How to connect a gas cylinder to the stove in the country

You can find peace of mind located in picturesque, remote from the district center, with natural energy. And nothing, that there is no main gas supply, there are interruptions in electricity - balloon liquefied gas will rescue.

Using cylinder gas

At the cottage, liquefied gas can be connected to the stove, smokehouse, and, if necessary, to the gas heater. Comfortable stay in the country will be provided - the process of cooking, water heating will be accelerated. All this is guaranteed only with professional connection, knowledge and compliance with the rules of safe use and storage of gas cylinders.


in a cylinder If natural gas is not supplied at the cottage, they use liquefied propane - butane mixture instead. Its liquid state of aggregation is due to high pressure, under which it is in cylinders. It is convenient to use, transport and store such gas.

What you need to connect

Before connecting, you should prepare a cabinet for storing the container. Purchase a gearbox, gas pipe or flexible hoses for stoves, special gas tools.

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Using the Reducer

The plates are designed for the safe use of gas under low pressure. Therefore, without a special device, it is impossible to connect a high-pressure cylinder to the plate. A low pressure feed of 30 mbar will be provided by the gearbox.

Reducer provides the required outlet pressure regardless of inlet pressure.

In order to keep as few communications as possible under high pressure, the device is installed directly on the cylinder. It should be borne in mind that the thread on its clamping nut and cylinder on the left. That is, it is necessary to twist in the direction in which they usually unscrew. For reliability, brass threaded connections and nuts are required.

Usually use gearboxes:

  • RDSG 1–1,2.For gas tank with valve.
  • PSG 2–1.2.For a container with a valve( it is popularly called "frog").

Gas hose

For connection, you need a gas hose 1.5 meters longer than necessary. It is required that during operation the hose is not stretched and does not crack prematurely.


New plates are equipped with all necessary adapters. If it is necessary to connect the cylinder to a used plate, then for its safe operation it is necessary to prepare new brass clamps and fittings.

. Tool and additional materials.

. According to safety rules, you can use copper-plated or brass-plated tools. In case of accidental breakdowns, they will not give a spark. You need to prepare the material for sealing - flax or fum-tape. To check the tightness - a soap solution.

Cylinders for gardening

The “country” cylinder of a red barrel shape is connected to the stove. It is usually metallic, but there are gas tanks made of more modern materials:

  • Polymer-composite. Shockproof, explosion-proof and very comfortable to use containers of fiberglass filaments, filled with epoxy resin.
  • Metal Composite. This is something averaged between metal and composite cylinders.

Capacity of the cylinders used in life from 5 l to 50 l. At the cottage, they are connected not only to the stove. Liquefied gas is used as fuel for the smokehouse, grill, barbecue, gas generator and heating boiler.


loading. ..

If the stove is installed, it should be placed one cylinder at a distance of one meter or, even better, in the next room.

  1. First connect the hose. It is wound its union on the corresponding entrance branch pipe of a plate. Seal carried out with special pads or fum-tape.
  2. The reducer is attached directly to the gas cylinder, also sealing the joint to prevent gas leakage.
  3. The last to connect the hose to the gearbox.

After completing all the connections, they must be checked for gas leakage. Carefully apply a thick soap solution to the joints and carefully open the valve:

  • hissing appeared - the gearbox works and the gas enters;
  • soap bubbles are inflated at the junctions - the connection must be tightened;
  • no visible flaws - the plate can be included.
It is strictly forbidden to check the gas leak with an open flame. If you are not sure about the correct connection of the stove, consult an expert.

During the connection, carefully inspect all the details:

  1. Reducer, cylinder and screw connections should be clean.
  2. The hose must be of the required length, not twisted, without visible narrowing and cracks.

During operation, the condition of the clamps should be monitored; when rust appears, they should be replaced with specialized clamps with anti-corrosion treatment.

How to refill an

cylinder When the stove is not in use, the cylinder valve must be kept closed. If you need to disconnect the tank for refueling, the valve must also be closed. When refueling at the station, be aware that the capacity is filled less than the specified capacity. In the balloon is always free space. Therefore, filling the 50-liter bottle, pay about 40 liters.

Users should also be aware that non-volatile impurities - condensate - accumulate in the tank. So that he does not occupy a place, they get rid of him. Condensate can be combustible, therefore it is better to pour it out at specialized stations.

Gas stoves on liquefied gas have long been used in summer cottages. If you have certain knowledge and experience, you can connect bottled gas yourself. But it is better to turn to specialists who can professionally perform this work, ensuring the safety of future use.

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