Ways to wash a schoolboy backpack at home

Comfortable and roomy backpacks and school bags are gradually squeezing school bag and briefcase. Now, elementary school students can put everything in them - books, workbooks, stationery sets, removable shoes, physical fitness, etc. High school students also prefer to use a backpack, and not only for school. Teens almost nowhere to part with him. A backpack with them and on walks, and in tourist trips.

How to wash a school backpack

correctly In order for a school backpack to remain a reliable helper longer and enjoy its original appearance, you need to know how to properly keep it clean.

All children: both younger students and teens prefer to have a backpack, which has a stylish ergonomic design, bright colors, cool print, material with an unusual texture and accessories. Of course, such beauty requires special care.

Information on the label

Not everyone can understand the properties of the material, its mechanical resistance and resistance to the effects of aggressive detergents. Therefore, you cannot ignore the brief hint on the label on how to clean and wash your school backpack.

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What an

backpack is made of To clean and wash the product in the car or to use only hand washing depends on the material from which it is made. Special care will require a schoolbag or a schoolbag backpack made of leather with impressive fittings, spikes and zippers. An alternative to leather products are fabric satchels made of practical wear-resistant materials - cotton, tarpaulin, polyester, etc. For resistance to ultraviolet rays and increased moisture resistance, these materials are treated with special solutions. This fabric backpack can be easily cleaned and washed in the car.

If there is severe contamination

If the backpack is very dirty, you can clean it additionally. In this case, before washing, the stain remover should be applied and rubbed onto the dirt with a toothbrush. After 20 minutes, the backpack can be washed.

If there is no stain remover at home, it can be replaced with dishwashing liquid diluted with water. Do not use bleach with chlorine, it can destroy the structure of the fabric.

If the backpack is not very dirty, you can clean it without additional processing, refreshing the material and its color.

Machine washable

In a washing machine, you can easily remove all the dirt, if you follow the recommendations:

  1. Check that nothing is left inside. If there is a removable frame, it must be removed as well as all detachable elements. This is done to avoid accidental damage to the drum in the washing machine.
  2. Check the strength of the paint material, for which wipe it with a damp cloth. If the napkin is stained, use hand wash.
  3. Always put a briefcase in a laundry bag or pillowcase to keep it and the drum safe.
  4. Do not pour more powder. In most cases, the fabric of the backpack is porous, it is more difficult to rinse, and stains remain on it. It is recommended to wash with gel and add rinse for colored fabrics.
  5. Customize the delicate wash without spinning. Most often the school backpack has a lining of material that does not withstand the high temperature of the water.
  6. Wash your backpack by unbuttoning your pockets.

Manual cleaning

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It is not recommended to wash a backpack with an orthopedic back, wire frame and a compacted bottom in a washing machine. Because of its bulkiness, it is difficult to place it in the drum without damage, and the result will not please the purity.

Used in the manufacture of woody fabrics for processing. Mechanical impact on them in the washing machine can lead to stretching of the seams. Chemical components of detergents can quickly destroy the membrane tissue, change the composition of special material impregnations.

Therefore, washing your school bag, satchel and backpack at home is best done manually:

  1. Remove all detachable elements and process them separately.
  2. In a deep bath or basin, we dissolve shavings of ordinary laundry soap in warm water.
  3. In order to preserve the shape of the product, you can put rolled foam inside. And so it will be more convenient to erase.
  4. We lower the backpack into the solution and immediately begin to wash it with a sponge or brush with a soft short nap.
  5. The process does not delay more than 15–20 minutes. Water is drained and rinsed thoroughly in cool water.

How best to dry

Do not use a drying machine, it is better if the backpack dries naturally. With good weather, you can hang on the rope of the balcony of the house, and in rainy weather in the winter in the room. During drying, all pockets must remain open. If you do not let the schoolbag dry well, it will smell bad. Over time, mold may appear in its wet places.

So that the school backpack does not get dirty for a long timeTo avoid this, it is necessary to wash it less often, try to keep it clean longer:
  • You should not put a backpack on the floor, where it will be covered with dust faster. Dirty bottom may also stain clothing.
  • Do not put dirty things inside. Put them first in a separate package.
  • Do not collect garbage in your pockets, immediately throw it in the trash.
  • If you have soiled the material, you should immediately clean it with a simple damp cloth.

If it's time to buy a new school backpack, pay attention not only to the visual appeal, but also to the quality of the purchase. Properly made choice will bring a lot of pleasure to its owner, make it easier to keep it clean.

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