How to choose a grinder

Nowadays grinding machines understand two classes of devices. The purpose of the devices varies. First, it is the grinder, otherwise referred to as angle grinders. Devices are much more often used for cutting metals. The second class grinders include full-fledged devices for cleaning surfaces. These are often used in the rough finishing of premises and in some other cases. Let's see how to choose a grinder.

Where used grinders

  • grinders( angle grinders) are more often used for cutting profiles.

This is steel, aluminum, other. For woodworking discs, angle grinders are not used, due to the high friction force, it is easy to get on the forehead or worse. Given the fact that the switch of the grinder latches on the working mode, it is possible to inflict severe injuries. With an angle grinder must be handled very carefully.

Grinding Machine Porter Cable

Sold diamond discs for cutting concrete and bricks. The harder the material, the more fuss and less sense from the use of an angle grinder. Granite will not give in, and the chance of an accident increases dramatically. The discs of the angle grinders for the metal are metal, they glow red hot when working, the process is accompanied by the release of large amounts of dust. This explains the fact why the Bulgarian does not apply to grinding concrete( there is no place to connect the hose of a construction vacuum cleaner).

  • The grinder is used for sanding surfaces where it passes the other tool.

For example, enamel bathroom. In this case, suitable semi-rigid flap discs on a fiber basis. In the course of using an angle grinder, a lot of noise is foreseen, it is strongly recommended to wear headphones.

  • Grinders are used in construction for surface treatment.

This is important for painters, so as not to climb the ceiling with sandpaper. Finishing alignment is noticeably easier when using a vibration or eccentric grinder. Similar devices are used by joiners. For example, to remove old varnish. Grinders are used when it is necessary to remove the wood from defects in the preliminary processing steps( sawing, planing).It is done before staining( artificial effect of staying under water for a long time).

The specificity of the application of grinders is so different that they decided to split into two groups according to the design features. See that the difference is big. Conditionally we will call groups angular grinders and usual.

Grinder Chicago Electric

Angle Grinders - Bulgarian

Bulgarian, or angle grinder, is a motor connected to the shaft through a hypoid gear. Both gears have teeth at an inclination of 45 degrees, due to which it is possible to achieve the position of the axis of rotation of the disk, perpendicular to the motor shaft. For a single gear. Angle grinders are considered powerful devices. For units, consumption at a maximum load of 800 W and more is typical.

Collector Engine gives 10,000 rpm. These are fast grinders. On the shaft, the disk is fastened with the help of nuts with a standard turnkey fastening system with two spikes. It cannot be said that the design is easily understood, but the responsibility is high. It was possible to see a man who, in his hands at full speed, the nozzle of the angle grinder split. The disc segment with great speed flew into the face of the master and left a deep scar over the eye. By happy coincidence, vision was not affected.

Because the orbit of rotation of the disk of the angle grinder is protected by a flap, it is possible to adjust the position in a circle with bolts. Always check the tightness before use. Separate masters of angle grinders work without a shield, in addition they hold a small piece with their fingers. It is strictly forbidden to do so. Use for small parts vise when processing the surface of the angle grinder. The rotation speed without reduction is fed to the disk. Due to this, the abrasive material grinds and cuts well. The latter in practice is most often used by masters:

  1. Angle grinder, joking, cuts profile.
  2. If you want to cut steel bars( wire rod), do not use scissors for metal.
  3. Nonferrous alloys angle grinder cuts with a bang.
  4. Foam concrete bricks cannot be cut with a chainsaw, but it is permissible to divide into parts an angle grinder with large discs.

It is not recommended to use abrasive materials to cut wood. The disk of the angular grinder gets stuck, there will be a state of emergency. The grinder grinds at an angle; the entire surface of the disc cannot be used( see photo), for which the specified type of grinders has earned a name. A powerful collector motor does not overheat only due to the presence on the shaft of special fans that blow the winding. Angle grinder is able to work for hours without signs of fatigue. However, they gradually grind discs, consumables. Selected according to the outer and inner( landing) diameter.

Inside, the angle grinder motor is protected by thermal overloads if the fans fail to cope. Thermal switches can be used instead. The speed of the grinder is not adjustable. The smaller the parts inside, the greater the resiliency. The brushes of the engine manifold of the angle grinder are protected by varistors. These resistors dramatically reduce the resistance at a voltage surge. As a result, the spark is extinguished, the windings remain protected.

The switch of the grinder latches, often tight( no need to write off for a fault).The reason is that the angle grinder's vibration level is extremely high, a weak toggle switch is simply inappropriate. Sometimes you have to work in difficult conditions: in the dark, in the cold, inside tanks and oil tanks. In such conditions, there is no time to flip the switch. Angle grinders are used for stripping rust. For example, in case of fault detection of cases. The aim is to clean the coats to a pure metal, then measure them with a special device. As a result, special formulas and tables provide a conclusion on the suitability or unsuitability of the product for further use.

In everyday life, the described types of grinders for their intended purpose are rarely used. An exception is the cleaning of the metal with the help of petal brushes. Steel perfectly removes even a layer of enamel from the bathroom. When choosing, we recommend focusing on the technical characteristics of grinders, stronger - on manufacturers. Bulgarians know how to do and our plants. Not bad mark DIOLD from Smolyan. No complaints, works well.

Grinder RIDGID

Grinders of other types

Grinders presented are akin to each other in the nature of the operations they perform. It is difficult to say what is useful, look at the situation. Grinders resemble irons. They have a flat sole made of abrasive material, beating with a shudder. In contrast to the Bulgarian, it is difficult to harm yourself with such a thing. Consumption does not exceed 300 watts.

Work primarily based on the use of collector motor energy. We do not think that this surprises regular readers; the tendency of designers for household appliances to use this type of electric motors has already been noted. Three groups of grinders were identified:

  1. Manufacturers of caterpillar( belt, conveyor) type grinders continue to actively use hypoid gear. The device resembles a tank - and look, go. The motor stands upright, the caterpillars - as usual. Several shafts, leading - the only one. The moment of movement is transmitted from the engine through a reduction gear, which increases torque. Such a grinder rolls around the territory, cleaning. Similar, large in three phases, used for marble and concrete floors, providing incredible smoothness. An emery paper tire is used until it is erased.
  2. Vibrating machines in their womb have the filling, which is tape, but the movement is transmitted differently. The sole where the sticky tape is attached to the sandpaper is rectangular. During the work the grinder finely shakes in the parties. This is achieved by using a cam mechanism, which simply beats and forces the sole to shake. As a result, if you put the mechanism on polishing, the layer disappears in a matter of seconds. You don’t even need to click.
  3. Eccentric Grinders have become a logical continuation of vibration grinders. The sole, in addition to vibration, makes in addition slow rotational movements. This is achieved by an eccentric, speed is reduced through the gearbox.

Grinder Metabo

Regular sandpaper is usually expensive. Own grinders prefer to refill self-made components. In the image of the abrasive paper cut out the desired shape. Making the choice of grinder, in advance find out the price of components, vouch for, immediately there will be a desire to learn to skillfully wield scissors. On the applique, take the trouble to cut the holes according to the pattern, putting them on, align them with the holes in the sole. It is necessary for the built-in vacuum cleaner.

Dust is actively removed due to the energy of the collector engine. Each of the above three groups of grinders has a bag for collecting dust. Fabric or plastic, depending on the model. And the output is something that resembles a HEPA-filter. Attach an external vacuum cleaner if necessary. Do not forget to remove the filters( and the bag).

Grinders are actively used for smoothing plaster and putty before finishing. Fine sandpaper is allowed to polish. Buy a grinder that best meets the conditions of work. Do not neglect the vacuum cleaner, avoiding the chance to get silicosis.

As a result, a part of the lung tissue ceases to function and becomes connective. In the end, the development of events sometimes leads to death. Do not inhale construction dust. The mask from the products of the release of the grinder will not save. Take categorical measures.

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