What to do if the microwave does not heat

Of all household appliances the most hard-working in the kitchen is a microwave oven. It is she who saves our time and helps out in any emergency situations. Therefore, its unforeseen breakdown is very sad. What to do if you find that the microwave does not heat?

Why break

microwaves The reason for which the microwave breaks down may be due to the natural wear of parts due to its frequent use. The problem will arise if the rules of operation were violated. For example:

  • food warmed up in a pot with a metal pattern;
  • oven turned on with an empty chamber;
  • warmed up prohibited foods;
  • accidentally caught a metal object in the camera.

Desired utensils for the microwave

The best for the microwave is considered to be dishes made of transparent heat-resistant glass. The food in this dish is spinning and evenly warms up. At the same time, the dishes themselves remain cold. As practice shows, food is heated better in transparent oval-shaped utensils.

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Of course, you can temporarily use all flat kitchenware made of glass, ceramics, and porcelain in the kitchen, but without a pattern. Utensils made of special plastic( polypropylene, polyamide) are suitable for heating.

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What malfunctions arise

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At some point you may be saddened by the problem - the microwave stopped heating food. By all indications, it is clear that it has broken - it is buzzing, there is no backlight in the chamber, the plate does not turn, the fan does not turn on, the food does not heat up. What to do? You should probably contact the service center for troubleshooting and necessary repairs. If you have experience with electronic technology, you can try to figure it out yourself.

If the oven is new and under warranty, it is better to simply take it to a service center. Perhaps the malfunction is due to the use of low-quality components and poor factory assembly. In this case, you can repair the equipment for free.

microwave oven works and does not heat

The situation when the microwave is working but not heating food occurs for many users. How to deal with the cause and what to do if the oven is not buzzing, the food on the plate is spinning, ventilation and lighting in the chamber is working. That is, there are all signs of normal operation, but without the desired result.

The simplest causes

A microwave will not heat food:

  1. If there is a large voltage drop in a linear network. Already at 200 V, the food in the pot will not fully heat up and will remain cold in the center. To remedy the situation, you can use a voltage regulator or connect an uninterruptible power supply unit.
  2. If the latch on the door broke and it doesn’t close tightly. It can be repaired or completely replaced.
  3. When connecting more than two high power devices to a single outlet. You can additionally make a separate connection.
  4. If the mode is mistakenly selected incorrectly. For example, they forgot and did not switch after using the defrost mode.

If the simplest reasons for your case do not fit, then there is a more serious reason for not heating.

Variants of more complex problems

The microwave does not heat but works:

  1. Due to the breakdown of the control unit and the disruption of the timer.
  2. The reason for the power circuit is in the high-voltage diode, capacitor, fuses, high-voltage transformer and magnetron.

With certain knowledge, you can find and fix the problem yourself.

In case of any breakdown, we must not forget that a microwave is a microwave device that operates at ultra-high frequencies and can be dangerous even when it is turned off.

Troubleshooting the

To find out why the microwave doesn’t heat up, you need to find one of the reasons for your case. After this, the troubleshooting process is greatly simplified.

Checking the wiring

With good lighting, we make sure that there are no burning traces on all the wires and contacts. Replace the blackened or melted winding, clean the contacts and terminals with a metal brush. Can be used for stripping fine skin.

Oxidized contacts may cause improper furnace operation.

Checking the voltage

The microwave ovens work smoothly at a voltage of 220 V. If the microwave oven does not heat, first of all you need to check the mains voltage. In any serviceable microwave oven, the food will not warm up if the network is less than 200 V. What should I do? Connect the uninterruptible power supply unit.

Checking the operability of the switch on the door

The miniature switch is checked with the rear cover of the furnace removed using an ohmmeter.

Caution! Be sure to disconnect the microwave.

Examine and check the high-voltage fuse

During external examination there should be no visible signs of fuse failure - blackening, characteristic odor, as well as a burned-out wire. Ohmmeter, and for greater confidence tester, check the resistance of the fuse. If there is a small resistance, we can assume that the position is not critical.

Status of doublers

With an ohmmeter we measure a capacitor. If the arrow does not deflect, there is an open in the device and it must be replaced. A small resistance indicates that the capacitor is broken and must also be replaced.

It is better not to check the diode, but change it immediately to a new device.

We proceed to test the operation of the

electronic lamp. Armed with an electric screwdriver with a protected handle, first of all, closing the output with the housing, discharges the lamp's passage capacitors. Now you can measure the resistance with an ohmmeter, touching one end of the output capacitor, the other body. If the reading jumps or it does not exist at all, the part needs to be changed. Resistance between contacts is considered normal, on the order of 0.1 ohms.

The quality of the primary winding of the transformer

Tester measure the voltage on the winding. During switching on, it should be 220 V. You can monitor the work with a simple glass of water. After placing it in the oven, make sure that it is hot. If the dishes with cold water, it is better to replace the transformer.

Perhaps the

magnetron is faulty. This is the main component that creates a high-frequency electric field in which the food warms up. You can check the integrity and reliability of the connections of the magnetron with induction filter coils, pass capacitor, power terminals. If there is a problem, you can fix them yourself.

What else can you do? Check with the tester the filament from the magnetron. Resistance should be 2-3 ohms. If all of the above is normal, then the microwave does not heat due to a faulty magnetron.

Now it remains to buy the failed parts and carry the microwave to the specialists. Only in a specialized workshop with special equipment will they be able to make high-quality repairs.

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