Exhaust fan for the bathroom

Today, let us consider an unusual theme: how the exhaust fan for the toilet to replace retractable, but put in the room. Better other suitable window facing the glassed-in balcony on the north side of the building. The project is unusual, we do not force to use in practice, but shall give reasons and let the reader assess the acceptability of ideas.

Ventilation during reverse thrust

Project was born so. In winter, with the ventilation duct complications are not noted in the summer - is another matter. Open windows to make life easier, or vice versa - plastic windows are sealed, air conditioning is turned on. What's happening:

  1. If the windows are open, the hot air in the summer will not go into the cool room. Draft outward, too strong will not name - the air in the apartment of a limited amount. Case of reverse thrust - a draft sent to the street, the new portions of the neighbors come over ventkanal. Such a situation is not satisfied, but the open window position only worsens.
  2. Included in a sealed air-conditioned apartment is not doing the work of the ventilation system. It creates a reduced air temperature, which through the gaps in the windows tends to fall closer to the ground surface. New portion of the air from the neighbors begin to slowly mix with the aromas of their own toilets.

Exhaust fan for the bathroom

The air at the top floor, as a rule, not as hot as on the roof. Above the roofing material is heated by convection from the hot resin or other coating without receiving heat from the walls: the flow goes to the sky. Remember that infrared heaters not heated air, and objects. Similarly, the action of the sun, the star appliances borrowed principle. Heat reaches the earth's surface to the top floor bad. So there is a chance to fill the apartment with fresh air and ventilate. Why install a fan in the closet, if behind the fresh air.

On the balcony installed retractable fan. Cuts not glazed loggias and in the window frame of the room. Fan suitable for bathroom and toilet already built in, just moved to a new location. What is the principle: balcony faces north, in central fact not give more importance. In an extreme case it is possible to paste over the windowpanes reflecting film to the solar energy went into space. We look at the place, what is the temperature required in the room.

Instead of installing the fan in the toilet on the hood, install air indent from the balcony (the reverse side). In this case, the window closed at the apartment. May be slightly, a little, lift the plastic.

Ventilator for bathroom and toilet

In a room adjoining balcony, creates an excess pressure is evenly distributed on the premises, including the washroom. Note the thin point. The system should be carefully adjusted. If you now put on the toilet ventkanal check valve, get a dead zone where the air will not be updated. The apartment situation becomes acceptable, except for the bathrooms.

In this case, it is recommended to adjust the level of the opening bars on the air ducts. In the supermarket (in old houses have already been installed) will find special suitable model. The apartment has been created excess pressure, the new acquisition is necessary for the sole purpose - air regeneration in the bathroom. By the way, the air conditioner is not prohibited. Importantly, do not open the windows and doors wide open.

Better to take a fan for silent toilet. If there is a reverse thrust, will have to work tirelessly. Ventilation on the balcony connected as needed. There should similarly establish a model of quiet.

Separate master would argue that it is better to embed equipment for glazing balconies or break through a special channel in the fence. We will not argue in terms of noise. But the effectiveness of the system may fall. The essence of the project - an experiment.

Find an additional advantage. The fan will be pumped into the bedroom (if borders with balcony) fresh air. This advantage at any time of day and year, if the balcony is insulated and has a warm floor system with a thermostat. Note that doctors recommend to maintain the temperature in the bedroom 20 ° C, a sufficiently low rate, sometimes requiring mechanical ventilation. In winter, disassemble the system or simply disconnect. In the cold season with hatch in the toilet difficulties are observed.

Fan for silent toilet

Features a fan of using the toilet

The bathroom is different from the rest of the short duration of visits. Consequently, for the toilet fan operates in intermittent mode. Duration of run may be determined experimentally. Please note that during summer the unit will have to work longer than in winter. It is easy to make a special tablet, buy a timer for the fan in the bathroom and provide a reminder of the device operating time.

Fit any scheme that can take the time and close the signal call contact. Timer Vykusi of old broken aerogrill. Like contraption equipped with dishwashers and other appliances. By installing the fan in the bathroom, think about where to hang a timer, and soon the house will be a powerful tandem of science and technology, redeemed, if necessary, by an unpleasant smell. We recommend to use devices with built-in check valve in the event of reverse thrust. Note nuance - the fan is switched off when the valve is blocked, and the fresh air supply circuit - is disrupted further specify the dealer before purchase.

The company Smart House for readers manufactured C Timer, which is adjusted to a range of time intervals of 3-30 minutes. The specified time will be enough for any reasonable application. Price a little bite, 1600 rubles, it pays confidence in the reliability of the device.

Fan for bathrooms

The company has developed other automatic control devices:

  • Sensor dust.
  • Sensor smoke.
  • Infrared motion detector.
  • Humidistat.
  • Thermostat.

The equipment in the complex will control the complete set of environmental parameters with the exception of smell. Toilet suitable gadget like the SQA for 4500 rubles, released Soler & Palau. According to the manufacturer of the equipment can pick up the presence of cigarette smoke and any contaminants and gases other than flammable. For apartments it is possible to connect the fan in the toilet after a cheap timer, but for 4500 rubles to purchase aerogrill to celebrate the end of repair.

What fan opt for toilet

Even if the toilet is not combined with a bathroom, there is a connecting outlet. Required fan with humidistat. In humid climates it is an easy way to control the environment. The firm Soler & Palau presented fans a model with built-in option. relative humidity setting is possible to flexibly change the rheostat, providing plenty of opportunity to change the climate and allowing the use of equipment in an unusual way.

Let's say you do not want to buy a humidifier for air, but how to control the work of self-made, it is not clear. Suitable exhausters Soler & Palau with humidistat included when the threshold is exceeded. When the device begins to operate, the humidifier must be disabled.

It is better to buy a fan in the toilet with a humidistat, in reserve. In our opinion, the exhaust fans with humidistat represent an interesting model.

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