Can I store potatoes in the refrigerator: 4 cautions, and 3 conditions


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That the potatoes stored for a long time, it is necessary to create suitable conditionsThat the potatoes stored for a long time, it is necessary to create suitable conditions

Often the potato, which is contained in a flat, rapidly decays. It depends on how and where the tubers contain. Is it possible to store potatoes in the refrigerator, I propose to deal now.

Potatoes in the refrigerator?

Experienced owners probably know that not all vegetables should be refrigerated. For example, onions, garlic and potatoes... Cold, of course, allows you to keep useful quality products, but sometimes he hurts.

The refrigerator compartment - not the best conditions for keeping vegetablesThe refrigerator compartment - not the best conditions for keeping vegetables

How much is stored boiled potatoes in the refrigerator? Ready tubers should eat for two days. As for the raw - if you brought potatoes home and intend to use during the week - it's nothing bad will happen.

I recommend to buy as much food as you eat in a week. Remember, the potatoes can not be stored in the cold longer than seven days.

4 warnings

Storing potatoes in the refrigerator has a number of features that complicate its contents:

Photo Description
table_pic_att15009996282 Caution 1

The starch in the tuber at low temperatures, is converted to sugar. From this, the product acquires a sweet taste.

table_pic_att15009996303 Caution 2

High humidity in the refrigerator as soon as possible leads to rotting roots.

Caution 3

Typically, in order not to stain the refrigerator, vegetables stored in plastic bags.

This is incorrect - the potatoes need to breathe, otherwise it starts to rot.

table_pic_att15009996324 Caution 4

Potatoes take much space.

To store potatoes in a cool place, you can create favorable conditions for their own hands, turning refrigerated containers in special, by pouring into the space between the walls of sawdust or laying the foam.

On the outside of the box stud linoleum or plastic to prevent moisture penetration. Before laying the tubers in a box it is necessary to sort and dry.

Rules for the preparation and bookmark:

  1. Early varieties can not be stored until winter. They are not intended for long-term storage, so they will spoil quickly: to sprout and wither.
  2. Before you store in the refrigerator for several days the tubers should be kept in a warm room.
  3. Potatoes can be stored with beets. Beets will absorb excess moisture, which will slow down the appearance of germs and prevent rotting.
Beetroot is not afraid of moistureBeetroot is not afraid of moisture
  1. At the bottom of the drawer in the refrigeration chamber put dried mint leaves - this will prevent the early appearance of germs.
  2. a few apples, you can put between tubers. It also prevents germination.
Apples absorb excess moisture and generate heatApples absorb excess moisture and generate heat

Storage of tubers in a flat

Prepare potatoes in the summer - this is only half the battle. To keep healthy and taste quality of tubers, it is necessary to maintain special conditions. The ideal room - cellar. But not all of it is.

Cellar - the ideal place for long-term storage of vegetablesCellar - the ideal place for long-term storage of vegetables

Appropriate place

At what temperature to store potatoes? Vegetable requires a special room for the contents, and in the apartment there are a number of places that are suitable for storage. Often, the apartments have a convenient storage room, balcony and dark cabinets.

Where to keep the potatoes in the apartment:

Photo Description
table_pic_att15009996368 Pantry

This should be a room, which does not get sunlight and minimize heat arrives.

table_pic_att15009996379 Balcony

For the content of tubers on the balcony can be purchased as ready-made boxes, and make them yourself.

Competent user boxes collection should be based on a snug fit boards.

table_pic_att150099963710 Cupboard

The most convenient way is to place the potatoes in baskets or boxes with ventilation. It is recommended to place them in a dark cupboard, close to the cold, or in doorways.

Long-term storage: 3 Condition

In the home appliance stores, you can find a special cell for potatoes, which supports favorable conditions. The price of such a device - from 3000 to 5000 rubles.In the home appliance stores, you can find a special cell for potatoes, which supports favorable conditions. The price of such a device - from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

Since the summer, and until February - March at the tuber begins rest time, which is necessary to ensure proper safety regime. It is the foundation of its illumination, temperature and humidity:

Photo Description
table_pic_att150099964112 Condition 1. Temperature

The ideal temperature for the contents of most varieties of vegetable - from +2 ° C to +4 ° C.

Insulate the fruit can overlay them with foam or cloth cool with ventilation.

table_pic_att150099964213 Condition 2. Humidity

The humidity in the room where the stored potatoes, must be at a level of 85-90%.

Dry air causes the softening of the fruit, too wet - stimulates the formation of germs.

table_pic_att150099964414 Condition 3. Lighting

Storage room for the tubers should be dark. When light enters the potato begins to produce solanine and tubers become unfit for consumption.

Darkness can be created, covering the potatoes with a thick cloth.


From this moment you know all about how and where to store the potatoes in the apartment. All your questions and suggestions forward in the comments section.

If the only dish that you manage to cook - it's mashed potatoes, no problem! After reviewing the video in this article, you will learn how to cook three simple and delicious potato dishes.

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