Get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes - easier than ever!

How much trouble can cause such a problem as the unpleasant smell of shoes. This and the inability to remove shoes at a party, constraint when changing clothes( if at work you want to change clothes or in the changing rooms of sports complexes and swimming pools), inconvenience in the store when choosing a new couple and many other cases. Simple worldly proverbial wisdom will help get rid of all these problems. How to get rid of the smell in shoes - read on.

The origins of the problem

The reasons for the appearance of undesirable amber in shoes are not due to excessive perspiration, but because of the development of various bacteria in a wet environment, whose waste products have an unattractive scent.

If the smell of mold appeared in the shoes, this may mean that the product was stored incorrectly.

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Precautionary measures

For each unwanted smell, there are different disposal methods.

From the smell of sweat

Measures to prevent unpleasant smell of shoes:

  • Everyday washing of feet.
  • Daily change of socks.
  • The shoes themselves must be made from natural materials.
  • Socks and tights must contain at least 80% natural fiber.
  • Wet soaked products must be dried immediately.
  • Insoles to dry separately.
  • Replacing insoles once a month.
  • Insoles made of polished birch bark give a good effect.
  • Use special impregnation, increasing the water-repellent properties of products.
  • If there are fungal diseases of the legs, they should be cured.

From the smell of mold

To prevent the appearance of the smell of mold you need to properly store things in the offseason( during this period there is a mold infection).

Preparation and storage includes several features:

  • Wash your shoes thoroughly.
  • Be sure to completely dry.
  • Some materials require special treatment( suede, velor, nubuck).
  • Fold the products in pairs into boxes, having previously filled them with newspapers( if there are linen bags, they should also be used).
  • Check the availability in the boxes of a bag with silica gel( if not, then you can expand the toilet filler for pets on the basis of this substance).
  • Store in a well-ventilated area and periodically reach for ventilation.

You should also immediately dry wet shoes in well-ventilated areas.

Eliminating unpleasant odors

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How to get rid of the smell of sweat in shoes when it has already appeared:

  • Washing rag shoes manually or in a washing machine using antibacterial agents.
  • You can try to wash only the insoles or replace them with new ones.
  • Vodka, alcohol( ethyl or ammonia), hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid or strong tea leaves will help get rid of the unpleasant amber;which need to be poured into shoes, sprayed with a spray or apply with a tampon and wait a while( some sources recommend walking in such shoes for several hours), then pour the contents and dry the products well.
  • Can give the result of freezing shoes. It is good to carry out this procedure in winter time when it is enough to take out a couple on the balcony, and not to try to put the jackboots in the freezer.
  • Pressed activated carbon, boric acid powder, talc( baby powder), citric acid, soda, or baking powder for dough can also help. One of these substances needs to be sprayed on the inner surface of the shoe for the night. After remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner.

The smell of sweat can be neutralized in this way: put a small amount of boric acid crystals or talc( baby powder) in your toes. This will block the secretion of sweat and the development of bacteria in it.

You can also try this method: put a bag of tea under the insole - it will function as a sorbent, flavoring and antibacterial agent.

An undesirable smell can also be masked with a stronger aroma. To do this, you can use ground coffee( pour a small amount into the shoe) or a few drops of essential oils( apply on the inside of the shoe).

If there is a steam generator, then you can use it. You should send the steam to the inside of the boots( boots).After that, dry the product well.

In stores you can find deodorants for shoes or creams to reduce perspiration. They will help not only to eliminate the smell, but also to prevent the cause of its occurrence.

Use silica gel balls( based on this substance, there are fillers for pets' toilets).You need a certain amount of balls to fall asleep in a sock and leave it overnight.

To eliminate the smell of mold one of the above ways is not enough - you need to use a complex of several methods:

  • Replace insoles.
  • Pour vodka( or other means) inside the shoe, walk a few hours.
  • Drain and dry the product well.
  • Spray talc inside the night.
  • Vacuum clean.
  • Use deodorant for the feet, and put a few drops of essential oil on the boot.
  • Place a tea bag under the insole.

Only a set of activities will help get rid of the unpleasant smell of mold.

If the measures taken did not give a positive result, then it makes sense to think about the rules of hygiene and reconsider your views on changing socks. In the case when the event is performed, and the smell continues to appear, you can try creams to reduce the sweating of the legs.

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