How to choose a hob

Recently, built-in appliances have become increasingly popular. It is compact, therefore it takes up less space, harmoniously fits into the interior of any kitchen, it is easier to take care of it. Increasingly, customers choose a hob and oven instead of the usual stove. They are easier to place and easier to care for. Therefore, many are interested in how to choose a hob.

Criteria for choosing the hob

If you describe the hob, this is the upper part of the cooker with hobs. Different types of products differ among themselves by the material of manufacture, size, function, shape, size, method of feeding. These criteria should be considered when choosing equipment.

Cooktops are different control options. They can be dependent and independent. In the first version, the panel has total control with the oven. Most often, control is exercised through the buttons located on the oven, but the option of the location of the buttons on the hob is also possible. Due to the specific use of the oven and the hob should be placed one above the other.

In the case of a dependent hob, it and the oven must be produced by the same manufacturer and even from the same series, otherwise they may not be suitable for each other.

Independent hob can be located in any convenient place, all control buttons are located on its surface.

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The choice of material for the surface

The functional content, durability and price depend on the material used to make the hobs.

Enamelled panels are traditionally used for stoves. They are presented in various colors, made of steel, covered with enamel, resistant to thermal and mechanical loads, have low cost, and therefore are available to a wide range of customers. The disadvantage is complex care, as greasy stains are difficult to remove. In addition, they are prone to scratches and chips when heavy objects fall on them.

Aluminum hobs - these products are among the cheapest. They are resistant to mechanical damage, but prone to scratches. Therefore, they can not be cleaned with abrasives.

For care, it is advisable to purchase a special product, as stains may remain on the surface when washed with water.

The best option for the kitchen is a stainless steel hob. The stainless steel is durable, wear-resistant, it is not afraid of any scratches, easy to clean and has an attractive appearance.

There are two possible panels: matte and polished. The lack of a polished surface - water stains and fingerprints remain. Therefore, they need special detergents. Matt surfaces do not have this drawback, but they are more expensive.

The most expensive option is cooking glass-ceramic surfaces. This material is used for both electric and gas appliances. Glass-ceramic panels have an original design and look good in the kitchen, decorated in a modern style. Due to the smooth surface, it is easy to care for the glass-ceramic panels: all dirt is removed with a soft cloth. To clean the surface, you can use a special scraper.

It is undesirable to use ordinary detergents, they highlight the paint of glass ceramics. After applying the special tools do not need to wash off, just wipe with a paper towel. They create a protective layer on the surface.

The advantage of a glass-ceramic surface is that it heats up and cools very quickly. The main drawback is fragility. The glass ceramic surface can be damaged by dropping heavy kitchen utensils and other items weighing more than 2 kilograms. Also, glass ceramics does not tolerate pinpoint strikes, for example, from knives or forks.

If a sweet liquid spills on the stove, stains will remain on the surface. The use of aluminum cookware is not recommended. Cooking utensils should have an even bottom, and its diameter should not exceed the size of the heating elements, otherwise the protruding parts will leave stains on the stove.

Spilled food should be immediately removed from the stove. This is especially true of sugar. Melted sugar, hardening, eats away ceramics. Thus, there is a risk, along with frozen sugar, to remove some of the ceramics, leaving scratches on the surface.

What to prefer: gas or electric version

According to the type of food, the cooking technique is:

  • gas;
  • electrical;
  • combined.

If gas is supplied to the house, then it is better to choose a gas model. Heating in them is due to gas burners, whose power ranges from 100 to 3500 watts. Many models are equipped with cylinder gas nozzles. The gas version of the equipment is more economical, moreover, quick heating is provided.

If there is no gas, then you need to purchase an electrical version. But the electric stove is also acquired in gas houses due to its functionality and attractive appearance. If there are interruptions with one of the power sources, the best option would be a combined cooktop, when there is no electricity, you can always cook food on gas burners.

Dimensions and type of control

Cooking equipment is usually produced in standard sizes. Width varies from 25 to 91.5 cm. Depth - 60 cm. Height can be from 30 to 70 mm. Panels can be in the form of a rectangle or hexagon. The second option is often referred to as honeycomb panels, as they look like honeycomb bees.

There are two types of control: mechanical and touch. In the first case, a knob is used to adjust the heating temperature, on, off. Many buyers are accustomed to this method of management, considering it more reliable. When the touch controls to adjust you need to touch the panel with your fingers. This is a modern way of management, which is very convenient when you get used to it. In addition, the touch panel is easier to care for, since it has a smooth surface.

Type of hobs for the hob

Cooking machines can vary in type and shape of the hobs, as well as their number.

Gas models are equipped with burners. When using, care must be taken that the diameter of the burner is not larger than the diameter of the bottom of the dish. If the fire covers the walls of the dishes, it will increase the gas consumption, the food will cook longer. In addition, the surface condition of the dishes will deteriorate. In standard models, there are two medium power burners, one maximum and one minimum power.

In traditional electric stoves, cast iron pancakes are used as heaters, in which there are heaters. The electric stove is often bought due to its low cost.

Ceramic-glass surfaces can have one of the types of burners:

  1. Halogen are considered the most effective, as they have a spiral and a halogen lamp. The main source of heat is the lamp. Thanks to this combination, the burners heat up and cool down in less than ten seconds. The main disadvantages are: heating the entire surface of the plate and the fragility of halogen lamps( they have to be changed over time).
  2. Rapid, in them burners are made in the form of a spiral, which heats up and, thus, generates the necessary heat. It takes very little time to heat and cool the elements - 10-12 seconds.
  3. Induction, in which the burner does not heat up, it has an inductance coil that creates an electromagnetic field. Thanks to eddy currents, only the bottom of the dishes is heated. A feature of these rings is that you can use only special dishes, the bottom of which is able to magnetize. Therefore, dishes from heat-resistant glass, copper or aluminum will not work.
  4. Hi-Lite - these burners are more efficient than halogen ones. In the burners used tape heating element, which is placed at the base of asbestos. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable adjustment, the heating temperature can be precisely set.

Distinguishes glass-ceramic panel the ability to change the diameter and shape of the burners.

Which manufacturer to prefer

You can choose a manufacturer by class:

  1. The best high-quality equipment is represented by such brands as: Miele, Aeg, Gaggenau, Kuppersbusch. The panels are made of the best materials, belong to the innovative technique.
  2. The following companies fall into the middle category: Electrolux, Zanussi, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Gorenje, Whirlpool, etc. The models have advanced functionality and high quality.
  3. The budget option are the following manufacturers: Ardo, Hephaestus, Hansa, Ariston. They have a standard set of features, high quality and low cost.

Thus, there is a wide selection of hobs. You can choose based on your own preferences, operating conditions and financial capabilities.

By successfully selecting a built-in hob, you can turn the cooking process into a pleasure.
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