Recommendations for choosing a good coffee maker for home

  • Types of coffee makers
  • Drip coffee makers
  • Capsular coffee makers
  • Geyser coffee makers
  • Carrots coffee makers

For many people, the morning begins with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Many coffee lovers love to feast on this drink throughout the day. If you do not like instant coffee or do not want to cook it in a Turk, then you need to find out how to choose a coffee maker for your home in 2018.We have prepared for you a rating of the best automatic coffee makers that will allow you to prepare your favorite drink quickly and without any effort.

Types of coffee makers

What are coffee makers? The most diverse. Electrical and simple, heating type, electronically controlled or mechanics . In this article we will look at 4 common types of modern coffee makers:

  • drip;
  • capsular;
  • geyser;
  • horn.

They all allow you to enjoy fresh and hot coffee after 1-2 minutes, while you do not need to follow the boiling of the drink. True gourmets argue a lot about what type of device allows you to convey the full flavor and aroma of coffee. But here you choose - what is more important - the functionality, price or device of the coffee maker.

Let's take a look at all types of coffee machines in turn.

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users Drip coffee makers

This is the most common and budget option for home use. You can buy the simplest model for about 1000 rubles. Premium drip coffee maker will cost 10 thousand rubles. But there is always the opportunity to pick up a kind of "middle ground" - quite practical, functional and inexpensive coffee maker for daily coffee preparation.

Drip models of coffee machines work on this principle:

  1. Pour coffee in a special filter compartment;
  2. Water is poured into the tank, which is heated to 88-95 °;
  3. This almost boiling water slowly, drop by drop, passes through the coffee filter mesh and flows into the coffee container.

It takes 1.5 - 2 minutes to make a drink. As a result, you enjoy the taste of American coffee. Unfortunately, lovers of coffee delicacies( espresso, cappuccino, mocha, etc.) can not enjoy a cup of your favorite drink.

Drip coffee maker selection parameters:

  • Power - the higher the indicator - the faster the water heats up. At the same time, if your device does not have a fortress regulator, then take into account - the slower the brew is made - the stronger the coffee.
  • Filter material: paper - disposable or nylon - for repeated brewing.
  • Coffee bottle - glass or food grade plastic. Volume also plays a role. Well-known manufacturers of such equipment are trying to improve their coffee makers, and therefore there are models with flasks that can maintain the temperature of the drink or have protection from overflow.
  • Additional features, such as a water level indicator, an integrated coffee grinder, a coffee strength regulator, etc.

As for the best drip coffee makers, which receive the absolute majority of positive reviews on the Internet, we advise you to pay attention to:

  1. Philips HD 7457 - 1.2 l thermo jug, 1 kW of power, automatic heating
  2. Bosch TKA 6031A - 1.25 liter tank, 1.1 kW, automatic heating, auto power off, simultaneous preparation of two cups;
  3. REDMOND SkyCoffee M1505S - built-in coffee grinder, 0.5 L, coffee strength regulator, remote control.

Capsular coffee makers

In this type of device, not just coffee is used, but a special capsule with ground beans. When you turn on the device, special needles pierce the capsule, there is a supply of hot water under pressure. The liquid passes through the coffee and is filled with its taste and aroma. Literally in a minute the drink is ready. However, it should be noted that the apparatus will not work without these capsules. But the disclosure of all the notes of the drink such a capsule guarantees.

The following criteria will help you to choose a capsule coffee maker:

  • power from 1 kW;
  • pressure from 15 bar;
  • preference - models with collapsible compartments for comfortable washing the device;
  • automatic release of used capsule.

Our recommendations for the models themselves:

  1. BOSCH TAS 4012 EE TASSIMO - 2 liters of water, 1.6 kW, strength adjustment, water level control, making cappuccino, tea and chocolate;
  2. Krups XN 3005 /3006/ 3008 Nespresso - 1.26 kW, 0.7 L - capacity for coffee, auto power off, adjusting portions of hot water.

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Geyser coffee makers

Sufficiently inexpensive and practical option for making various hot custard drinks. Model favorite of Italian manufacturing companies.

The principle of work of geyser coffee makers for the house is based on evaporation and condensation of water. Such a device consists of three sections - water is poured into the lower and heated. In the middle department is coffee. When the water boils and rises, it fills the middle compartment and goes to the very top, where the ready drink is actually collected. Thus, the liquid passes through the coffee repeatedly during one brewing, and this has a positive effect on the brightness and richness of the taste of the finished drink.

If you liked the geyser model or mocha, please note that only coarse grains should be poured inside. Also, the indisputable advantage of such a device is the ability to brew in it not only coffee, but also tea or herbal infusion.

To make the choice of a coffee maker not a headache, we advise you to pay attention to:

  • Volume - depending on the number of people you will brew drinks with, you can choose a coffee maker for 2-3 or even 6.9 or 18 servings.
  • The larger the capacity for the finished drink, the higher should be the power. There are models from 350 watts to 1000 watts of rated power.
  • Material. As a rule, it is aluminum or steel. Prefer models with a glass lid.

When choosing a good geyser coffee maker, online shoppers preferred the Delongi and Bialetti brands. The most optimal models:

  1. Bialetti Moka Easy Timer - 365 watts, 3 cups of drink, automatic shutdown, maintain the temperature of the drink;
  2. Delonghi EMKE 63 - 0.6 l, 450 watts, the presence of a timer and delayed start, adjusting portions of hot water, display.

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Rozhkovye coffee makers

In these coffee makers do not use a strainer, but a metal horn - so the grains lend themselves to more warming up. . Water or steam pass through this compartment, saturated with taste and smell of coffee grains more heated, water and steam pass through this compartment, saturated with flavor and smell.cups. As a rule, you can only make one or two small cups at a time. But some models are equipped with a cappuccinator, you can also prepare such a drink at home for yourself.

How to choose a rozhkovuyu coffee machine for the house in 2018?Just pay attention to:

  • Pump models, not steam ones, because coffee reveals its properties better at 90 ° rather than at 100 °.
  • Pressure and power.
  • Capacity of the container for the finished beverage and boiler for water.
  • Additional features - shutdown when overheating, stopping work if there is no water inside.

Disposable packages with ground and pressed grains can be used for the rozhku coffee maker. This will reduce the care of the device to no.

If you like this coffee maker, then consider:

  1. Delonghi EC 155 - 1.1 kW, 15 bar, 1 liter tank, cappuccinator
  2. Scarlett SC-037 - 800 watt, 0.2 l, simultaneous preparation of two
  3. cucumbersES 020 - 1 l, 15 bar, cappuccinator, use of ground coffee or pods.

So we considered all types of coffee makers, discussed their working principle and features of each type. What device you choose - simple and practical or with additional features - you decide. If you are a fan of strong and aromatic coffee, now you know how to choose a coffee maker for your home. We hope that our ranking of the best models of 2018 will help you make the right choice, and you can regularly pamper yourself and your family with a cup of freshly brewed hot drink. An exhilarating and fragrant pleasure to you!

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