Care mink coat at home

What woman does not dream of becoming the happy owner of a luxurious mink coat, fashionable and all-time attire? However, buying it is half the battle, it is also important to know how to care for a mink coat, because fur is a very fragile material and, with improper care, can quickly lose all its luster. For those who want to keep their new clothes and happy to wear it as long as possible, there are some very simple rules for home care.

Wearing a mink coat correctly

The first thing to remember is every owner of a natural fur coat - you can “walk” it only on frosty and dry days. Ideally, on such days even the sun should not affect the fur with all its strength.

If the bad weather caught you unexpectedly and it was not possible to protect yourself from precipitation, it is very important to know how to care for a mink coat in such circumstances. Be sure to shake off any moisture from the fur and dry it as soon as possible.

How to dry

Drying fur is also necessary according to certain rules:

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  • hang it on wide hangers by size;
  • do not allow direct sunlight on the fur coat during drying;
  • do not use heating appliances, hair dryers or gas burners, fur should be allowed to dry on its own at home temperature;
  • If your coat is very wet, get rid of excess moisture with a soft cloth;
  • until the fur dries, do not touch it, outweigh from place to place or knead, it can spoil it.

How to clean

If dirt gets on the coat, it is also important to dry it first and then carefully clean it with a dry sponge or brush.

If oily substances hit it, it is recommended to sprinkle the stain with sawdust that will absorb it within an hour. Sawdust can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at minimum power.

How to protect the fur from abrasion

The most vulnerable places in need of special care, which give the term of wearing a fur coat - is the hem of the pockets, shoulders, collar and sleeves. In order for them to “not become bald” in a year or two, it is important to subject them to friction as little as possible. So, the owners of fur coats should refuse to carry heavy bags on their shoulders, massive watches on their wrists and put their hands in their pockets, if there are any. And for those who drive, it is recommended either to leave the fur coat neatly folded in the backseat during the trip, or to choose a cut with short sleeves and beautiful gloves. The collar can be protected with clothing and accessories such as scarves and shawls.

Do not wear a fur coat in very crowded places where you can’t avoid tight queues or crowds. Such "communication" is not the best way to affect the beauty of the fur, which can lose its luster and presentable appearance.

In a pinch, if the edges and pockets are already frayed, you can contact the atelier, where your fur coat or fit, or restored using a fur similar shade.

Properly storing a fur coat at home

If you are lucky to live where winter reigns not all year round, you need to take care of how to organize your comfortable summer vacation with your luxurious new dress. Of course, we are not talking about a trip to warm countries, but about keeping a fur coat until the next frost.

At first it is important to inspect the fur for stains or damage from reagents. If any, it is better to immediately send a fur coat in the dry cleaning.

By the way, if you don’t have time to bother with storing and caring for a fur coat, this can be trusted with professionals. In many cities there are special fridges for furs where your precious clothes will wait for you in the best possible way.

For those who want to take care of the precious fur itself, simple tips on its storage will come in handy:

  1. Highlight under the fur coat wide and preferably soft shoulders, which will save it from deformation during the warm season.
  2. Do not hang other things too close to the fur. The natural pile must have good ventilation.
  3. Choosing a case for storage, give preference to natural fabrics of dark colors. In no case do not pack the fur in polyethylene or synthetic covers.
  4. The cabinet where the fur coat is located must protect it from light and direct sunlight.
  5. Fur is important to protect from the effects of moths. A special anti-mist flavored bag of natural ingredients like lavender, placed in a cupboard or a coat pocket, can help. For a guaranteed effect, you should use several bags at once. It is necessary to abandon the aerosol, the chemicals in its composition can spoil the quality of the fur and reduce all efforts to care for it.
  6. During storage, it is important to give the fur coat a “breathing time” every 2-3 months. To do this, it needs to be aired for several hours in the open air, protecting it from sunlight. At the same time it is better to update the protivolochny bags.
  7. During ventilation for a fur coat it will be useful if you comb it with a brush specially designed for this.

So you will help your fur coat to delight you with a luxurious, radiant reflection in the mirror and warmth in the most severe frost for many years.

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