Dimensions washing machine

Today the market has a huge variety of washing machines, automatic machines are especially in demand. Perhaps, according to their own requirements for the machine, the appearance and capabilities for its intended purpose, to choose the most suitable one. Most Russians live in small apartments, the size of a washing machine prevail when choosing a model, not every stiralka fit into the bathroom. Of course, it is permissible to install the machine in the hallway or in the kitchen, but I want to machinery placed where it should be.

Available sizes

Typically, household washing machines standard dimensions. If you are looking for machine-machine for the production shall be allowed to choose large equipment, not intended for the home. Most of the buyers come in appliance stores to choose a beautiful, compact, functional automatic washing machine with suitable dimensions that could fit in the bathroom room. Indeed, the equipment is designed to be in the bathroom, not in the room so guests are not watching the personal laundry in the washing machine drum.

Size relative to the basketWe discuss the size of washing machines. Dimensions of the machine-Machine consist of:

  • width
  • height
  • Depths.

Most often it is the width has a major influence on the choice of the washing machine, because Most bathrooms are narrow. It depends on the size of the washing machine from the boot type:

  • vertical when the laundry load comes on top of the lid of the washing machine is lifted up;
  • front, when the laundry is placed in the machine parallel to the floor, the window opens from right to left.

Size relative to humanIf interested in automatic washing machines of frontal dimensions are as follows: 60-85 / 90 - the width and height respectively depth capable vary from 33 to 60 cm. The parameter depends on the volume of the cup machine, ie, the amount of laundry at a time. If you are interested in vertical washing machine, the dimensions are as follows: 85-60 - height and depth, respectively, the width varies from 40 to 45 cm. Large variation seen in the important parameter values ​​of the washing machine, as the weight. Sometimes up to 85 kg, the minimum weight of the art - 50 kg due to awkwardly shaped difficult to transfer techniques have a partner.

How to choose a washing machine in size

Sometimes buyers is difficult not to be mistaken with the size of a washing machine machine. It seems that everything is correct calculated, measured free-plane distance, but it is impossible to deliver. If you have already bought a washing machine, but it does not fit in the room, and other places in the apartment is not or does not wish to use them, the technique will have to return to the store. Penalties is not expected to refuse the store does not have the right. We can only think: Why did you choose a model washing machine is not located in the bathroom? Let us examine the options.

The narrow passage in the bathroom. In some houses very narrow passages to the bathroom, make bulky machine room is impossible. Sometimes the reason is the other tenants, to make a beautiful school at the entrance to the room, is the need to see 2-3. In the latter case it is necessary to use the washing machines and dryers - a maximum width of 45 cm, easy to enter the room. Alternative - to temporarily remove the narrowing passage in the premises schools and to appeal to a wide machine-gun.

WasherLow pipe. Often in the old "Khrushchev" in the bathrooms, which would fit perfectly the washing machine, pass the pipe at a height of 85-90 cm from the floor. In such a bath does not fit the vertical machine, the technique requires the space for opening the cover to load the laundry. Suitable exclusively frontal washing machine. Or try rotating the washing machine, so that the cover opens to the pipe will exhibit inconvenient modes of laundry, will have to accept.

Owners of small bathrooms wondering how to fit into the interior of the washing machine in size. Arm yourself with a measuring tape and accurately measure out the distance in the bathroom, you want to fill in the unit laundry. Take a piece of chalk and draw much space "will take" machine. On the piece of paper write down the dimensions of space, height to the nearest object, if the wall is not empty to the ceiling. With these supposed to come to the store and choose a suitable model size machines.

Types of washing machines

Every buyer wondering what a washing machine are good and which are best avoided. Known subtleties matter, we shall understand what types of household washing machines emit, what are the advantages over competitors. Known machines:

  • Automatic. Washing machines are modern and comfortable, show control software, and a lot of useful functions;
  • Semiautomatic. On such typewriters put up the washing time, more opportunities there. Created with semi-automatic washing machines spin, considered more convenient than the model without spin.

Types of washing machinesImportant classification of washing machines involves conserving the planet's resources. This energy-saving, more precisely, energy efficiency. Spend huge amounts of money for the electricity when the regular laundry washing does not want to, choose a machine-gun correctly. efficiency class standard of measurement is considered relatively kilogram washing clothes at 60 degrees in the "Cotton" mode:

  • A - is extremely economical washing spends 0.19 kWh;
  • B - good, economical washing, spends 0.19 - 0.23 kW per hour;
  • C - the average, reasonable waste in the 0.23-0.27 kW per hour;
  • D - using 0.27 - 0.31 kWh;
  • E - spend 0.31 - 0.35 kW per hour;
  • The F - spend 0.35 - 0.39 kW per hour;
  • G - the most wasteful washing heavily impact on your wallet, because spends 0,39-0,4 kWh.

washing machines are different features and capacity, rather, the volume of downloads. Small cars can fit at a time no more than a kilogram of laundry without harm to the work equipment. These are found and sold rare, common and popular - from 5 to 8 kg, not less popular washing machines with a capacity of 3 kg of laundry. The maximum amount of laundry machines in the selected models machine reaches 10 kg. Functions differ from the minimum number of possible options for the wash to several modes of washing delicate and subtle things. Also different type of washing machine control: manual (turn signals) or automatically via an electronic menu using the buttons and so forth.

Machines vary in the type of load

  • Front loading - a convenient and familiar to most Russians. To get things out of the drum, do not have to drag on, need to squat;
  • Vertical load - modern and narrow, which is extremely convenient. Vertical washing machine is convenient, it is easy to load the laundry, in the aisle takes up little space.

Distinguish types of application machines - household, home, and industrial, for the production.

How to choose a washing machine

To make a selection correctly, and subsequently washing machine did not disappoint, it is believed an attention to detail, what the machine will do. First determine the size that clearly resonates with the type of loading the washing machine:

  1. Front loading. The upper part of the machine is allowed to use as a table (for towels, personal items, etc..), Takes up more space due to the need to open the door;
  2. Vertical loading. machine top cover will not be used, is opened to load the laundry, but takes up less space in the room.

Calculate what the washing machine more convenient to purchase, based on the size of the room: size - an important aspect of the choice of technology. However, the laundry load size without significance. If you rarely wash, preferring to wash your hands, for a small capacity of the drum. A similar option - if you wash often, but slowly. Look at the loading hatch - size diameter than the door more, the more convenient to load and get the laundry. The number of revolutions of the drum to pay attention is not necessary, the manufacturer specifies the maximum number of revolutions achieved only occasionally, at other times it is much lower.

Attention require irrelevant for the majority of the nuances:

1. Repair and maintenance of machine-gun. It is not necessary to save on additional service, even if today a little overpay for 5-7 years warranty than to buy new equipment;

2. Opportunity to purchase spare parts for washing machines in case of breakage. It is often the wrong - take the car for repairs they can, and repair the not - because of the lack of spare parts, try to choose a "running" models;

3. energy saving efficiency. The best options - automatic washing machine model of class A and B, will help save on costs, are in utility bills.

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