Tips for maintaining cleanliness and order in the apartment

popular wisdom, although I want to add to it: where purity can constantly maintain. How to keep the apartment clean, if after a couple of days from the ideal order imposed during the general cleaning, there is not a trace? It so happened historically that traditionally the woman is the keeper of the hearth, and in our case of cleanliness and order. What to do, we will bring the dwelling in perfect condition, at the same time teaching our household to maintain cleanliness and order in the apartment, not to scatter where their belongings are and clean up after themselves, appreciating the results of other people's labor.

Basics of maintaining order

There is a small category of people who, when entering the house to whom, are always amazed at the ideal cleanliness reigning in the apartment. And not because they were waiting for guests there, it’s just connected with a long-term habit and established family foundations when all family members clean up after themselves, and every thing in the house "knows its place."Unfortunately, most of us do not belong to this category, and we have to “generate” with periodic stability every week, inducing cleanliness in all corners. Is it possible to restore order once and for all?

  • In each apartment, as a rule, there are so-called “hotbeds of the greatest disorder”, where garbage quickly accumulates, things that are out of place, etc. This is mostly the case in the hallway, on kitchen surfaces, on desktops and computer tables, on armchairs and chairs. Make it a rule for yourself and try to teach family members to clean up after themselves immediately.
  • Determine where you have such places and try to restore order there every day, for example, in the evenings or mornings. A lot of time it does not take, and the view from the apartment will immediately change. To fill the bed in time, to put your things in place, to collect garbage in a package - these daily simple actions take a maximum of 5-10 minutes, and you will immediately appreciate their effectiveness.
  • Clean floor and the absence of dust on the surfaces give the apartment a neat and well-groomed appearance. If you maintain cleanliness on a daily basis, wiping the floor in a place where there is most dirt — in the kitchen and hallway — with a damp cloth, it will not spread throughout the house. Such an express cleaning service will take a couple of minutes and will save you from having to wash the dirty floor afterwards.
  • To keep the house clean and tidy, it does not take much effort. It is enough to wipe the dust on the move, collect and dispose of garbage, walk around the surface of the toilet with a brush with detergent, wipe the sink. The main thing is to perform such actions on a daily basis, although they do not cancel the weekly cleaning, but you will soon notice how much faster and easier it was to restore order.

What should be the frequency of cleaning

Each housewife has her own cleaning schedule in the house, but mostly working women devote to this occupation Saturday, which is often associated with perfecting cleanliness.

If you clean up the apartment every day for a week, you don’t have to spend all your day off for cleaning, you can do more pleasant things, spend time with your family, and just relax.

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How to make cleaning easier

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Mostly dust accumulates in places that are less accessible, for example, surfaces at high altitude. To avoid excessive accumulation of dust on the furniture, do not clutter the apartment with a lot of extra cabinets. Get a roomy and high wardrobe, in which things will fit more, and the volume of cleaning will decrease. In the summer, we almost always keep the windows and balcony open, so the need for wet cleaning appears more often.

How to do wet cleaning

Wet cleaning of rooms will not be so tedious, if you use a washing vacuum cleaner, it will take no more than half an hour to wash all surfaces. It is enough to thoroughly clean the floors once a week, a special floor cleaner should be added to the water, or you can use the universal one for all surfaces.

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom involves the use of disinfectants that destroy harmful microbes and bacteria. Bathroom and toilet facilities should be cleaned daily. Daily cleaning will help maintain the necessary sterility in the bathroom.

Kitchen, of course, requires special attention. Dishes should be washed after each meal, and not left in the sink. Also during this process, you should walk with a cloth and detergent on all work surfaces, refrigerator, electric furnace and window sill. If you use the microwave frequently, wash it once or twice a week. Scale from the kettle should also be removed periodically, to maintain its condition, and not occasionally, when it becomes impossible to wash it off.

The entrance hall also requires close attention, as this is in some ways the most important room, and it is for her that the guests judge the entire apartment and the hosts.

. To unload yourself on a day off, you can use this method, when 15-30 minutes is spent daily on cleaning one of the zones. For example, on Monday you started defrosting a refrigerator, and on Tuesday you put things in order in the kitchen cupboard. This principle is quite effective with respect to the whole apartment as a whole: by setting the order alternately in each of the zones requiring cleaning, you save yourself from tedious general cleaning. After all, it is much easier and more pleasant to maintain cleanliness than to rub off the grime and to drop scattered things all over the apartment. Maintain order in the hallway is easy, because, most often, there is little furniture. It is only necessary to ensure that there are no unnecessary things and do wet cleaning.

At first glance, it seems that tidying up daily, you can spend all your time on cleaning up. But this is not so, because you can do it "in between", and since you constantly have order and everything is done as if on autopilot, then the need for global cleaning, comparable to a natural disaster, will soon disappear. If you look, the secret of perfect cleanliness in an apartment is precisely this.

To keep the burden of maintaining order in the apartment not only on you, enter in the family the distribution of household duties. You can also make an impromptu duty schedule, for example, in the kitchen. This will be at least fair, your children will be accustomed to work and independence, and in addition it will facilitate your task. Maintaining order in your apartment with the whole family is not so difficult, but very effective.

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