How to whiten a wool item at home

For sure in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion there is a white wool sweater. Casual care for such a thing becomes difficult because of the specific material. We will understand how to whiten white wool items at home.

Pharmaceuticals for washing

Bleaching a sweater at home will help hydrogen peroxide. Prepare the working solution as follows:

  • in a basin pour cool water;
  • add several vials of peroxide( 1: 8 ratio).

There should be just enough solution to soak the thing. We leave the jacket for a few hours. After rinsing in cool water and dry thoroughly. Avoid direct sunlight.

Drying products made of wool is better in unfolded form. Do not hang them on the rope, they will lose their shape.


If there is no hydrogen peroxide on hand, you can use baking soda or soda. The solution is prepared in a similar way:

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  • dissolve soda in cool water;
  • we lower a sweater;
  • wait a couple of hours.

During this time, the wool will begin to bleach right before your eyes. We take out the item, rinsed in running water.

With this tool you can produce a permanent care. To do this, add a little soda when washing. It softens the water and neutralizes salts, which adversely affect the state of wool.

Salt solution

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Do you think that there are no more methods to whiten a white jacket? Try using regular salt. To do this, prepare a solution of medium saturation. We submerge the thing several times and rinse it in cold water.

At one time to bleach a wool sweater will not work. To achieve the desired result, you need to make a few salt baths.


It is they who can perfectly wash the white thing. For one big thing you need about 0.5 kg of the substance. Grind it carefully and add it to a bowl of water. Immersing a wool sweater.

It is worth remembering that the chalk does not dissolve in water, so you must constantly stir the solution so that the crystals are evenly distributed over the material. Soak should last about 50 minutes.

Professional bleaches

If you do not trust the popular methods, you can use the traditional. For this special bleach is on sale. To keep the wool in such a solution is not worth it, the fabric fibers will suffer.

If the white thing is decorated with colored patterns, then only oxygen bleach will do. After these washes do not forget to thoroughly rinse clothes.


The following recommendations must be replenished housewives piggy bank:

  1. You can try boiling the yellowed wool in a solution of soap. After rinsing, first in warm water and then in cold water with the addition of vinegar.
  2. In the fight for the whiteness of wool, you can replace soda with ammonia.
  3. Sodium hyposulphite is sold at a pharmacy. It is added to the water, soaked sweater and cover the top with plastic wrap. Stand for about an hour, and then rinsed thoroughly.
  4. You can try to buy special liquid powders, which are intended for washing wool.

Now you know what methods can be used to bleach white wool items at home. They will return the clothes beauty and the original whiteness.

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