How to get rid of the smell of second-hand clothes

Second-hand opens up great opportunities for a person in choosing clothes, but the attitude towards him is far from unambiguous. There are people who disdain buying second-hand things. Most still get second hand and wear in everyday life. Only things can smell things, so you have to find a way to get rid of them.

Causes of odor

You can’t confuse the smell of second-hand with this, and this is its main problem. It smells specifically, some kind of chemistry, from which some very sensitive people have watery eyes, and itchy skin. Remove the smell does not help even wash.

For all reasons, the processing of clothes with formaldehyde and methyl bromide steam. Both substances are considered poisons, they kill microorganisms and insects that may be on clothing.

This treatment is simply necessary, since things are collected from different segments of the population, and no one can guarantee that they do not have fleas, ticks or serious pathogens. After treatment with poison, it should be neutralized, which makes clothes safe. However, quality neutralization does not always pass, so things smell unpleasantly.


Liquid ammonia( 10% ammonia solution) will help neutralize formaldehyde. It is used on an industrial scale for the processing of second-hand clothes and at home. You can buy ammonia solution at any pharmacy, and it costs a penny.

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  • pour 5 liters of room temperature water into a basin;
  • add 20 ml of ammonia in water and mix;
  • soak clothing in water for at least 30 minutes; the denser the material, the longer it will take to soak it;
  • Remove clothing from the solution, wring out and wash in the usual way with the addition of air conditioning.

If there are a lot of second-hand things or they are large and large, then more water will be needed. In this case, keep the proportion - 20 ml of ammonia solution per 5 liters of water. The hardest thing to remove the smell of fur, leather and synthetic clothing. It is soaked for 5-6 hours. Do not be afraid that ammonia will ruin things. It is absolutely neutral with respect to the tissues and quickly disappears.

Washing and airing

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If the smell of a second hand is mild, it can be removed by washing and drying in fresh air. Before washing, add some ammonia to the drum to enhance the effect.

You can wash things with air conditioning and turn on the spin on the minimum number of revolutions. Lightly wet clothes should be put on the street so that it blows. After that, no trace of the chemicals will remain. To prevent washing repeat.

The smell goes away faster if you steam things in the process of ironing. You can sprinkle the fabric with toilet water or an air freshener with a scent that you like best.

Partially helps to eliminate the smell of second-hand soaking in water with the addition of vinegar and salt. In addition, there is a perception that salt removes negative energy. But there are things that wash is not recommended. How to be in this case?

Airing comes to the rescue. It is necessary every day to hang out a jacket, jacket, coat, jacket and any other thing to the fresh air or leave in a well-ventilated room on a hanger, not putting in the closet. The longer the clothes hang like this, the faster they will get an acceptable fragrance.

If you do not want to bother with home remedies, then take the clothes to dry cleaning. There it will be treated accordingly and will eliminate unpleasant odors.

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