What cookware is needed for an induction cooker

Features of the induction cooker

The cooking surface that works by induction differs from the usual electric one. It is characterized by the fact that when the burner is turned on, the dishes standing on it heat up almost instantly. At the same time, the rest of the surface remains cold. This technique is economical and safe.

But not all pots and pans can be suitable for use on it. For induction cookers you need dishes from a certain material. Sometimes the burner may not even turn on if there is a container of the wrong type on it. In order to figure out which dishes you can use, you need to imagine the principle of operation of the induction cooker.

Although this technique works on electricity, the principle of operation is based on electromagnetic induction. In ordinary cookers, when the burner is turned on, the heating element inside is heated first, then the burner, then the pan and its contents, and along with the cooking surface. They also cool down for a very long time. In this case, there is a large power consumption.

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In induction plates, the work item is an induction unit in which electromagnetic energy occurs. Electrons moving at high speed are captured by the ferromagnetic bottom of the pan and heat it. This happens very quickly.

A distinctive feature of this process is that only the bottom of the dishes on the hob is heated. The hob itself does not heat up. The heating element also cools very quickly. This significantly reduces the consumption of electrical energy.

For a better contact of the plate with the dishes, its bottom should be perfectly flat and consist of a ferromagnetic alloy, otherwise the burner may not turn on. There are other requirements for pans that are used on such plates.

What kind of dishes suitable

In order to be able to cook on an induction cooker, you need dishes made using ferromagnetic materials. That is, it should consist of iron with magnetic properties. When installing such dishes on the burner and the process of electromagnetic induction starts.

In this case, the pan may not be all made of the appropriate type of iron, but have a special ferromagnetic layer at the bottom. Such products are manufactured by modern manufacturers. The best type of cookware is stainless steel saucepans that have a smooth and even bottom. You can use cast iron, but this material has its own characteristics.

Copper and aluminum are not suitable for induction plates, as these are soft materials that can leave hard-to-remove marks on the panel. Products made from these materials often have bumps and drops. Also not suitable glass, porcelain and ceramic products.

To determine the suitability of your pan at home, you can attach a magnet to it. If it sticks to the bottom, the saucepan can be used, considering other requirements.

In order for the induction process to start, it is necessary that the bottom of the tank occupies about 70% of the burner area. Given their size, the bottom should have a diameter of at least 12 centimeters. This ensures reliable contact with the burner.

Requirements and the thickness of the bottom. The thickness of the metal should vary between 2 and more millimeters. These values ​​should be indicated on product labeling.

How to choose

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To choose the right utensils in the store, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the material from which it is made;
  • diameter of the bottom;
  • smoothness and flatness of the bottom surface.

Stainless steel products can be easily purchased for use on an induction cooker. This material is corrosion resistant, durable and reliable. Food cooked in them, retains its valuable properties and does not deteriorate during storage. True, steel has one small minus - the products in the cooking process can burn.

To select a pan or pan with a perfectly flat bottom, check for the absence of various embossed inscriptions and logos on it.

Material such as cast iron can also be used to cook food on induction panels. Cast-iron cookware is durable, well retains the useful qualities of products, keeps heat for a long time. She is appreciated by the mistresses, but she has her flaws. Cast iron pots and pans are quite heavy. Despite their tangible weight, they often crack or crack when falling.

As a result of careless handling, this material may undergo corrosion processes and become unusable. Cast iron has a porous structure, because of which the walls of dishes accumulate smells of food. Pig-iron dishes, especially old ones, can have a not too even bottom, which is an obstacle to use.

Manufacturers are now producing a variety of cookware for induction hobs. It can be ceramic, aluminum, porcelain with a ferromagnetic bottom. When buying a pan or pan of such material, check the label “for induction cooker” on it. Modern products, as a rule, are of high quality, reliability, durability. Many of them have a special non-stick surface and a thick bottom.

Well-known companies can offer a fairly large selection of products, including in addition to pots, stewpots, ladles, pans of various shapes. Modern dishes have a beautiful design and ergonomic shape, allowing you to save space in the kitchen.

In order to choose the best cookware for an induction cooker, consider all the requirements of the manufacturer. When buying utensils in the store, consult with the seller. It is better to choose products of well-known and trusted companies in order to be confident in the quality of products.

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