How to choose dishes for glass-ceramic plate

Glass ceramic plates are slowly but surely gaining their well-deserved popularity, as they make cooking easier and more convenient, but you need to pay proper attention to such appliances. In particular, you need to purchase suitable dishes for them, because otherwise you will not be able to cook on a glass-ceramic stove, very soon it will become unusable. To do this, you need to find out which dishes can be used and which cannot be used to conduct an audit in the kitchen and leave only the utensils that fit all the characteristics.


Particular attention should be paid to the bottom of each container - pots, pans, ladle, etc. Any instructions for a glass-ceramic hob will indicate that the diameter of the base of the utensil must match the size of the heating hob. This ensures optimal heating and protection of the plate against overheating, with the result that it will last longer.

Also, in order to understand which dishes are needed, and which ones can be immediately discarded, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the very bottom. It should not have chips, scuffs, significant scratches, irregularities and other flaws. All this can affect not only the quality of the prepared food, but also the condition of the glass-ceramic plate, since it can be damaged.

The only exception may be a concave hemispherical ring, it requires dishes with a convex semicircular bottom.

Glass ceramics imposes a rather rigid restriction on old items. You can not use pots, pans and other kitchen utensils, which were previously used for cooking on a gas or a simple electric appliance. Such dishes are not strong enough and reliable, moreover, it can damage the fragile coating, so it can not be used.

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In order to choose the right new utensil, you need to look for such items with a special indication “for a glass-ceramic plate”.You can not use pots and pans, which indicated that they are designed for electric cookers. Although the glass-ceramic device is their variety, such dishes are not suitable.

Also for the correct choice it is necessary to rely on the wall thickness, because the dishes for the glass-ceramic plate must be thick-walled( at least 5 mm).It will be pleasant to use such utensils, besides, it will last much longer without harming the surface of the hob. Many noted that if you use thin-walled dishes, you hear an unpleasant noise during heating.

An important factor is the quality of the fit of the cover, this parameter should inspire confidence. Cover the pan or pan with a lid, and then check how much it fits against the walls and whether it is moving in different directions. It is also desirable that the lid has a steam outlet.

What kind of dishes fits

In order to understand which dishes to choose for use on a glass-ceramic stove, it is necessary to determine what type of heating element it is. It can belong to one of two large varieties - standard heating elements or induction devices. In the first case, there are several subspecies of heaters: standard with a heater in the form of a spiral, Hi-Light and Halo Light( electroplating).All these names can be found in the instructions for the device, so before buying a new dish it is advisable to read the instruction manual.

For standard TENs, you can choose any dishes without flaws, the main differences will be only in the material, since not everyone is suitable for glass ceramics, many advise you to buy enameled utensils. Do not forget about the bottom: the smoother it is, the more productive will be the use of glass-ceramic plate. In the case of an induction heating element, the range of choice is narrowed, as it is necessary to use only utensils with magnetic bottom. For such a device can be purchased cast-iron dishes or made of stainless steel.

Suitable material

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Whatever dishes you choose - pots, pans, pots, cauldrons, etc., it must be made of a suitable material that does not damage the surface of the hob and ensures proper cooking. To choose the right utensil, you need to know which one might fit:

  • stainless steel;
  • in steel with enamel coating;
  • aluminum;
  • heat resistant glass;
  • aluminum with ceramic or teflon coating.

Stainless steel utensils are the best option, in this version you can buy all the necessary items. The stainless steel perfectly washes, in most cases without use of aggressive cleaners, it possesses optimum heat conductivity, high durability and durability. In addition, such dishes look modern and can complement the unique style in any kitchen. If you choose cookware for an induction cooker with a glass-ceramic coating, check whether the item can be used for this purpose before purchasing.

Enameled steel can also be used for cooking on a glass-ceramic hob, but the bottom of the cookware should be perfectly smooth and level without flaws. The advantage of this material is that the utensils can be made in any color, so you can choose the right option for any home cooking. There are also suitable options for induction heating elements, but you need to carefully read the description before buying.

Aluminum cookware may be used on glass-ceramic, but this is fraught with some unpleasant consequences. Aluminum is a rather fragile and soft material; therefore, after a short period of use, scratches and bumps easily form on it. This can reduce the quality of the food being prepared, as well as damage the cooking surface in the future. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly check the condition of the bottom of aluminum utensils and, in the presence of obvious defects, replace it. Anodized aluminum with a steel bottom is considered a more suitable option; such items are much stronger and more durable.

Heat-resistant glass containers have become popular when used in a microwave, but they are not quite suitable for glass ceramics. This material has an attractive appearance and high strength, but at the same time it has poor thermal conductivity. Theoretically, heat-resistant glassware can be used for cooking on a glass-ceramic stove, but the process will be quite long and there will be a considerable waste of energy. In practice, such utensils are used only for microwave ovens or ovens in the preparation of baking or baking dishes.

Aluminum dishes with a ceramic or Teflon coating, along with stainless steel, is ideal for glass-ceramic plates. Such utensils are convenient to use, it warms up evenly, food does not burn on it, and the material is strong enough. You can find and suitable items for induction plates, you just need to find the necessary marking in the description.

In general, you can use the dishes you already have if it meets the requirements, or purchase a new set specifically for a glass-ceramic cooker. Also consider that it is necessary to properly care not only for the cooking surface, but also for kitchen utensils.

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