15 best vacuum cleaners with a bag for collecting dust according to customer reviews

  • Low-cost models of vacuum cleaners with dust bag
  • Average price category
  • Vacuum cleaners with premium bag

Cleaning an apartment without a vacuum cleaner is simply unrealistic. Devices for cleaning improved every year. When it comes time to choose and buy a new vacuum cleaner, you can get lost. Devices are very different in the type of garbage collection, functionality, weight, power and, of course, price.

Today we have compiled a small rating of the best vacuum cleaners with a bag for collecting dust for different price segments. Carefully study the characteristics of the models below, and it will be easier to choose.

Low-cost models of vacuum cleaners with a bag for collecting dust

Here we assembled units worth no more than 10,000 rubles. They will not ruin your family budget, but, nevertheless, perfectly cope with their responsibilities.

Philips FC 8455

Opens our TOP-best vacuum cleaner with a bag for collecting dust according to buyers and repair centers. Excellent compact, convenient and rather easy device. When assembled, the unit weighs just over 4 kg. At the same time, the device is able to reach any corner within a radius of 9 m.

The cord is easily pulled in using the automatic winding function, and the power control button is located on the case. The set from 4 nozzles easily hides in the device.3 liters dust bag. The degree of its filling shows a special indicator.


  • easy;
  • compact;
  • quiet;
  • maneuverable;
  • is cheap.


  • is heated during operation;
  • inconvenient turbo brush.

Daewoo Electronics RC-6880

Another small, lightweight device that has the function of vertical parking. Dust collector is small, only 2.5 liters, equipped with a filling sensor. The cord is wound automatically, there is a power control. The pipe for the absorption of garbage is composite, elements can be added or removed as needed. The fine component of the exhaust air is provided by a fine filter.


  • lightness;
  • maneuverability;
  • power;
  • affordable price;
  • vertical parking system.


  • smell of cheap plastic;
  • is quite noisy;
  • hose sometimes breaks during operation.

Karcher WD 4 Premium

This device, although relatively inexpensive. It can compete with many models of leading brands. Great for cleaning the house, garage, small shop, workshop or other premises. High-quality air cleaning provide cartridge filters. The unit can work both with a bag, and without it. The cable, as well as all the necessary accessories in the work are mounted on the case, and will be on hand at the right moment.

A variety of nozzles provide excellent performance in any conditions - crevice, automotive, hard lint brush and others. With their help, you can easily clean both dry and wet surfaces.


  • huge dust collector;
  • can work without a bag;
  • powerful;
  • long cord( 5 m);
  • mobile;
  • has a storage tank for small items and attachments;
  • great price.


  • is very large, bulky;
  • heavy;
  • is very noisy;
  • there is no automatic winder;
  • is not enough nozzles;
  • expensive accessories.

Samsung SC5491

Excellent model, suction garbage with huge power, 460 watts. Compact, simple and fairly inexpensive. It has an indicator that allows you to assess the filling level of the bag( 2.4 liters).Included is a nozzle for cleaning small pile, thread and wool - a great solution for those who have pets. High-quality air purification using HEPA filter.


  • is very powerful;
  • compact;
  • easy;
  • inexpensive;
  • fairly long cord( 6 m);
  • control system is located on the handle.


  • in some cases, the build quality suffers.

Bosch BSG 61800

Quite decent equipment from a reputable manufacturer. With a rather modest size, the vacuum cleaner has an impressive dust collector with a volume of 4 liters. Brand three-layer synthetic bag lasts for 3-4 months of work. Those who do not want to overpay is quite suitable disposable paper options.


  • large bag for garbage and dust;
  • decent equipment;
  • famous manufacturer;
  • light weight;
  • long enough cord( 10 m);
  • suction power 0.3 kWh;
  • nice price.


  • the device does not have a built-in HEPA filter.

Average price category

Models of this price range are designed for those who seek to find a middle ground between product quality and its value. Here are the devices in the range of 10-20 thousand rubles, which fell into our TOP due to its quality characteristics and ease of use.

Samsung SC61-B4

A decent model that can "boast" an impressive set of brushes for different purposes. There is a turbo brush, a crevice nozzle, tips for a smooth floor and carpet, a nozzle for furniture.

An innovative HEPA-13 filter is provided for high-quality air cleaning, so the vacuum cleaner is suitable even for those who suffer from allergies. A not too big garbage bag( 3 liters) is compensated by a sufficient cord length( 8.5 m).Your home assistant can reach even the most remote corner of the apartment.


  • silent operation;
  • powerful;
  • convenient control system, located on the handle;
  • vertical parking system;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • good price.


  • has no particular flaws in this model.

Thomas SmartTouch Drive

The representative of the German company continues the 2018 rating. The vacuum cleaner looks very stylish and is easily controlled through a convenient display. The model is quite maneuverable and has a high cross. The suction power is 425 W, with only 2 kWh consumed from the mains. The suction power can be adjusted both electronically and mechanically.

Dust collector is small( 3.5 m), the cable length allows you to look even into the farthest corners of the room( 10m).A special rubber bumper will protect your furniture and appliances from impacts with the unit body. High-quality air cleaning system is represented by BlueCleanAir and HEPA 13 filters.


  • silent operation;
  • long cord;
  • decent power;
  • touch control;
  • stylish appearance;
  • rollover protection;
  • reasonable price.


  • , if improperly installed, the hose may loosely adhere to the filter.

Electrolux USDELUXE UltraSilencer

Excellent quality model at the right price. The system has a good filter for air purification, so the unit is quite suitable for allergies. For ease of use, a footswitch is provided on the instrument case, the power control system is located on the handle. Very compact and convenient in terms of storage: there is a container for nozzles and a vertical parking system for a vacuum cleaner. The radius of action is up to 12 m, which allows you to reach remote places.


  • easy storage;
  • quiet operation;
  • long cord;
  • large selection of nozzles;
  • control on the handle;
  • s-bag standard bags;
  • adequate value;
  • quality assembly.


  • quite a lot of weight;
  • may heat up during operation;
  • does not maneuver too well.

Samsung SC21F60YG

This is one of the most powerful household models of vacuum cleaners with a bag. The suction power here reaches 520 W, and only 2.1 kWh is consumed from the mains.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a lamp with ultraviolet radiation, so that bacteria and viruses in your house will not be good enough, no matter where they hide. The capacity for medium-sized garbage collection is 3.5 liters, and a set of 5 nozzles will delight any hostess.

Allergy sufferers will be pleased with the state-of-the-art HEPA-13 filter, which will qualitatively clean the air at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner and stop even microscopic mote.


  • is very powerful;
  • anti-allergic filter;
  • a large number of nozzles;
  • UV surface disinfection;
  • control is simple, located on the handle;
  • average price.


  • is quite heavy( 10 kg).

Thomas TWIN Panther

Continues the rating of a unique vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning. Remarkable is the fact that instead of an aqua-filter there is a bag for collecting dust, and quite impressive - 6 liters. The vacuum cleaner works very quietly, while there is no need to wash it every time, like container models.


  • large dust collector;
  • a huge selection of functions;
  • quiet operation;
  • various suction attachment( parking) options;
  • sufficient selection of nozzles;
  • adequate value;
  • possibility of wet cleaning.


  • in full "gear" weighs 13 kg.

Premium bag vacuum cleaners

Miele SGDA0

Elegant technology for high-quality cleaning. The device has 9 degrees of air purification and quite high power. The garbage bag can hold up to 4.5 liters of dust, and the degree of filling is controlled by the indicator.

Access radius - 11 m, there is a vertical storage system. The kit provides a wide selection of accessories for a variety of surfaces: carpet, sofas and armchairs, hard floor and carpet, crevice, brush. Telescopic tube, the control system is located on the handle.


  • is quite easy;
  • runs almost silently;
  • powerful;
  • completely absent smells of heated dust and hot plastics;
  • long power cord;
  • compact, can park vertically.


  • expensive consumables;
  • high price.

Vax 6131

Universal vacuum cleaner capable of working with both a standard removable dust bag and a permanent dust collector( 8 l).The unit is suitable for dry and wet cleaning even vertical surfaces. Large selection of nozzles for different surfaces. Wet cleaning is carried out in a vortex manner, water is not poured and sprayed.


  • wet and dry cleaning method;
  • capacious tank for dirty water, 8 l;
  • capacity for pure water - 4 l;
  • wet cleaning of vertical surfaces;
  • roomy dust collector;
  • powerful;
  • effective.


  • bulky;
  • weighs quite a lot;
  • does not have an aqua filter;
  • nozzles are not very comfortable;
  • no automatic cord winder;
  • is expensive.

Sebo Felix Vogue Eco

Continues the rating of a vertical unit with a dust bag. Ideal for cleaning long pile carpets and cleaning pet hair. The device works fairly quietly at a power consumption of 0.7 kWh. Included is a wide selection of nozzles and brushes, including an L-shaped brush that can penetrate the most distant corners of the apartment. The unit will fit 3.5 liters of dust, and the cable length( 9.5 m) provides greater freedom of movement. This is one of the best models of 2017.


  • a large number of nozzles;
  • roomy bag;
  • built-in overheating indicator;
  • capacious storage system for attachments;The
  • is an additional lateral suction system.


  • impressive dimensions;
  • expensive.

Philips FC 9175

One of the most purchased today vacuum cleaners. Dust collector volume 4 liters, electronic display indication system. Remote control system, suction power 0.5 kWh. Two powerful filters are responsible for cleaning the exhaust air: HEPA-13 and HEPA AirSeal. The maximum carrying of the electrical cable is 7 meters, the weight is more than 6 kg.


  • capacious dust collector;
  • excellent power;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • double state-of-the-art filtration system;
  • vertical parking;
  • automatic cord winder system.


  • very heavy telescopic tube;
  • is a fairly large instrument weight;
  • not too affordable price.

Miele SGEA0 Cat & Dog

Another fairly expensive vacuum cleaner from a proven German manufacturer. It will be a great solution for those who have in the house one or several pets who regularly leave wool in the most inappropriate places. The device is equipped with an excellent turbo brush that can cope with the increased "shaggy" of any carpet.

High-quality Active AirClean filtration system eliminates all unpleasant odors. A long power cord( 11 m) will provide access to the most remote corners of the room. A soft bumper will protect the device from sharp bumps on corners and other surfaces.


  • high suction power( 0.45 kWh);
  • quality turbo brush for cleaning wool;
  • foot switch;
  • long power cable;
  • bumper;
  • air filtration system of 9 steps.


  • there is no system for vertical fastening of the suction pipe;
  • is expensive.

As you can see, in each price category, you can find models that stand out significantly from their “brothers”.There are no perfect vacuum cleaners. Even the most high-quality units, nevertheless, have flaws, and we tried to tell about them as objectively as possible. Having measured the frequency and complexity of cleaning, ease of use and the amount that it is not a pity to spend on purchasing an assistant, everyone can choose the best vacuum cleaner with a bag for collecting dust.

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