The best manufacturers of gas boilers according to customer reviews

  • German manufacturers of boilers
  • Italian manufacturers
  • European manufacturers
  • Asian manufacturers
  • Russian manufacturers

In the conditions of the modern market it is difficult for the consumer to orient in different versions of the same product. This also applies to gas boilers.
The heating system boiler needs special attention when choosing: inattention can seriously affect your wallet and the quality of the device. In this article we reviewed the rating of the best manufacturers of gas boilers according to experts and customer reviews. You will be able to make the best choice, focusing on a detailed review.

German manufacturers of boilers

First of all, manufacturers should be divided by countries: each country has its own brands of heating equipment, which provides different versions of boilers. Let's start rating from Germany.


The brand was founded in 1874, and specialized in heating technology from the very start of work. At the moment, the concern is a supplier in more than one hundred countries of the world. Vaillant manufactures boilers of all types and sizes, focusing primarily on an innovative approach to development, efficiency and safety of its equipment.

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Among the models you can find convection, condensation, wall, floor, atmospheric and turbocharged options.

Brand advantages:

  • High-tech products: dense equipment with innovative electronic systems that greatly simplify the work with the device.
  • All models are equipped with gas supply control systems, an autodiagnostic option, pump operation, protected from overheating and freezing.
  • Variability of combustion chambers: you can choose both open and closed options.
  • Models equally have the opportunity to work on different gas variants.
  • Service centers in 100 countries.


  • Not the fastest service and high cost.
  • The models do not have voltage stabilizers.


The company under this name was formed in 1731.The company's product range includes options for using both liquefied and natural gas, the devices are equipped with remote control via the Internet and an advanced automatic system.


  • Easy system setup.
  • Convenient water temperature control.
  • A variety of options that help simplify device control.
  • Multi-level protection.
  • Heat and sound insulation.
  • Cast Iron Heat Exchangers.
  • Budget prices and modern design.


  • Plastic make-up taps.
  • There is no protection against voltage problems in the power grid.

The boilers of this brand are popular due to its budget, reliability and increased safety level. Also, they do not require special specialized care.


Viessmann is a company known since 1917.The brand offers various options for gas heating boilers - mounted and floor, convection and condensing, with a wide range of capacities.


  • Instrument performance.
  • Several levels of protection against pressure problems, power supply voltage drops and unit overheating.
  • Control options - external and electronic.
  • Ability to set different variations of the device operation by day and week according to a predetermined schedule.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Sustainability and high level of noise insulation.
  • Dual-circuit versions of the device evenly distribute heated water.
  • Large assortment and ergonomic design.


  • Control Panels do not provide sufficient information.
  • High price for the purchase of the device and service.

Small device malfunctions are easy to fix without contacting a service center, Viessmann gas boilers work easily and reliably.

Italian manufacturers

Italian firms producing gas heating boilers are no less popular among consumers than the German ones. Pay attention to the most popular brands that have proven themselves from the best side.


Ariston is a trademark of household appliances with a seventy-year history. Today, the brand is part of the largest concern Indesit, and is engaged in the production of household appliances - including gas boilers. Ariston produces a wide range of different boilers, equipped with modern, high-tech functionality.


  • Orientation of most models for environmental friendliness and low power consumption.
  • Possibility of different management options.
  • Multi-level protection and diagnostic system.
  • Copper main heat exchanger.
  • Auto-ignition, flame control, convenient display.
  • Compact, elegant.


  • Noisy.
  • Sometimes you can not do without adjusting the operation of the boiler manually.


Baxi is a company from Italy. Work began in 1924.The brand produces a wide range of heating equipment in various variations.


  • A really wide range of models.
  • Liquid crystal display projecting maximum information about the operation of the unit.
  • You can set the maintenance of a certain temperature, either manually or electronically.
  • Protection against gas supply interruptions, temperature problems, water supply difficulties, pump blocking.
  • Automatic weather-sensitive system.
  • Flame adjustment.
  • Ease of installation, maintenance and care.
  • Adjustable temperature in two ranges.


  • Possible problems with the electronic filling of the device.
  • Possibility of failures of thermal sensors.

The devices are reliable in use, but it may be necessary to replace parts that are produced only at service centers at sensitive prices. Appearance is quite elegant and compact.

European manufacturers

In addition to German and Italian manufacturers, there are several companies from other European countries. We learn about them in more detail.

Slovak manufacturer Protherm

Protherm is a Slovak company specializing in low-cost household appliances. It has its history from 1991, and today it has two large factories.
Gas boilers produced by the company are distinguished by their availability and reliable operation.


  • A wide range of models based on the principle of gas modification, productivity, installation options and a combustion chamber.
  • High efficiency - from 93% to 104%.
  • Protection systems, providing for various types of problems, ignition with the help of a built-in piezo lighter.
  • Some models do not depend on electricity.
  • Modes that coordinate the work of devices by seasons.
  • Integrated Thermostat.
  • Monitor that helps monitor the operation of all systems.


  • If necessary, parts will be expensive.
  • You need to install the filters yourself.

Brand boilers are in demand due to their low cost and high performance, as well as simple construction.

French manufacturer "De Dietrich"

De Dietrich is a French company, one of the first to start specializing in large household appliances. The company has a history since 1864, and today it is guided by the most modern technologies in the development of gas equipment.

The devices of the company are high-tech and made with the latest technology. De Dietrich rulers have a wide range of options: atmospheric, condenser, compression models, as well as hybrid versions. And also there are several low-temperature models.


  • Ample opportunities to choose the design of the boiler and its control system, including two options for intelligent control.
  • High performance.
  • Built-in measuring and servicing devices: thermostat, automatic ignition, indication of all systems, flame modulation.
  • Modulating pumps of the most modern class.
  • Sophisticated security system.
  • Noiselessness.
  • Ease of use.


  • Modern innovative moments are very expensive.
  • In some cases, leaks occur.

According to reviews, De Dietrich boilers are durable and easy to use, however, it is best to entrust any service to a specialist.

Asian manufacturers

After European brands, you should pay attention to Asian brands. Modern Korean and Japanese corporations are known for their advanced technology, and this also applies to heating technology.

South Korea “Navien”

A large company from South Korea that specializes in the development of climate technology. More than fifty countries of export confirm the quality of the equipment produced by the brand.
As well as the company, founded in 1967, is the winner of many awards in the field of technical developments, and over fifty years on the market has achieved great success.


  • Modern, technologically advanced protection against gas and water pressure drops, as well as power surges.
  • High efficiency.
  • Convenient display where you can monitor the operation of the device.
  • Silent operation.
  • Smoke extraction system.
  • Ability to control via smartphone.
  • Different design options.
  • Affordable price.


  • The control panel of the device is short-lived and often requires replacement.
  • In some models, heat exchangers may rust.

After installation, these boilers work reliably without unnecessary noise and problems, reliable, productive and highly functional.

Japan "Rinnai"

Rinnai is a popular Japanese brand, founded in 1920.For nearly a century of experience, the corporation has gained vast experience in the production of heating equipment. Over the years, the company has earned many quality certificates and awards. Rinnai offers double-circuit boilers in various versions.


  • The standard set of protection options, the performance of the unit.
  • Uninterrupted supply of hot water.
  • Ability to use liquefied gas.
  • Environmentally friendly fuel saving models.
  • Copper heat exchanger.
  • Convenient settings for the desired temperature.
  • Compact and ergonomic design, silent operation.


  • No network stabilizer: devices are not protected against voltage surges.
  • There is no tank feeding the network in extreme situations.

Japanese-made boilers are thought out, rarely need to be repaired, they save fuel and space in the house, during operation there is no noise at all.

Russian manufacturers

The review can be completed by a number of Russian manufacturers that are not inferior to foreign competitors.


ZhMZ stands for Zhukovsky Machine-Building Plant. At the moment, ZhMZ is one of the largest manufacturers of heating equipment in Russia: in the list of equipment manufactured by the company, more than thirty models.

Domestic machines are made with all modern technologies, and meet the requirements of environmental friendliness and technical level.


  • Built-in ignition, independent of the mains.
  • Combustion indicator and automation developed in Germany.
  • Different air supply systems: natural and forced.
  • Options for working on different types of gas.
  • Well protected from overheating, built-in gas pressure control.
  • Easy to get replacement parts.
  • Low price.
  • Three-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Manual welding quality is lower than automatic;
  • Noisy at work.

Despite the fact that the floor units of single and dual circuit do not contain a lot of electronics, they work properly.


"Lemax" - Creative Production Association of several enterprises, established in 1992 in Taganrog. During its existence, created wall and floor boilers of cast iron and stainless steel, developed by the modern engineering department.


  • Components from leading foreign suppliers.
  • Products are adapted for gas pressure drops, power surges, the board is additionally protected. And also there are units that are not dependent on energy.
  • Sound insulation and heat insulation are well thought out, which makes the devices convenient for any home.
  • Management can be controlled remotely via the Internet.
  • The heat exchanger is completely independent of DHW.
  • All technical information is displayed on a liquid crystal display.
  • Availability of service support, 2-3 year warranty.
  • Elegant Design.


  • The torch can go out.
  • A number of parts of the boiler are subject to corrosion.

The price-quality ratio of these gas boilers is well balanced. At a budget price, you get a thoughtful and well-designed thing.


The former Soviet “Gazapparat”, now called the Neva, has a sixty-year history. All years of its existence, the company specializes in gas equipment and has achieved significant success in this area.

At the moment, the brand is part of a large concern BaltGaz, and in factories located in St. Petersburg, produces low-cost and popular gas equipment."Neva" belong to the brand Neva and Nevs Lux. The line of models manufactured by the concern includes single-circuit and double-circuit models - both old, improved, and new variations, developed from scratch.


  • Copper heat exchanger.
  • The security system is designed and protects the boiler from overheating and freezing.
  • Designed autodiagnostics and emergency response system.
  • A number of devices are non-volatile.
  • The control in dual-circuit models is separate.
  • Modern biothermal heat exchanger.
  • Ability to connect the "warm floor".
  • Warranty period up to three years.
  • Low cost.


  • Voltage drops in the power grid can damage the board.
  • The design may not please everyone and it is not appropriate to look everywhere.

Neva is one of the oldest manufacturers of gas equipment in Russia, operating to this day.

Completing the ranking of the best manufacturers of gas boilers, it can be noted that the quality of products depends least of all on the country of origin.
You should carefully read the technical characteristics of each model in order to choose the boiler that is right for you.

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