Rotating Stand for Decorating Cakes from China

Decorating cakes is a rather complicated thing. After all, it is necessary to cover it with an even layer of glaze and draw a perfect pattern. You have to constantly run around the table to create a truly beautiful cake.

Therefore, a rotating cake stand is in great demand on the market today. It allows you to quickly turn the cake in any direction thanks to the integrated bearing. Such a device should be every confectioner who wants to create a unique dessert.

In addition, on a rotating stand, you can not only decorate the cake, but also serve it on the table. Such a presentation with the rotation of the dessert will only warm up the appetite of each guest. In addition, you no longer have to look for a plate of the right size.

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The advantages of a rotating cake stand:

  1. Simplicity. All you need to do is simply rotate the stand. No other action is needed anymore.
  2. Speed. The stand rotates pretty quickly in any direction.
  3. Strength. This device is able to withstand any cake. Moreover, due to sufficient weight, the stand will not tip over during decoration.
  4. Versatility. Since most cakes are made round, the stand is created in the same shape. In addition, this device is suitable for home decoration, as well as for professional.
  5. Compact. Rotating cake stand does not take up much space in the kitchen.
  6. Clean. After work, you just need to rinse the stand under running water.
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Each housewife who is engaged in baking and decorating cakes should have a rotating cake stand. But one question remains: how much does it cost? In the online stores of Ukraine and Russia, the device is sold for 680 rubles. Pretty expensive price.

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But on Aliexpress site, the same stand will cost only 129 rubles. This price is ideal for this product. After all, it is almost 5 times less than that required by the domestic manufacturer.

Characteristics of a rotating cake stand:

  • material - food grade plastic;
  • diameter - 28 cm;
  • height - 8 cm;
  • color - white;
  • form - round.

As you can see, it is best to order a rotating cake stand on the Aliexpress website. After all, Chinese goods differ from domestic goods only by price.

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