5 worst washing machines that are not worth taking

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  • Electrolux EWT 0862 TDW
  • Hotpoint-Ap. The choice of models and manufacturers is so diverse, and the arguments of sales managers are so eloquent that the probability of buying a “cat in a bag” is incredibly high. To protect you from rash decisions and useless purchases, we present to your attention the rating of the worst washing machines of 2018, according to buyers and service centers specialists. Only those washing machines that scored the most negative reviews and had a low rating got into the top – 5 of the worst.

    Electrolux EWT 0862 TDW

    This homemade laundress makes a very dual impression. On the one hand, it is quite inexpensive and has quite decent characteristics:

    • as much as 6 kg of load, which is very good for a family of 4;
    • is a very good energy consumption class A +, which saves some amount of budget;
    • full spin at 1,000 revolutions per minute;
    • list of programs and functions, sufficient for high-quality washing of almost any thing in the house.

    But on the other hand, practice shows that there are much more negative functions that you will never be told about in the store.

    First of all, this model, as well as many other "washers" from the manufacturer Indesit, catastrophically badly rinses things. When spinning, the machine “jumps around a goat” and makes very loud sounds. Although, in fairness it should be said that such an incident often happens with many washing machines with a vertical load. Therefore, acquiring such a model should be prepared for this.

    Among other things, the Electrolux EWT 0862 TDW also has “exclusive” features inherent only to it:

    1. A poor connection between the shaft and the drum axis, as a result of which the shaft mount could not stand the year of operation, and the teeth on the axis were also damaged.
    2. There is often water in the drum and dispenser.
    3. Not until the end rinsing detergent.
    4. The control buttons are connected poorly and need to be pressed repeatedly.

    Hotpoint-Ariston WMSD 7103 B

    People who have been using the original Ariston machines for many years, acquiring new equipment of the same brand, are often misled. The fact is that the Hotpoint-Ariston equipment supplied to Russian stores has long had very little in common with Italy. It is produced mostly in Lipetsk, which means that it has a “native” Russian quality.

    The reliability and level of assembly of the Russian Aristons, unfortunately, leave much to be desired. From the positive qualities of this technique, perhaps, we can only mention its design. In appearance - well, just a spaceship, very original. As well as positive reviews cause a large loading door and a variety of different functions.

    Unfortunately, this enthusiasm ends. If you are going to use the washing machine for a long time and plan to provide budget repairs on your own if necessary, then Hotpoint-Ariston WMSD 7103 B is the most unfortunate choice. The fact is that the vast majority of washing machines of this brand have a non-separable drum. This is fraught with the fact that even in case of elementary damage in the form of scattered bearings, you will have to change them along with the tank and the drum. The cost of such repairs may be more than half the price of a new “washerwoman”.So before you buy, you should think carefully.


    • Longer washing modes of 3-4 hours. In quick washings, nothing washes at all.
    • Very loudly washes, whistles, just terrible.
    • Hangs. Approximately every third time the washing machine freezes during the water intake stage.


    And here's another, at first glance, pretty good washing machine. If you objectively consider the numerous customer reviews, it can be noted that this model provides a very good quality of washing. Among other positive points, we can note the excellent energy consumption class A ++, the “smart” system of electronic control, the quite affordable cost.

    But if silence and peace of mind are important to you, you should not buy this model. One of its most global flaws, according to users, is incredible noise and vibration during operation. Moreover, many unhappy owners of this model claim that the level of sound emitted by the “washer” does not depend on the flatness of the floor, the exposure of the equipment to the level or any other points.“Dances with a tambourine” in this case do not lead to anything. EWS 1254 SDU continues to boom and ride, no matter what you do.

    Such features of the washing machine operation lead to the fact that it has to be repaired much more often than other models with similar parameters.


    Compared with previous models, this home assistant works almost silently. In addition, judging by the set of functions and the cost of a washing machine, you can fully imagine the super-class unit. But with constant use can come a very quick disappointment. Moreover, it is most often connected not with the quality of the machine itself, but with the work of Gorenje service services, which are often simply impossible to find. If you are still lucky enough to find the address where they will repair your “laundress” under warranty, be prepared for the lack of professionalism of employees, the surprisingly expensive cost of seemingly penny parts and other surprises.

    If we talk about the specific shortcomings of this particular model, we can single out the following:

    • frequent breakdowns immediately after the end of the warranty period;
    • weak bearings;
    • shaky plastic boot key;
    • is not always high quality spin clothes;
    • is too “smart” balancing system, for a rather long time looking for the right arrangement of things in the drum;

    ZANUSSI ZWI 71201 WA

    To begin with, it is worth saying that the cost of this model is not that low, which, in principle, is typical for any embedded technology. She has enough good qualities:

    • is quiet;
    • roomy;
    • has a decent number of turns;
    • is not bad in terms of energy consumption and efficiency;
    • has many different electronics-controlled programs.

    This is the last point and is worth talking in more detail. On the one hand, many different modes allow you to choose the time and parameters exactly as the user needs. But that is if everything works well. According to clients who use not one or two modes, but full functionality, you can notice that the “smart” control unit in this model often fails. No, the automatic "washerwoman" does not break. She just starts to wash as she pleases, completely not observing the preset mode.

    But even with this its quality could be reconciled, if it were not for the main drawback - a solid drum. As was clear from the previous examples, it cannot be repaired, and even with a banal replacement of bearings, one recipe is to replace the drum completely. The cost of such a repair is quite comparable with the acquisition of a new, more adequate in terms of repair equipment.

    Let's sum up

    Of course, the choice of a washing machine is a very important and serious matter. And to approach it you need to thoroughly examine the issue, because it is unlikely that you initially plan to replace the washing machine in just a couple of years of use.

    Without any doubt, our ranking of the worst washing machines in 2018 does not pretend to be true. Surely there will be happy users of these particular models, who in the process of operating their home assistants have never encountered the above disadvantages. And thank God. We wish them to continue with pleasure to use the acquired equipment.

    However, it is much more sensible to rely on negative experiences of others when choosing expensive household appliances. After all, their own "bumps" in this matter can fly into a considerable penny.

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