How to iron the skin( skirt, dress) at home

Genuine leather clothing is always sought-after and relevant. It is stylish, practical, not exposed to water and hardly wrinkled. However, there are situations when folds and wrinkles form on the skin as a result of improper storage. In this case, information on how to properly iron at home a dress or skirt made by their skin is useful, so as not to damage them.

Types of material and features

In order to most effectively smooth out the folds on leather clothes with an iron, you need to determine what type it is. Leather products can be made of the following types of material:

  • genuine leather;
  • artificial( leatherette);
  • eco-leather.

If you do not know what kind of leather your skirt is made of, look at its wrong side. The reverse side of the natural material will be velvet and fleecy. Leatherette and eco-leather, which is a kind of artificial, from the wrong side have a woven base. You can see the weave of threads on the back of the product.

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The same smoothing methods can be used for all types of materials with some differences. It is better to iron the skirt or dress made of genuine leather from the front through paper or cotton material. Artificial leather, which has a woven base, can be ironed from the inside without using a fabric.

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In the event that a dress or skirt has a stitched lining that makes it impossible to look inside out, you need to iron the thing from the front through a thin fabric. You can also use other methods of straightening folds at home.

In which cases it may be necessary to iron the skin? These may include the following factors:

  • Wrinkles and creases on the surface of the skin as a result of improper storage or other reasons.
  • Elongated areas appear on products made of genuine leather during wear, for example, on elbows or buttocks. Artificial materials are not subject to this.
  • A deformation of the leather thing as a result of improper care or for another reason.

In the event that a thing has changed its shape under the influence of moisture or heat, then you cannot restore it to its original appearance by means of smoothing. For example, a skirt made of genuine leather is completely soaked, and then warped. Also, ironing will not help if the product is placed on a hot battery and it is deformed. In other cases, when leather clothing is wrinkled or stretched, it can be smoothed.

Has the value and quality of the product. The thinner and better the material from which the product is made, the easier and faster you can smooth it. Thin genuine leather is better treated than a hard leatherette.

How to iron the skin

There are several ways to return the leather product to its original appearance. You can use any of them or try everything and choose the most effective.

Take extra care when working with perforated products. Thin material can easily tear, and such damage cannot be repaired.

Using the iron

Dress or skirt made of leather can be smoothed at home with an iron. In general, the process is the same as when ironing ordinary things, but has some nuances.

The iron regulator must be set to the lowest temperature. If the temperature exceeds the allowable limit, the item will be damaged. The second prerequisite is the use of cotton cloth or paper, which is laid on top of the skin surface. Without it, the product can not be touched even with a warm iron.

If your iron is equipped with a steam function, it can be used to smooth the product, but at low power and separately from the ironing process. That is, you either iron the thing or steam it, but not all at once.

In order to iron a crumpled leather product, place it on the ironing board, face up, and flatten it. Cover with paper or dry cotton cloth. Turn the iron on to its minimum power and carefully iron the skin at the edge of the product. Pre-check the effect of the iron on the piece of leather from which your skirt is made. But if it is not, you will have to act very carefully.

Smooth the crumpled area with an iron, placing its sole on the fold. If no effect is observed, increase the temperature slightly. After the crumpled section is smoothed, wait until the item has cooled and hang it on a coat hanger.

In the same way, straightening of elongated areas is performed. Put the skirt on the ironing board with the back part up, straighten it with your hands and cover with a cloth. Place the iron on the outstretched places with the sole and hold it for a while. If the optimum temperature is used, the item should restore its original shape.

The pleats of a dress or skirt can also be removed using the steam function. Hang the leather skirt on a hanger, put the iron in steam mode. Treatment is carried out at a small distance from the surface of the product and at low power, so as not to spoil the skin with hot steam. Direct the steam at the folds, while you can slightly stretch the material from below. Do this carefully so as not to burn yourself.

With the help of water

You can try to smooth out small folds on the skirt in an easier way. Hang the product on a hanger in the bathroom. Wrinkled areas sprinkle with water from a spray or moisten with your hand. Water should be applied purified so that then there are no stains.

Leave the leather product hanging for some time( several hours).During this period, it should hang down and restore shape.

Using steam

Hang the leather item in the bathroom onto a coat rack and straighten the cover with your hands. Open hot water, while ensuring that the jet does not touch the clothes. Close the bathroom door so that steam does not go outside.

After some time, hot steam will create indoor humidity. This will help the folds on the skin surface to smooth out. If they are not very deep, the clothes will return to their original condition.

To stroke the leather thing at home without damaging the coating, use the above recommendations. Choose the most effective, in your opinion, way. In order to avoid such manipulations in the future, properly store leather items and care for them.

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