How to wash acrylic paint: tips and tricks

Acrylic paints are widely used not only during repairs, but also in everyday life, so the question of how to wash this substance is very relevant. Since it consists of water and a coloring pigment with the addition of a certain amount of acrylic acid, many believe that it is quite easy to wash it. This is only partly true: it is well washed only immediately after use.

Tools for working

After painting work often remains annoying traces. Even if you worked very carefully, the brush will have to be washed in any case. To clean the brushes and remove stains from any surface, the following materials will be needed:

  • gloves for work;
  • soft rags;
  • brushes of different rigidity;
  • sponge;
  • goggles and respirator for protection.

The choice of substances will depend on the type of surface and the method you choose to launder.

. Methods of washing the paint.

. There are various ways that you can use to wash the paint based on acrylic, while using different substances from dishwashing detergent to kerosene, white spirit and professional remover.

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  • It is natural that the easiest way to remove from any surface, including clothing, paint, which was applied recently, and she did not have time to dry. Here it is quite possible to do without chemical compounds, everything can be perfectly washed with warm water.
  • After work, brushes should be soaked in water for half an hour, then rinsed and dried thoroughly. Soak dried brushes can be in acetone. They should be placed in a jar with the substance for some time. Dried brushes need to be removed, they are still useful.
  • If the surface cannot be washed with water, you can use dishwashing detergent or soap.
  • If the paint is not immediately wiped off and several hours have passed, it will be harder to clean it, but everything is fixable. Treat the surface with a degreaser and rub with a brush, then rinse this place with warm water.
  • In case the acrylic paint layer has already thoroughly stiffened, you will need stronger products. Try to remove stains by rubbing a cotton pad soaked with acetone-based liquid, for example, for removing nail polish. White spirit, gasoline or kerosene will also help.

Applying the special remover

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To wash the hardened paint, use the special remover. It can be found in any hardware store, it can be intended only for acrylic paints or universal. The product is strong, with an unpleasant strong odor, dangerous for the skin of hands, eyes and respiratory tract, it should be used with extreme caution. Windows and doors should, if possible, be open, hands protected by rubber gloves, it is recommended that you also use glasses and a respirator. The algorithm of actions practically does not differ from the previous methods: it is necessary to moisten the fabric with a wash, wipe the surface with it, and after 10-15 minutes wipe it again with a rag.

Universal Cleaner

Another effective tool is the universal cleaner, it is suitable for all types of paint, including those based on acrylic, although it was originally designed for cleaning radio components. Nevertheless, it will perfectly cope with frozen acrylic paint, since the main components are all the same alcohol and gasoline. The substance is applied to the surface with a cloth moistened with it and rubbed with a cloth.

Removing paint from different surfaces

We offer several recommendations that will undoubtedly help you remove paint from different surfaces:

  • Different cleansing agents have different degrees of aggressiveness, and the surfaces to be cleaned differ in their susceptibility to strong substances. In order not to spoil the surface, before using the tool it is recommended to conduct its testing on a less noticeable small area of ​​the surface to be treated. Especially this advice applies to clothes that are very easy to spoil.
  • If the test was successful, you can continue, otherwise the tool should be replaced with a less aggressive one.
  • In most cases, wiping acrylic paint stains from fabric and clothing is simply impossible. Much depends on the type of fabric: gentle and artificial fabrics should not even be tried to be wiped off with the help of strong means - even if the stain disappears, the material will be spoiled.
  • If the stain is still fresh, try using sunflower oil, then soak in hot water, washing it well with soap, and after a quarter of an hour, try washing it on your hands or in the car.
  • Wash stains from clothes and fabrics will help white spirit or "Vanish".If it is not possible to wipe the stain completely, and the thing is still in quite good condition, try to mask the stain with a beautiful appliqué.
  • You can try to remove acrylic paint stains from clothes with a special wash.
  • Special thinners for acrylic paints in building material stores sell, their appearance depends on the type of paint, sales consultants will help you choose the one you need. Try to wash the stains with this tool.
  • You can scrape off frozen paint from metal surfaces, laminate, linoleum, and plastic using a sharp knife, scalpel, or blade. This should be done carefully, trying not to scratch the surface of the coating.

Acrylic paints are very bright, saturated colors, and it is very easy to work with them. The only trouble, perhaps, is the difficulty of removing stains after work. But when choosing the right tool you can cope with this problem.

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