How to keep the meat without refrigeration for a long time: 11 Ways for meat and fish


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Meat can be stored without refrigeration, if you handle it.Meat can be stored without refrigeration, if you handle it.

Save the frozen food in the road - not an easy task. This is especially true of meat and fish - they are perishable goods. How to keep meat and fish fresh without refrigeration? Let's understand all the nuances.

Storage without refrigeration

Seafood and meat without refrigeration deteriorate very quickly. The reason is that such foods rich in various useful and harmful bacteria that without heat treatment leads to deterioration of taste of the product.

Products which have undergone processing, stored for much longer.Products which have undergone processing, stored for much longer.

Oddly enough, but the way to keep a piece of meat and fish in the heat without refrigeration has more than a dozen.

7 ways for meat products

How to keep the meat freezing the long term?

Picture instruction
table_pic_att14939213942 Method 1. traditional drying
  1. Clean the product of excess fat and skins.
  2. Cut into thin slices along the fibers.
  3. Hang the product on hooks to dry in the sun.

Storage of meat without refrigeration in this way will be up to 60 days.

table_pic_att14939213963 Method 2. modern drying
  1. Warm the pieces in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 120 ° C.
  2. Then cut it into slices and put in Electric driers for 20 hours at 75 ° C.
  3. In the end, it is desirable to wrap the product in parchment paper.

To dry it is best to lean beef and chicken, as they have the lowest fat content.

table_pic_att14939213984 Method 3. dry salting
  1. Mix in the salt container and herbs.
  2. Thoroughly rub the cut pieces of meat with this mixture.
  3. Put for 48 hours in a cool place to salt absorbed moisture.
table_pic_att14939213995 Method 4. wet salting
  1. Prepare a strong saline (10 Art. l. salt of 2 cups of water).
  2. Lower the product in the brine and leave at least a day.
  3. To impart additional taste qualities, you can add a little honey or cane sugar.
  4. Lay the meat on the banks.

The salted product is stored up to 90 days.

table_pic_att14939214006 Method 5. "Biltong"
  1. Incubate the product strip at 9% vinegar for 12 hours.
  2. Then, soak the meat marinated in the saline solution from the previous method over 6 hours.
  3. Hang to dry the meat hooks.

This product is stored for 120-180 days in a cool place.

table_pic_att14939214017 Method 6. Hot conservation
  1. Sterilize the jars and lids.
  2. Boil product with salt and spices.
  3. Fold the pieces into warm jars and pour the broth on top so that the edges of the container to a few centimeters left.
  4. Roll up the jar and put in a dark place.

In the photo example of such conservation.

table_pic_att14939214028 Method 7. The cold preservation
  1. Cut the meat into portions.
  2. Fold them into the jar one by one, alternating with thick layers of coarse salt.
  3. Close the lid and possibly send the sterilizer at 12-16 hours.
  4. Keep these preserves can be 2-3 years.

Price sterilizers is quite high, so you can boil the jars for a few hours on a steam bath.

How to keep the meat fresh? Without any treatment, the product begins to deteriorate after only a couple of hours. So try to use any one of the above methods, or a freeze.

4, a method for fish

Now figure out how to keep fish edible without refrigeration. Please note before use storage options, you need to clean the fish - remove the gills and guts. The process of rotting fish begins in these areas.

Before storing fish gills to remove, not to start the process of decay.Before storing fish gills to remove, not to start the process of decay.

How to drop off the fish without problems in the train and keep its taste for a long time even in the summer?

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att149392140610 Method 1. Nettle

In a basin of cold water laid fresh nettle leaves, and on top is placed not cleaned fish. In this way it is possible to keep the product fresh to 24 hours.

Most often, this method is used to drop off a treat back home after fishing.

table_pic_att149392140711 Method 2. Pickling
  1. Gutted fish and rinse under running water.
  2. Then, with his hands a good rub on all sides with salt.
  3. Put the product in a metal container and store in a cool place.

Shelf life is up to 4 days.

table_pic_att149392140812 Method 3. Drying
  1. Salting fish the previous method.
  2. Hang the product to dry in a ventilated place by hooks or rods;

Dried fish can be stored up to 3 months


table_pic_att149392140813 Method 4. Pickling
  1. Cut the carcass along the ridge and a good salt.
  2. Wrap a piece of cloth preform soaked in acetic solution (3 spoons of sugar per 500 ml of vinegar).
  3. Put the product in a cool ventilated area.

Shelf life will be 7-10 days.

In conclusion

We have found that the methods of how to keep fresh meat and fish for a long time, there are a whole lot. It is important to choose high-quality and fresh product, without delaying the preparation of blanks. Check out the video in this article, which contains visual instructions. If you know more methods of storing meat or fish products without refrigeration, share them in the comments.

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