Why towels are tough after washing and how to fix it

New terry towels are so pleasant to the touch and soft that to wrap themselves in this delicate fluffiness after a shower is real bliss. But, unfortunately, literally after several washes, there is no trace of this softness, the fabric becomes rigid, neither the change of powder, the numerous rinses with different means, nor the ironing help. Why did our grandmothers even have the old towels soft? Maybe they knew some special secrets?

Why towels become rigid

Let's first deal with the causes, and then we will look at ways, means, and what can be done, how to do the right thing to eliminate them. There are several reasons why terry towels lose their original softness:

  • The tap water that we use, including for washing, is not of very high quality. Impurities contained in it, deposited on the fibers of the fabric, making them coarser.
  • The quality of the powder also affects the properties of the fabric. If its particles do not dissolve in water without residue, they can also remain inside the fibers, greatly impairing their properties.
  • The washing method also matters. Previously, towels were washed by hand, and they remained soft, since the structure of their fibers was not disturbed by this method. Erasing in automatic cars, using the high revs mode, we damage the villi, which are later difficult to restore their properties. In addition, too high a temperature of water also leads to a loss of softness.
  • Yes, and the towels themselves may well be of poor quality. Manufacturers often, because of their cost savings, use not the best materials, and after the first wash, such products lose their appearance and original properties.
  • And finally, a lot depends on the method of drying. In winter, we often dry our laundry in close proximity with heating devices, and often directly on the battery. This method of drying is also not the best way affects the softness of towels.

How to return the lost softness to

towels In order for the towels to remain gentle, pleasant for the skin and fluffy for a long time, you need to take care of them correctly and for this we recommend using the following tips.

If the problem is the hardness of the water, it can be made softer by adding a little vinegar to the water during the rinse of the laundry, this should be done at the rate of half a glass per 10 liters of water. This is only if you use 9% vinegar, if you only have vinegar essence on hand, limit yourself to two or three tablespoons for the same volume of water.

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Regular table salt is also a good rinse, you can add it directly to the air conditioner section of your washing machine to soften the water. Before you hang out a towel to dry, you need to shake it well.

Salt can be added directly to the water during rinsing, this is the case if you wash your hands or your machine is not automatic.

Salt can also be mixed with the powder added for washing. If you want even more effect to soften the water, use not ordinary, but sea salt, in any case, the laundry requires thorough rinsing.

Drying terry wash items is not recommended, it is better to start ironing when they are still slightly dry. Iron your towels, warming the iron to maximum temperature, and regularly adding steam.

Try to wash terry things not in the car, but on your hands. In soft water, towels should be washed with laundry soap, of course, if the degree of pollution allows. Then they need to be rinsed well, the natural softness of the water has a positive effect on the quality of the products.

If at least a little deeper into the story, our ancestors had to wash not only without powder and washing machines, there was no usual plumbing, they were treated with river, well or spring water. If you have the opportunity, for example, at the dacha, try to do it and make sure on personal experience — washing terry things in a river or a lake and drying in the sun will make them fluffy and tender.

In the traditional method of washing, add special balls to the machine, whipping things during the spin cycle, and the fluffiness of your towels will increase. You can buy magnetic balls for washing, from them the effect will be much better. Or you can use regular tennis balls.

Sometimes there is no time to experiment with modern hostesses, and industrial air conditioners for linen are somehow closer and more familiar to us. In this case, preference should be given to rinsing products intended for children's clothing. For example, after the Lenore air conditioner for children, even ironing is not required for towels; after pressing, they themselves will become fluffy and soft. The use of such funds does not eliminate the thorough rinsing.

You can make terry clothes fluffy and pleasant again with quite affordable methods. You can use one of the presented methods or use them alternating, the main thing is to achieve the desired result. Let your towels always remain soft and gentle, giving joy and pleasant sensations to you and your loved ones.

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