Raykat Start fertilizer: methods of use and dose

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"Home scales".Tell me, is this product suitable for gardeners and gardeners, how to use Raykat Start and in what doses?

Rikat Start has gained immense popularity not only among farmers engaged in growing crops. Gardeners and flower growers also appreciated the advantages of cultivating cultivated, garden and ornamental plants with this fertilizer. What is the effect of the drug?

Characterization of the drug

Rikat Start fertilizer is used in the manufacturer's recommended doses for presowing treatment of seeds of cultivated plants. It is also used for foliar fertilizing plants at different phases of development. The effect of this fertilizer is that it:

  1. Stimulates seed germination.
  2. Strengthens the resistance of seedlings to various diseases.
  3. Improves tolerance to seedlings of adverse weather conditions.
  4. Stimulates active development of lateral root shoots, which has a positive effect on the overall growth of seedlings.
  5. It inhibits the aging of plants and the dropping of fruits.
  6. Helps to achieve amicable early shoots.
  7. Increases Productivity.
  8. Promotes the binding of larger fruits.
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In its composition, the drug is complex and contains:

  • macro and microelements;
  • amino acids;
  • polysaccharides;
  • cytokinins.

When processing Rikat Start, you cannot use drugs containing sulfur, copper and oil at the same time, as this will create a phytotoxic effect.

. Methods of using the drug

. Rikat Start fertilizer is used for:

  1. . Treatment of seeds before sowing in order to increase their germination.
  2. Root feeding and foliar feeding of seedlings grown in the greenhouse, as well as garden, ornamental and fruit crops.
  3. Soaking cuttings for rooting.
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Dosage and frequency of use of fertilizer

When using fertilizer for rooting cuttings in water( 1 bucket), add 150 ml of the preparation and leave the cuttings in the solution for 8 hours.

With a solution of 25 ml per 10 liters of water, foliar top dressings are made:

  • apples - after bud break( for larger fruits), a total of 2 supplements;
  • grapes - before flowering( to increase the size of the berries), only 2 top dressing;Watermelon
  • - after the emergence of shoots( to increase the size and fast fruiting), only 3 dressings;
  • strawberries - after planting seedlings( to increase yield and taste), only 2 dressings;
  • carrots - after the emergence of 2 true leaves in the seedlings( to increase yields, as well as to reduce cracking of root crops), only 1 additional feeding;
  • potatoes - after the appearance of the first shoots( to stimulate the development of the bush), only 2 dressings;
  • pepper - after planting seedlings( to increase yield), only 2 dressings;
  • tomato - after transplanting( for survival), only 1 dressing;
  • cabbage - after planting seedlings( for yield, more dense heads), only 2 dressings.
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Deciduous dressing of seedlings, including flower, after the emergence of 3 true leaves on the seedlings to stimulate the development of a strong root system. The application of Riqat Start also prevents the spreading of seedlings.

Application of the drug Rayk Start in the garden and the garden - video

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