How to restore the inner coating in the microwave

A microwave oven can fail for several reasons. One of them is the violation of the integrity of the coating of the inner walls of the chamber. This problem can be solved by covering the surface with a special compound.

Features of coatings

Why damage occurs? During operation, the internal surface of the device becomes dirty. This makes it necessary to clean the walls of the chamber. If abrasives or materials are used, the coating may be scratched. Damage may occur and other nature, which depend on the type of surface. The walls of the chamber can be:

  • enameled;
  • metal;
  • ceramic.

Enamelled surfaces are the most common. Such devices are cheaper than others, so they are bought much more often. Enamel is easy enough to damage when cleaning the device. Moreover, in the process of exploitation, it gradually loses its strength. Enamel is easy to clean, but it should be done carefully so as not to accidentally scratch.

Stainless steel coatings are much stronger, but harder to clean. Fats that accumulate on the walls, cleaned off with difficulty. To clean such devices inside is best with the help of steam, which effectively softens fatty layers.

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Ceramic surfaces are durable and smooth. They are not very dirty and easy to clean. However, a crack or chip may appear on this surface if you accidentally drop or hit the device.

To avoid damage, never use abrasives or aggressive chemicals to clean the microwave.

If chips or scratches appear on the walls inside the microwave oven chamber, it is considered that the appliance has failed and cannot be used further. In this case, you can try to restore the coating, treating it with a special composition. If done correctly, the device can work for a long time.

Criteria for choosing paint

If you decide to solve this problem yourself, then you need to answer the question of how to choose the right paint. Not all formulations are suitable for microwave repair.

The first criterion should be the absence of compounds in the mixture that are harmful to health. When interacting with high temperature and moisture inside the chamber, paints of various types can release substances that adversely affect products. The mixture must comply with the type permitted for use on coatings that interact with food.

Another important point is that the mixture should be moisture resistant and resistant to temperature extremes. Otherwise, it will peel off and bubble, which is unacceptable in a device such as a microwave.

There is such a factor as the suitability of the paint to the surface tint. He is not so important as the first two, rather, it is an aesthetic moment. It will still not be very beautiful if inside the microwave there is a noticeable spot of a different color.

Paint for repair

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Special edible silicone-type food colors are well suited for this purpose. They are used in industry for the corrosion treatment of metal surfaces of drinking water tanks. This mixture has a high moisture resistance. This is an environmentally friendly material that is suitable for processing surfaces in contact with food.

This composition consists of two elements: zinc powder and a base of ethyl silicate alcohol solution. Immediately before use, the components are mixed and the mixture is applied to the prepared surface. After drying, the composition is applied again.

The paint is resistant to high temperatures, alcohol vapor, acid, and aggressive chemical elements. Well lays on metal and other coatings, well absorbed. This composition is recommended by the Ministry of Health for use in the food industry.

Conductive paint also has good performance. The compositions are on a different basis( shungite, zinc, silver, aluminum).Shungite mixture is absolutely non-toxic, heat-resistant, does not emit any harmful elements.

In industry, it is used for anti-corrosion treatment of metal surfaces. This mixture is fireproof, explosion-proof. The paint is suitable for processing food containers. Fits well on any coverage.

It is also possible to repair the chamber walls with the help of acrylic automotive paint. It is also called a primer. It is possible to paint her microwave very easily and quickly. The composition is used for processing parts of the car before the final painting. Its purpose is to protect parts from corrosive processes.

This mixture is characterized by improved adhesion to metal and other coatings. This type of paint is very reliable, has a high moisture resistance, well applied. It is the most popular material due to its ease of use.

This composition is available in aerosol cans, so it is very easy for them to paint the microwave inside. The cost of this tool is quite low. One can is enough for you to paint the entire camera.

According to people who have been repairing a microwave oven using automotive paint, it is quite effective and reliable.

How to paint

Painting the inner surface of the microwave is quite simple. The whole process consists of several stages:

  • Before starting to paint the microwave oven, prepare the surface. To do this, clean the damaged area from peeling paint or rust using emery paper. If there are bubbles in some places on the coating, they should also be removed by leveling the surface.
  • Then you need to degrease this area with any alcohol solution.
  • After that, apply spray paint and wait until it is completely dry.

If you decide to repair your microwave, filling in the internal damage, approach the choice of composition responsibly. Pay special attention to the reliability of the mixture and the absence of harmful substances in its composition.

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