How to wash an acrylic sweater

Acrylic products are not for nothing gained enormous popularity. They are very pleasant to the touch, warm and practical. When everyday wear, these things quickly become contaminated. Many people ask: how to wash an acrylic sweater so as not to accidentally spoil its beautiful appearance?

Features of

products Acrylic fibers have a synthetic nature. Acrylic is called artificial wool substitute, as it is very warm. At the same time products made of it have a stable color, they are not crumpled and are not deformed during washing.

It is quite easy to care for acrylic sweaters, you just need to follow some rules:

  • You should wash products in cool water, not hotter than 30-40 degrees.
  • You can use both ordinary laundry detergent and liquid detergents.
  • Acrylic sweater can not be rubbed heavily when manually washed, otherwise you can ruin a knitted fabric.
  • It is necessary to squeeze the product very carefully, without twisting it. When machine spinning should use low speed.
The use of bleach and powders containing aggressive substances is unacceptable! In the process of washing, use regular powder that matches the color of the item.

Since acrylic sweaters are usually used for wearing in everyday life, they quickly become soiled. Therefore, you need to wash them quite often, about once a week. When washing, you can add softener to the water, as well as air conditioners for delicate care.

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Quite often in the manufacture of clothing acrylic is mixed with wool fibers. In this case, you can wash such a thing with a detergent composition for wool. When machining, select Wool or Delicate.

Removing stains

If you notice a stain on an acrylic sweater, you need to remove it before the main wash. For this thing you need to soak in water at room temperature and treat the dirty area. Fresh stains should be washed immediately so that dirt or grease does not soak into the fibers.

Dilute detergent( powder, gel or laundry soap) in a basin with cool water. You can also use shampoo. Gently rub the stain and leave for 15-20 minutes. If contamination is strong, increase the time to one hour. After eliminating stains, you can proceed to the washing process.

How to wash

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Before you begin to wash an acrylic sweater, study the label with recommendations from the manufacturer of clothing. In most cases, allowed the machine process with the possibility of spin in a centrifuge. However, the manufacturer can specify the washing by hand or dry cleaning of the product.

Proceed exactly as directed on the label. By neglecting them, you can spoil your favorite thing.

When processing the product in the washing machine, put the acrylic items together with similar ones. If you have a special bag for a delicate wash, put a sweater in it. This will avoid accidental hooks and pulling loops.

Before starting the washing process, you must remove the decorative elements( brooches, pins, etc.) from the product. If the thing is decorated with rhinestones or stones, they are stripped off and sewn at the very end on the dried canvas.

Manual method

If the acrylic sweater has a large knit, it is better to wash it by hand. So you will avoid the deformation of the canvas and keep the original appearance of the product.

Pour cool water into a basin or bath. Dissolve the detergent composition in it and lower the jacket there. Carefully lock in dirty areas. Pay special attention to the neck, the areas under the armpits and the bottom of the sleeves. Leave the thing to soak for 10-15 minutes.

After this time, wash the thing, trying not to rub the cloth too much. Change the water, then rinse the sweater 2-3 times, each time in clean water. Let the water run off, then gently squeeze the jacket with your hands, not twisting.

Next, lay the thing on a flat surface and squeeze with a towel, carefully wrapping the product in it. This must be done in order not to damage the structure of the loops.

Machine washable

If the manufacturer permits machine wash, the care of the acrylic product is quite easy to implement. The main thing is to comply with the desired temperature. Load the acrylic sweater into the drum of the washing machine along with such things. Put any detergent of your choice into the powder compartment.

Set the knob to Wool or Synthetic mode. Set the washing temperature, following the instructions on the label( 30 or 40 degrees), and turn on the machine. Before rinsing, you can add antistatic and other care products. At the end of the wash cycle, turn on the spin at low revs.

Drying products

Drying acrylic sweaters, as well as other knitwear, must be carefully done so that the fabric does not deform. Shake your sweater and spread it out on a flat surface, putting a thin towel or cotton cloth under it.

Spread out the product, give it the desired shape. Align the seams, line the bottom, straighten the collar. In this form, leave the sweater to dry completely.

Do not put a thing on the battery, ribbed traces will remain on it, and it may lose its shape. For the same reason, the jacket on the rope should not be dried.

Care for things made of acrylic fibers is quite simple. So that the sweater does not lose its beautiful appearance, wash the product, carefully studying the manufacturer's recommendations. Do not allow strong contamination of clothing, otherwise it will be difficult for you to wash stains from the surface of the jacket.

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