How to wash a white down jacket without divorces

White down jacket looks attractive and stylish, it is often chosen as the subject of winter clothing for everyday wear. How to wash a white down jacket correctly, so that there are no divorces, the down does not roll? Modern washing machine - automatic has the necessary modes that provide high-quality cleaning, and provides the ability to wear light things as often as they want the owner. But some special rules for washing and drying must be observed, otherwise yellow stains may form on such a thing.

Preparation of the product before washing

Before washing such clothes at home, you first need to find a suitable detergent. It is better to clean the item of clothing in the washing machine, the thing is bulky, special drying is required so that the down does not roll. Now they produce special liquid products for washing machines, some are designed specifically for down jackets.

If you choose from the usual means, it is better to clean the thing with a gel for delicate fabrics or shampoo. It is not necessary to use standard means to whiten a wardrobe item that is so demanding to the washing conditions, their effect on the filler cannot be accurately predicted, the formation of yellow stains is possible.

But the basic rule is this: wash without powder in a washing machine. It is better if it is automatic. Liquid gels and shampoos provide high-quality washing and rinsing even at home, they remove dirt well, do not clog in the fabric, do not leave stains.

Before you wash the product in a washing machine, you need to inspect it. At home, it is difficult to wash such a thing to remove all stains, dirt stains, especially on the collar or sleeves. If they strongly stand out against the general background, dirty stains are clearly visible, it is necessary, before washing, to additionally treat such places with a stain remover.

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Or simply clean, fix stains and stains with soap. It is impossible to use the powder at home, it is poorly washed out of the down jackets in the washing machine, even if it is automatic. Be sure to fasten the product and turn it inside out. This is necessary not to damage the outer side of the product, to wipe it off in a gentle way, besides metal fasteners can also damage the washing machine itself.

How to wash

correctly Now manufacturers produce warm winter clothes from various fabrics, fillers, artificial and not only natural down are used. In this case, the item of clothing is called a down jacket, to give the buyer an idea of ​​its functional purpose. It is necessary to carefully study the information on the label how to properly wash the product.

The basic principles of how to properly wash, clean the white down jacket in a washing machine:

  • It can not be washed together with colored clothing using an automatic machine.
  • Fur collars should be cleaned separately, they are not designed for washing at home in the car.
  • Aggressive powders after use can destroy the special water-repellent impregnation of the product. It is possible to wipe stains, divorces with the help of more delicate preparations.
  • You must purchase a rinse aid or conditioner to soften the water. The use of such drugs will quickly restore the properties of the filler, wipe off all stains, clean down jacket qualitatively.
  • You need to use the appropriate mode. If it is not specified on the label, it is necessary to use modes intended for washing wool and synthetics. The use of high temperatures is contraindicated.

The formation of yellow stains is associated with poor cleaning of the filler. Bleaching such divorces is difficult. In order to qualitatively wash the down jacket without yellowness, tennis balls are placed in the washing machine. They do not allow the filler to roll into tight lumps.

Drying rules

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What you need to do to ensure drying of the product, uniform distribution of fluff:

  • Use the drying mode, ensuring the use of not more than 600 revolutions during the spin cycle
  • After washing and spinning, place the clothes in fresh air. The product must be unbuttoned and ensured that creases do not form in the fabric.
  • During drying, the fluff must be whipped several times to prevent lumps. You need to do it with your hands, small lumps can do away with it.
  • Down jacket must be whipped, shaken for the same purpose.

What should I do if the machine doesn’t wash well and the yellow stains remain, despite all the efforts? It is necessary to carefully consider the wardrobe in daylight. Spots may not appear immediately. Yellowed areas need to be further cleaned by sweeping the surface of the product with a hand dipped in detergent. If it was not possible to clean it completely, it is better to contact a dry cleaner.

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