How to wash Pavloposadskiye shawl 3 chemical facilities and 8 hand washing rules


  • 1 Fundamentals of careful washing
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    • 1.2 Gentle washing hands: 8 Rules
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Photo: even those things that can not be washed can be cleaned.Photo: even those things that can not be washed can be cleaned.

Pavloposadskiye scarves this season climbed to the top of fashion. To keep up with progress, I bought myself a little thing. However, keep things from dust is virtually impossible. My bright kerchief for a couple of weeks turned gray. Before washing, I decided to get acquainted with the basic rules, I propose to deal with.

Fundamentals of careful washing

Pavloposadskiye washable woolen shawls easy. To preserve the beauty of the product before cleaning pay attention to three pokzatelya:

  1. Instructions on the label. On the label you will find all the instructions for care and a lot of useful information. For example, you may find that your thing is not wool.
On the label of these rights at the garment label.On the label of these rights at the garment label.
  1. The color and quality of the product.

Try selected cleaning method for inconspicuous part handkerchief - so you can see the effect of cleaning, and will protect the product from accidental damage.

  1. Training. Whether created in your home all the conditions for the procedure - means cleaning, drying place, etc...
Respect for the things prolong their beautiful appearance.Respect for the things prolong their beautiful appearance.

Household chemicals: 3 funds

The main advantage of the works of masters of Pavlov Posad - the use of natural materials, which make up the handkerchief. Unfortunately, naturalness in our case - a disadvantage.

Wash Pavloposadskiye handkerchiefs, especially in hot water, results in the loss of the original color. Manufacturers recommend to resort to miracles household chemicals - a series of special means for cleaning.

Before selecting a chemical stain remover be sure to pay attention to the label - it should be pointed out that the permitted use on wool products.

Picture Means
table_pic_att14939131243 Dryel

Price: 1600-1700 rubles.

Features: means glory ease of application and immediate effect.

table_pic_att14939131254 K2r spray

Price: 1000 rubles.

properties: Is the best representative dry cleaning elements penetrate into its structure stain and destroy them inside.

table_pic_att14939131275 Woolite gel

Price: 400-500 rubles.

properties: Gel differs cheapness and totally harmless for colored woolen goods.

Gentle washing hands: 8 Rules

It is strictly forbidden to wet bright product. However, if you have light-colored scarf, I'll show you how to wash Pavloposadskiye scarves.


  1. Hand washing should be fast and careful. Do not soak, even in cool water, or rub the thing.
  2. As detergents, use those that have the simplest structure and are designed for whimsical products.

Options Detergent:

"Laska" for wool Baby soap Baby Shampoo
table_pic_att14939131316 table_pic_att14939131377
  1. The water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C.
  2. Recommended spots easily shuffled his fingertips - they easily depart.
  3. After cleaning, rinse handkerchief - first in warm water, then cool.
  4. Do not press the product and wrap it in a towel dry - it will pull water.
  5. Dry the handkerchief in unfolded form on a horizontal surface. Do not forget to spread the thread - or they will be confused.
  6. Valet is recommended only for very low temperatures.
Caring for handkerchiefs and wash their own hands easily if you follow all the rules.Caring for handkerchiefs and wash their own hands easily if you follow all the rules.

right care

Extend the life of Pavloposadskiye headscarf really with proper care. Get down to business:

In the photo - the options easy and compact storage shawls.In the photo - the options easy and compact storage shawls.
  1. Store item in a dry ventilated area.
  2. Make sure to close the handkerchief was not sources of unpleasant odors - wool well remembers the smells.
  3. Before you send the scarf "hibernate" for the summer, roll it into a roll and wrap in a thick paper - so he does not pomnetsya not sopreet.
  4. Do not place items other things.
  5. In a place where dwells scarf lay bag dried grass, for example, mint, lavender or wormwood. This will protect the little thing from moths and bad smells.
Pay attention to even small things, and the thing will last you for years to come.Pay attention to even small things, and the thing will last you for years to come.


The modern market is pleased to present to the buyer a huge selection of products to suit every taste and budget. And, as we know, vendors are not averse forgeries.

I'm not saying it's bad - things are good is not the label and quality. However, I will tell on which species divide Pavlovo shawls to you one day not to overpay for the "100% product of Pavlov Posad."

Picture View
table_pic_att149391315410 Russian shawl

This wool scarf with floral pattern and geometric motifs. It is a product born in pavlovopoposadskoy area.

table_pic_att149391315911 Oriental shawl

Externally very similar to the genuine product of Pavlov Posad, but it is made of silk

Scarf and wool may be the specific oriental motifs.

table_pic_att149391316312 themed scarf

This type of scarf you with nothing to confuse. This is the kind of textile products, which is decorated with a wide variety of patterns - from geometric shapes to whole pictures.


From this point can be a "guru washing naughty things." Because the wash that is not erased - it is art. I introduce you 10 ways to tie a Pavloposadskiye shawl in the video in this article.

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