How to choose a heated towel rail for the bathroom

  • Types of heated towel rails
  • What material is better than
  • Form
  • Power
  • Species by location

When you decorate the bathroom, do not forget about the heated towel rail. At first glance, you can not attach great importance to this appliance, since it is not the main attribute of the bathroom. But you should not treat him dismissively, because, because of its practicality, it is very expedient. This device has several advantages, such as heating the room, towel dryer, can be used as a decorative element( various options have a sophisticated design and shape).

Actually, due to the variety of types in terms of technical parameters and forms, there is a huge range of data for heating devices. In this article we will take a detailed look at their basic properties in order to understand which heated towel rail is better to choose.

Types of towel warmers

Heated towel rails are divided into types, they are divided by type of heating. There are 3 main types, and now we consider in detail their principle of operation.


Judging by the name, these towel warmers are powered by hot water. Mounted upright on a wall in the bathroom. Usually installed in apartment buildings with central heating.

Installation requires connection to a hot water pipeline. Therefore, it can only be mounted in its designated place.

Can be connected to a hot water pipeline. With an uninterrupted supply of hot water, it will constantly perform its direct function. Alternatively, a coil can be connected to the heating system. In this case, using it for its intended purpose is possible only in the heating season. In those months, when the central heating is turned off, it will only serve as a towel holder.


Unlike the previous type, it is much easier to install. Work only from the power supply network, do not demand accession to the pipeline. This distinction allows you to install it in every corner of the bathroom and not only. Often practice their use in the kitchen or hallway, as an additional heater. The downside of this type can be noted high power consumption with constant use.


Universal heated towel rail, which provides the ability to connect to a hot pipeline and alternatively can be operated from the mains. Of course, given certain moments - this is the most profitable option. Since its use for the main purpose will be possible, regardless of the heating season and other interruptions in the operation of the central heat supply. However, the cost of such a device will be much higher, given the combination of two principles of work in one device.

Which material is better

Depending on the material of manufacture of the heating device will depend on its price. In the market of plumbing can meet three types of dryers, depending on the material of manufacture. In particular:

Heated towel rail made of stainless steel. This is the most common option. It is quite resistant to heavy loads and sudden drops in water supply. As a rule, steel is coated with special enamel. Due to the long period of operation, high temperature, the enamel eventually begins to deflate and peel off. Therefore, this option is the least profitable in operation, however, the market is the cheapest.

Chrome-plated stainless steel towel warmer. This type is considered a good option, proven to be a long and reliable service life. For the price it is average, that is, optimal and fully justifies the quality of the device.

Heated towel rail from non-ferrous metals. This is the most expensive and most effective type of heating devices. Mainly made of metals that have a high corrosion resistance threshold: brass, copper, aluminum. And also, their main advantage over others is high heat transfer. Weight is lighter than a stainless steel heater. This type has proven to be in operation as durable and efficient, but expensive.

In any case, the fabrication material for all dryers is suitable for the safe and efficient operation of the heater for its intended purpose. Some of them have additional benefits that make their lifespan longer. For the price, everyone will find the best option affordable.

If you ask for advice at a plumbing store, then stainless chrome is always recommended as the best option.


Modern design allows you to choose a heated towel rail to suit your bathroom style. They are varied in shape and color. Sometimes they resemble a rather stylish design element, and serve not only for their intended purpose, but also decorate the interior.

In form, they can be divided into the following:

  • The form of a ladder - this model is very common, and is considered quite practical in operation. It is capable not only to heat the room, but also allows to dry a lot of linen and towels.
  • Ladder with shelf - except for the model described above, has a shelf on top. It is very convenient and practical. Allows you to keep clean towels and save space.
  • E - shaped - neat and simple towel dryer. Takes up little space.
  • U - shaped - a concise and simple dryer. Looks stylish enough and takes up little space. However, do not expect to dry a lot of laundry on it. Its design does not allow this. The
  • M - shaped - somewhat resembles a part of a coil. The design allows you to place more towels than in the previous versions. Looks good and takes up little space.
  • Snake - the most popular form of drying, in the form of curved pipes. Design attracts. Roomy, allows you to dry a lot of linen.


To understand how to choose a heated towel rail for a bathroom, you should pay attention to its important property - power. When making a choice, consider some features:

  • For what purpose is a heated towel rail. If only as a drying, then probably everyone will cope with the task.
  • If the question is , how to heat the bathroom, in general it is necessary to calculate the power of 140 W per 1 square meter. At a given power, the heated towel rail will dry and heat the room, even if it contains a window.
  • Consider the presence of floor heating or the presence of another heating device. Depends on this need to choose a weak or strong heater.

Varieties in the place of installation

Depending on the type of installation, bathroom heaters are also of two types.


This is the main type of installation of the dryer - on the wall. They are easy to install where they will not interfere with anyone. Do not take away the common space. Their varieties in form and size make it possible to choose the best option for both large and small sizes.


They also exist of various types: water, electric, combined. Depending on the installation site, this or that type is appropriate.

If there is a need to install a dryer in a place where there is no access to heat supply, then the electric will be very relevant. In particular, they are often practiced in the hallways. In the bathroom where there is access to the water supply, you can install both options, or a combined type of dryer.

If the bathroom and the bathroom are in the same room, the dryer can serve as a partition of two zones. Very comfortable and functional. In addition to the basic functions, such a heater will become a zoning element.

All towel warmers can be:

  • Stationary;
  • Portable;
  • Swivel.

The main difference of the rotator is that some elements of the dryer can rotate. It is quite convenient to use. However, the reliability of such devices is less than stationary. In particular, the constant rotation leads to friction, which sometimes leads to water leakage. This is the main disadvantage of such heaters.

Regarding rotary dryers of electrical type, they are more reliable in this regard. Transportable can only be electric type. This type of floor heater is easy to transfer from the bathroom, for example, to the corridor. In the cold season is very important for local heating, drying shoes.

Depending on the characteristics of the room, personal needs and of course, financial opportunity, you can purchase the right type of heated towel rail, which not only serves its intended purpose, but also successfully complements the interior.

The modern market represents a wide range of all criteria and prices. To make the right choice, you should be guided by your own requirements and technical capabilities of the room to which this type of heater is elected.

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