How to remove the top cover from the dishwasher

They were going to install the technique under the countertop, but the height of the case does not allow? This happens if the device is built into an unprepared set. In this case, you can remove the top cover of the dishwasher. How to do it correctly at home, read below.

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  • 1How to choose the correct installation location
  • 2Is it possible to remove the dishwasher cover

How to choose the correct installation location

If you want to save space and build a dishwasher under the countertop, measure the height of the MMP and the distance from the floor to the table top.

It happens that the height of the dishwasher is equal to the kitchen work surface. Then the only way out is to remove the top of the dishwasher. Then the body will be 2-3 cm below, and you can fit it in the intended place.

We take out the panel with pressing

Unfortunately, not all the detached models remove the upper part. Embedded PMM is not needed, they are already available without panels. Therefore, be attentive to the choice of technique.

If you have not decided yet, it's better to buy an embedded model. Remove the top of the detached dishwasher can, but then you have to isolate the internal parts, which can suffer from moisture.

The advantage of embedding the model is obvious

Is the countertop too low? Try adjusting or increasing the legs of the headset.

Is it possible to remove the dishwasher cover

Does the panel in the dishwashers Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, how to do it? In most cases, the fastening elements are at the rear wall. If you needed to repair the model, then you need to disconnect all communications and deploy it by the reverse side.

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains.
  • Close the inlet valve.
  • Disconnect the filler hose from the equipment.
  • Unclip the yoke and disconnect the drain hose from the siphon (sewer).

Turn the device back to itself. In Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool the panel is fastened with latches, which are located in the upper part of the case. Press them with both hands. If you can not press hard, use a screwdriver, but do not damage the plastic parts.

Squeeze the latches in different models

Go around the PMM and stand at the door of the bunker. Pull the cover toward you and remove.

Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston dishwashers have been fastened with bolts, which must be unscrewed.

  • Go to the back of the dishwasher.
  • On the top are two bolts.
  • Unscrew them with a screwdriver.
  • Pull the panel toward you.

Unscrew the screws of the front panel

The work is finished. It remains to install the technique in a niche under the countertop.

Keep in mind: if the manufacturer provides a disassembly during installation, then everything is in order. Otherwise, this will lead to loss of warranty.

How long does the guarantee for the dishwasher last, read in a previous publication.

In the machines of Veko the process of disassembly is similar to the version of "Indesit". There can also be only two screws here. But there are models where you first need to remove the back.

  • Arming with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Loosen the five screws around the perimeter.
  • Remove the damper.
  • Now unscrew the two bolts from above.
  • Pull the cover toward you.

That's all. The principle of disassembly is similar for all DMM brands. We recommend that you carefully study the operating instructions for household appliances before starting the dismantling, so that you do not lose the warranty by mistake.

Cover the exposed part with insulating material to avoid electric shock and moisture ingress.

Waterproof coating is important

If neither the fasteners nor the bolts are at the rear wall, then the lid is not removed. So, before you buy, consider the installation options. No place to place the car separately? Then choose a model that fits into the allotted niche.

A good example will help to dismantle faster:

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