How to whiten sneakers: from the sole to the laces

On some models of shoe there are white parts. Sneakers are also completely white or with a large amount of white. They get dirty pretty quickly, putting the owner in front of the task of bleaching them. Is it possible to do this, and if possible, how?

General bleaching rules

First you need to wash the sole. It should be clean, without traces of sand and earth. This should be done in a separate basin, using warm soapy water and a rag, sponge or brush. If the sole is not very dirty, then it can be washed right in the sink. At the same time in the same place wash off the dust from the top of the shoe. Be sure to get the laces and insoles, if they are removed. They are always washed separately. After that, you can proceed directly to the bleaching in one of the following ways:

  • using toothpaste;
  • using a powder with a bleaching effect;
  • using paint for shoes.

Whatever method you use to whiten shoes, at the end you need to thoroughly rinse and dry. It must first be dried in a suspended state, so that the water is glass, and then placed at an angle. It is impossible to put shoes on heaters, even if it is not subject to deformation. It is best to choose a warm place near the battery, dryer or the sun.


For a long time, toothpaste has been helping to whiten sneakers. An old toothbrush is squeezed out with some dentifrice and rubbed into the tissue. It should be white without color additives. With the same success you can use tooth powder. These affordable products help to whiten not only the fabric, but also the rubber. So feel free to rub them with the sole and side rim.

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Slightly wet the cloth before using the paste or powder. You can leave the toothpaste for a few minutes so that it works better, and then rinse the white sneakers in water. Sometimes a little dishwashing powder is added to the paste and the rubber part of the shoe is rubbed with this composition - it helps to whiten it very well.


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If you feel sorry for wasting toothpaste, then remember the existence of a bleaching powder. Wet the sneakers and rub them with powder( sole and fabric).Leave on for 15 minutes, then rub with a brush and rinse. Even more effective is the combination of the following ingredients:

  • powder of approximately 2 large spoons;
  • vinegar 2-3 more spoons.

When you mix all this up, you get a foaming compound. It is dipped in a brush and rubbed once white, and at the moment grayed, sneakers. It is necessary to rub carefully, so that the composition penetrates deep into the fabric and eats away the dirt. After that, shoes rinse in water and sent to a washing machine, wrapped in a towel or put in a pillowcase so as not to knock. It is necessary to erase without spinning at 30 degrees. Add some powder and oxygen bleach.

For those who do not want to use the washing machine, we suggest soaking white shoes for an hour in a basin with warm water and diluted with powder and bleach. Bleach bleach can not be used. After an hour, rub the rubber and the shoe with a brush and rinse them thoroughly in clean running water right under the tap. After that you can dry.

If you have colored sneakers and you only need to clean the sole, then soap your toothbrush with soap and rub it. After 5 minutes of this action sole will be clean.


There is a special paint with which you can freshen up white converters. But before applying it, the shoes must still be washed and dried. You can still degrease the surface with alcohol. Then a dye is applied to it, which makes the fabric white as new. Sole, however, this way can not be whitened.

Acrylic paint and fabric paint are also used. By the way, with the help of color paints they create beautiful drawings and completely change the look of the shoe. After such painting, they are dried for several days, so that the color is well established. The footwear gets not only fresh, but also an original look.

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