulty arises in full growth before the hostess, conducting a lot of time in the preparation and preservation seaming. If you are not sure how to prepare a liquid for a long storage - use the tips and detailed questions described on the site. You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of how to adequately prepare for further juice "packaging" in the long term.Juicerhuman pace of life is high, health care is gradually coming to the fore. Ongoing work in the office, at the factory, elsewhere forced to take care of immunity, filling body useful compounds and minerals, or the person starts to hurt and often feel malaise, weakness. proper cooking liquid the task of the fruit or vegetable is placed at the forefront.

Description juicer

If you wish to continuously provide family useful juice - consider buying a juicer, for example, a simple (manual version) or complex (fully automatic). However, such devices are manufactured and later used for fast squeezing and fluid consumption. If you want to put the cans of juice, for example, for the year ahead, it is assumed to know the secrets and rules for conservation, to permanently preserve the beneficial components and vitamins inside the "dishes".

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So sokovarka or juicer? As practice shows, large displacement juice is difficult to prepare, if it is a fresh product. In addition, in a juicer after work always remains "cake", carrying some difficulties - the remains. It turns out sokovarka much higher priority for liquid blank procedure for a long time. Greater amount, the possibility of long-term storage - use sokovarok will productively.

Juicer and fruitToday, any equipment (sokovarka) does not burden the user time by additional steps to remove the pulp or pomace. After the procedure, in a pan to obtain useful liquid consistency at 99% of the liquid. In addition, in a juicer after the procedure always remains sediment requiring removal and washing. When the liquid is extracted from the fruit, the immediate preservation of such an option can not be need to be sterilized or boiled. In sokovarkah kind.

In general, the use of centrifuges is expected at full capacity when the consumer wants to receive liquid and consumed immediately. Wanting to leave the juice for the future, use the second type of device.

descriptions sokovarok

Said device - the best choice for use in the preparation of the stored product. If the juicer is required to receive the liquid after the rinse and clean, sterilize and boil, in the case sokovarok allowed immediate use of the resulting product for zakatok. Required procedures are in the process of cooking.

The undeniable advantage over other devices mentioned is considered to be the fact: in sokovarkah liquid from the fruit turns sweet, while preserving sugar may not be added. In contrast, when using juicers sweet taste in its natural form is not available.

A device called sokovarka-steamer. Together with the device user has the right to use bagasse remaining after juice evaporation procedure, for example, of tomatoes or fruit. It is remarkable that such "vtoryaki" people used to use to re-boiled (or spin) to produce small batches of extra juice.

Qualitative benefits sokovarochnyh devices

SokovarkaPrompt readers moments that help to understand the pros and cons of cooking and juicing.

  1. Sokovarki versatile due to the extremely simple device. Characterized by convenience and safety at work.
  2. If the juicer is constantly required to disconnect the components of aggregates from whole device in order to wash in sokovarkah cleansing carried out in a practical form: it is proposed to put the system in the car wash and remove it completely "Finished."
  3. Of course, the use of sokovarki suitable for preserving liquid from the fruit better than juicers. The resultant juice may not to Boiled or sterilization, the user will spend less time at the product storage for subsequent seaming.
  4. If we talk about the period of storage within a week, the liquid obtained from sokovarki wins expectancy juicer: total length - 6-7 days without deterioration.
  5. Partly expensive juicers will not yield to the other products of technology (sokovarochnye), in addition to the fluid production of fruits and berries manage to prepare diet meals, steam cutlets, omelettes and vegetables. In general, sokovarka looks versatile.

Benefits juicers

It was the turn descriptions of the advantages related to sokovyzhimatelnyh units.

  1. If sokovarke person gets a decent product from 1 kg of berries or fruit in 1 hour, in a juicer (Fully automated and relatively expensive) may rely on the provision of fluid through 10-20 min. The time depends on the power unit and the device. For example, designed a juicer SEPO - the goods of the domestic manufacturer, factory is located in the city Saratov. It should be noted that the all-electric system allows you to work on getting the juice is very effective. 250 W cope with the task in a very quick time. The small size and compactness will give the user a lot of time available, and sokovarki taken away.
  2. The second advantage - a relatively large volume to work. In some cases, users have to interact with large volumes of apples. Antonovka - a strong variety to cope with the huge displacement is capable of properly fitted and extremely powerful system of this nature. Sokovarki will evaporate the liquid for a long time, and not always be able to prepare immediately a considerable margin. Juicer Antonivka pro - a product of the Russian Federation - proposes to simplify the work and execute quickly. The device is supplied with the rated voltage 220 V, it operates on alternating current. The unit is equipped with double insulation, power consumption is not more than six hundred watts. Trailable efficiency - approximately 85%. The main feature - automatic equipment "hat" of waste, the person easy to work with, not looking for unnecessary cleaning.

Prepare juice from vegetables

If a man - a lover of vegetable juice, like to use the liquid squeezed from tomatoes - relies pick solidly reliable model of the device to help cope with the yield of useful product.

Today, the creators developed a good juicer for tomatoes called "Shnekovavya system." Squeeze juice from vegetables (in this case - tomato) presupposes a powerful system to receive liquid from the fruit easier.

Recently, famous for juicers in Europe. The system, produced in Italy, helps to fully automate the work process when the user does not need to constantly turn the handle of the mechanical device. All you need - timely ingredient space in the compartment.

Such devices cost 25,000 rubles. This small amount of demanded goods. Voiced pricing suggests the use of the system in the home and in industry.
Juice in a glass

Machine Parts, squeeze the juice

Today, all types of units, designed to work on the preparation of juice from vegetables or fruits (berries), equipped with the necessary devices, do not miss the cake into a liquid. Filter-grater of the juicer - the main unit in charge of the work. As an example, we give "Mulineks" brands, "Tefal", "Zelmer" and several others. Along with the aforementioned brands, the user can work with any device on the highest level: the juice produced is clean and delicious.

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