How to wash the bath mat in the washing machine or by hand

You can wash the shower mat in two ways: manually and automatically. The first option is more laborious, but the most effective.

Choosing washing methods

The rubber mat can be washed both manually and in a machine, but with reservations. First, the product in a collapsed form must fit freely in the drum. Too long rug for the machine will not work. Secondly, it can not exceed the permissible load weight.

Synthetic nap mats are also machine washable. To do this, choose a careful mode with a minimum of speed. Water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.

If machine washing is allowed for rubber and nap mats with some reservations, it is inadmissible for products made from polyvinyl chloride and microfiber in no case. Such materials require careful handling. They will forever lose their appearance after the first machine wash. In addition, microfiber and PVC also poorly tolerate various chemicals.

In the washing machine

Depending on the material from which your rug is made, select the instruction and follow it.

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In order to wash the bath mat out of the pile, you will need liquid soap and fine salt in addition to the typewriter.

Before washing the rug in a typewriter, you should use a stiff brush on it. It will remove debris and hair stuck in a pile from the surface.

Before sending the rug into a typewriter, roll it into four layers and load it. Then prepare the detergent. To do this, you need to mix four teaspoons of salt and 50 ml of liquid soap. Take the smallest salt, and soap - any, to your taste. Pour the mixture into the drum washer. Leave the powder compartments empty. Choose the most gentle and short washing mode( “express”).The whole process should not take more than 30 minutes. And most importantly - make sure that there is no spin.


A little trick will help you to clean the rubber mat in the automatic washing mode. Put some small towels and washcloths in the machine with the product. They will replace brushes and washing will be many times more efficient.

Next, you will need to perform only two actions. The first is to start the machine in delicate mode. And secondly, after completing, get a mat and be sure to dry it. Remember that in a washing machine drying rubber mat is prohibited. The material from this will deteriorate.

Hand wash

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As with the machine wash, depending on the material for each product has its own rules.

Rubber pad

The most convenient way to wash a rubber mat is to put it on the bottom of the bath. Then you need to get warm water. Then arm yourself with gloves, because without bleach on the basis of chlorine is not enough. Pour two glasses of the product into the bath, and then take a stiff brush and rub it with a mat. This cleaning is carried out on both sides.

Often molds form on rubber shower mats. This is due to high humidity. To cope with this trouble will help soaking in chlorine bleach. It is recommended to leave the mat in the solution for two to three hours. After completing the procedure, rinse the product under the shower and hang to dry.

PVC and microfiber

Choose a flat and clean place in the apartment on which you can lay the mat. Then prepare a solution of soap and water - this mixture has a mild cleaning effect and does not spoil the material. Carefully clean the surface. Where there are spots, rub with a brush, but do not overdo it, so as not to damage the mat.

Next, wipe it with a damp towel or terry cloth moistened with water. After you have removed the remnants of the soap solution from the surface, walk around the carpet with a dry cloth. Movements must be blotting so that the fabric absorbs moisture. The final stage is drying.


If you ignore the point of thoroughly drying the mat after washing, the fungus is provided to your product.

For shower mats made of any materials, it is strictly prohibited to dry under direct sunlight or near heating appliances( and even more so on them).Otherwise, microfiber products and PVC will crack and become brittle, for tissue it is fraught with loss of shape.

Leaving a rug in a small, closed room( in a bathroom or a closet) is also not worth it - it will dry slowly, and bacteria in a damp environment will multiply very quickly.

The best option is to dry the product in a room that is well ventilated. Pile rug must be slightly ruffled. After it dries in this position, the fibers will look like on the day of purchase.

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