Artist of all desires - Bosch food processor on Aliexpress

Knead dough, chop vegetables and fruits, cook fresh and also make minced meat or sauce. All these actions need to perform a woman to feed the whole family. At least mom will need half a day for this. The BOSCH MUM 4855 food processor will help speed up the process of cooking and delight your loved ones with delicious dishes. With it you can cook dozens of culinary products in a couple of hours.

The indispensable assistant in the kitchen

The company BOSCH has been producing home appliances for over half a century. Previously, she specialized only in industrial and automotive technologies. The German brand is different:

  • high quality components;
  • precision assembly of parts;
  • compliance with international quality standards.

Food processor in this series is no exception. The power of this model is 600 W, which makes it possible to process bulk batches of products. In one unit, the hostess gets five different kitchen machines at once:

  1. Meat grinder( a special nozzle for grinding fibrous products).
  2. Juicer( special press for pressing fruit and glass tank).
  3. Mixer( two corolla and a unique hook for kneading dough).
  4. Vegetable Cutter( three slicing disks).
  5. Blender( nozzle with sharp knives, as well as a 1 liter jug ​​with an airtight lid).

Sharp knives are not intended for washing in the dishwasher. Also, they can not be cleaned with abrasives so as not to damage the surface.

The steel bowl of the mixer( volume - 3.9 l) contains 1 kg of flour or other mixture. The company's engineers have developed a unique technology of rotation of the whisk. Now it revolves not only around the axis, but also in a unique amplitude. Due to this dough kneading occurs evenly. It turns out fluffy and uniform.

The mixer should not be idling. It can deteriorate if you interrupt the frozen foods in it. But this does not apply to ice cubes.

Nozzles and safety

Mistresses and cooks will be delighted with the unique nozzles of the BOSCH MUM 4855 food processor, which allow you to use different vegetables for cooking chic dishes. With their help, you can perform:

  1. Cutting. Radishes, cucumbers, potatoes, and cabbage.
  2. Grinding . Nuts, different types of hard cheese or chocolate bar.
  3. Rubbing . Apples, carrots, celery root or cauliflower.
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Some tips need to be ordered separately. For discs, a special bag or stand is provided so that the hostess does not hurt.

The drive unit must not be washed with running water or dipped into a container of liquid. Otherwise, the remaining drops will lead to a short circuit.

The cost of such equipment varies from 7 thousand rubles for Aliexpress to 10,000 rubles( 6 thousand UAH in Ukrainian stores) on the websites of popular online stores in Russia. Of course, before purchasing it is important to check the equipment, as well as discuss some issues with a consultant.

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