Is it possible to wash clothes from mounting foam

Work with mounting foam carefully because it adheres strongly to the surface. When you make repairs with its use, then along with all the current issues, the question will arise how to clean the mounting foam. Just say that to do it is not easy.

The easiest way to deal with not yet frozen foam. It is carefully removed with a sharp object until it is stuck to the surface. When 10-15 minutes have passed since it was placed on clothes, the cleaning process becomes more complicated.

Mechanical method

With working clothes, on which there are already many difficult stains, it makes no sense to wash the foam. In relation to it, they perform such simple actions:

  • are cut with a knife;
  • scraped with a blade or stiff brush;
  • wipe with acetone.

But what if she got on a practically new tracksuit, jeans or shirt? In this case, the yellow traces want to be washed in such a way that no trace is left of them. Do we have chances?

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Put soiled clothes in the freezer so that a cold will act on the mounting foam. After a few hours, remove it and scrape off the dirt. From the bitter frost, the foam will begin to crumble and it can be completely cleaned from the clothes, but the trace will remain anyway. With traces of struggling with some non-aggressive solvent, like nail polish remover. You can also wipe off stains using a special stain remover.

Probably it makes no sense to name effective stain removers. Note that the most famous are the American and European brands, such as Amway, Frau Schmidt, etc.

How well this method helps to remove the installation foam, you can check for yourself. In any case, it is the safest for clothes, and it certainly will not become worse.


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Special foam wipers are produced. They can be found in the hardware store, and their cost is quite low when compared with the best stain removers for clothes.

But before you buy them, note that some of them help to wash off or wash out uncured construction foam.

You can use such a tool that flushes the assembly foam, if you have just finished the work, and immediately decided to eliminate all the pollution.

Over time, the foam hardens strongly, and it can be washed off with another kind of cleaner. The hardened substance cleaner contains stronger components and is more expensive at cost. If you are going to use it, then first check on a small piece of cloth. Not all clothes can withstand its action.


Do not want to spend money on special funds? Then take advantage of what you find at hand. This may be white spirit, turpentine, refined gasoline or some other solvent.

You may be able to wipe off the foam after repeated use of special equipment and after several washes. However, most people faced with such pollution, say that it is impossible to get rid of it. If the spot is small, then you can disguise it by sticking something on top. In the case of more extensive pollution remains to throw the thing, take it to the country or leave it to do the dirty work.

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