What you need to know about the size of the microwave

ovens It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a microwave oven. But when buying any household appliance, it becomes necessary to place it correctly, and for this you need to know the dimensions of the microwave oven, that is, its height, width and depth.

Why do you need to know the dimensions of

Often people need to know the geometric parameters of the device when they make repairs in the kitchen. Especially important are the dimensions when installing embedded appliances. If the kitchen is small, then it is difficult to enter the oven for 5-6 people into it.

Usually allocate a solid shelf or place the microwave in an enclosed closet. There really can’t be mistaken for a couple of cm. Otherwise, the device simply will not fall into place, no matter how you try.

All parameters in modular furniture are interconnected. The most common width of the tabletop is 60 cm, and the built-in cabinets are 46 cm deep. This is quite enough to install an average-capacity oven on them.

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For a spacious kitchen, you can purchase a 90 or 120 cm worktop and make cabinets for it. But consider whether you need this size. Space is always advised to use rationally, leaving room for free movement.

It should be noted that the characteristics of the microwave oven does not greatly affect the choice of cuisine.

It can be placed directly on the tabletop or hung directly to the wall. In the second case, it will be great to save work surface area.

If you choose a hinged closet under the microwave, then here, too, you need to think about the size in advance. Although sellers in stores and furniture assembly specialists can always suggest standard dimensions, it doesn’t hurt to understand them even a little.

What are the dimensions of the

The size of the working chamber and the dimensions of the microwave oven are closely related. The greater the internal volume, the more space will be occupied by the device in the kitchen. Therefore, before buying a microwave oven, think about how many people you will cook dishes in it most often.

Internal volume For how many people is approximately calculated
8.5 l - 15 l Small volume for 1-2 people
15 l - 30 l Average volume for 3-5 people
30 l - 42 l Large volume for 6-7 people

The minimum height and depth are 30 cm each, the width is 45 cm. The maximum height is 45 cm, the depth is 59.5 cm, and the width is 60 cm.

It is clear that the larger the volume, the larger the diameter of the dish on which dishes are placedin the process of cooking. Medium models are in special demand because they are suitable for a family of 4 people, and they can quickly heat up meals for a small friendly company. The most popular devices with a volume of about 25 liters.

Comparison of several furnaces

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Each manufacturer has its own standards, but there are general laws. Compare for example a few ovens.

  • Hotpoint-Ariston model MWHA-1332X with a capacity of only 13 liters. Its dimensions are: width 39.2 cm, height 36 cm, depth 35 cm. The Samsung
  • model GE733KR-X is 48.9 cm wide, 27.5 cm high, and 32 cm deep. Its volume is 23 liters and its diameterpallet 25.5 cm.
  • Whirlpool model AMW 507 / IX with a capacity of 41 liters occupies a width of 59.5 cm, a height of 45.5 cm, has a depth of 49.7 cm.

Do not think that a small oven will cost less. You can always find the size at an affordable price. In addition to power and size, the cost is influenced by additional functions, material and design of execution. Of particular importance is the internal coverage and type of control.

There are models that are easy to install without additional fasteners.

So, in the Whirlpool ovens, a special locking screw is provided, turning which you fix the device and center it in a niche.

When choosing household appliances and the place of its installation, consider the length of the cord and the distance to the outlet. The position of the furnace should be stable, and dimensions 2-3 cm less than the size of the niche in which it is placed. To date, the choice of microwave ovens is wide, so do not rush and buy a model that completely suits you.

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