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  • 1 Features of plant conservation
    • 1.1 Method 1. conservation
    • 1.2 Method 2. Drying
    • 1.3 Method 3. Boiling and Freezing
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Tasty and healthy - dishes of fern can be prepared even in winterTasty and healthy - dishes of fern can be prepared even in winter

Harvesting of fern - the lot of caring housewives, because many delicious and healthy dishes can be cooked in the cold season! What - regular salting fern? What are some ways to prepare it? This will tell.

Features of plant conservation

You think to prepare hard fern? In fact, if you know how to cook and preserve this supplement - there will be no problems. So, what can be done with ferns:

  • pickling (with or without brine it);
  • dried in the sun;
  • boil and freeze.
One of the options how to pickle fern at home - salting in brineOne of the options how to pickle fern at home - salting in brine

Method 1. conservation

For classic fern harvesting for the winter, we need:

  • large containers;
  • salt (much);
  • plant itself (fresh);
  • water;
  • yoke (equal weight of raw material weight).

1 way to pickle fern:

Picture How fern salted in winter
table_pic_att15040350472 Step 1

At the bottom of a clean and dry container generously pour salt. You can use coarse salt.

The layer should be uniform and without "bald patches".

step 2

Plant uniformly distribute evenly.

table_pic_att15040350483 step 3

Alternating layers one by one up to the top. Make sure that the "cap" - the last layer consisted of salt.

No regrets "a natural preservative," the top liberally sprinkle with salt harvesting, as in the photo.

table_pic_att15040350494 step 4

We put the top yoke and leave for about 14 days. During this time of the plant must be formed to stand out juice and brine.

step 5

10-14 days, the brine has already come, and we got a little salty fern.

drainage. We turn the pan in a suitable container to the top layer was on the bottom, and the bottom layer - the top.

Again spread blank layers "salt-plant". Closely following the alternating layers, and is now at the bottom put the top of the plant.

table_pic_att15040350515 step 6

Preparing a brine rate of 1 part to 5 parts of salt water (concentration should get about 20-25%).

Fill the blank content and put under the yoke for permanent storage. Can be rolled in a jar with brine and hide the dark cool place.

Salt should not be sorry. The plant will absorb only the portion that is necessary.

Method 2:

You can pickle fern in a simpler way, pre-soak it in water for 2-3 days. Then put the workpiece in a plastic bag with a lot of salt and sent for storage in the freezer.

Regardless of the type of the workpiece, before use bracken soaked in water for several days.Regardless of the type of the workpiece, before use bracken soaked in water for several days.

Method 2. Drying

Not less than good, and dried ferns. It is also used to prepare various dishes during the cold season. What you need:

  • pan;
  • vegetable raw materials;
  • plastic bags or cloth bags (you can make with your own hands);
  • sunny and well ventilated room.

Instructions how to dry bracken:

Picture Description
table_pic_att15040350537 Step 1

First bracken need to boil in normal water to soft consistency.

It is important to know how to cook fern, because otherwise it can be digested and lose form.

After the water reached a boil, the plant is allowed to languish no more than 5-7 minutes. After throws in a colander, dried, causing excess water to drain.

table_pic_att15040350558 step 2

Further, the plant should be put on a dry and flat surface to the sun. Periodically turn (2-3 times a day).

It is important to bracken not lie around for a long time. The entire drying process usually does not exceed 4-5 days.

step 3

How to keep the fern after drying? Bracken laid out on a plastic or cloth (preferably) sacs and removed for storage.

The fresh plant is better. Fern bracken after collection is not stored for more than three days, otherwise it will deteriorate and lose its valuable properties.

Method 3. Boiling and Freezing

Fern can be properly boil and freeze. This option is blank rightly be regarded as the fastest and easiest:

Picture Description
table_pic_att150403505810 Step 1

The plant is cut into 3-4 pieces and my thoroughly under running water.

table_pic_att150403506011 step 2

How to cook fresh fern? In boiling water and put the cut pieces cook not more than 5 minutes on medium heat.

Price increase boiling time - the plant will lose its quality and seethe.

table_pic_att150403506212 step 3

Fern recline in a colander, giving drain water and cool down. Then fasuem on single servings in bags and freeze.


Pickled, boiled, pickled fern is very popular as an ingredient for meat dishes, side dishes, as well as good as self-starters. But the most appreciated its usefulness as a source of vitamins.

As you can see, to prepare stocks of bracken is a snap, the main thing to do everything exactly the recipe proportioning. Videos in this article will tell you how to cook a frozen fern, while retaining all of its taste and favor. The comments propose to discuss the topic in more detail - write!

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